Americans Putting Noose Around Their Own Necks

Posted by Chuck Baldwin on October 8, 2012 under How | Be the First to Comment

Former Presidential candidate and Reform Party founder Ross Perot broke his self-imposed public retirement to make a bold warning: America could be taken over.

Perot was the last man to make a serious independent run for President. That was back in 1992. He withdrew from the race after he and his family had received serious threats against their lives. By the time he had gathered himself enough to reenter the race, all of his momentum was lost and Republican hacks like Rush Limbaugh had a heyday making sport of him. But the things Perot tried to warn us about back then have all come to pass. The economic malaise that currently envelopes this country could have been averted had Presidents and Congresses from both major parties over the past two decades had the sagacity and courage to heed Ross Perot and Ron Paul’s warnings. In fact, looking back, Bill Clinton looks like a fiscal saint compared to fiscal sinners G.W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Yahoo! News covers the story: “Former presidential contender and billionaire Ross Perot is worried that America is a sitting duck for an unnamed foreign invader. In an interview for his new autobiography, Perot said the nation’s weak economy has left us open for a hostile takeover–and neither presidential candidate is the man to save the country.

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Big Brother Knows Where You Live

Posted by Larry Miller on May 7, 2009 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Uncle Sam wants to know where you live, not just the address, but the exact coordinates. Why would that be? Whatever their plans, our leaders believe it is worth $700 million dollars and hiring a city full of workers… 140,000 to be more precise. They are marching through our neighborhoods, taking readings at all our doors and asking if the house is a single or multi-family dwelling, all in the name of the census. This census that is a year away and has nothing to do with the job at hand.

The census bureau itself says, “The ability to capture Global Positioning System coordinates for most of the nation’s housing units will greatly reduce the number of geographic coding errors caused by using paper maps in previous counts.” This and other actions by this administration bring to mind the old saying, “there’s always two reasons for everything, the one we are told and the real reason.”

Douglas Gibbs writing in the American Daily Review says, “Imagine, if you will, that there are a number of people in a neighborhood that could not find the addresses they are tasked with finding. They are not locals, maybe are unable to read a map, or perhaps do not have the time to pull out a map, and they need to find you with specific GPS coordinates. Their devices would lead them to your front door with these coordinates. Imagine a crisis is afoot, and martial law is put into place. U.S. troops need to round up particular folks.”

“Let’s take this a step further. After all, with Barack Obama desiring to decrease the number of folks in the military, and with forces committed worldwide, we may not have sufficient military forces at home to deal with a rising national emergency. If the government decided to rely on foreign troops, perhaps United Nations personnel, most of which may not understand the street signs, much less know the lay of the land, they could use GPS devices to direct them to your front door.” Read more of this article »