DCF Begins to Back Away from its Abuse of the Pelletier Family

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[Editor's note: There is some good news coming out of Boston. It shows how shining the light of truth on true injustices can help change the world – at least for one fifteen year old girl.]

Boston, MA – Today the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) began to back away from abusive treatment of the Pelletier family. The plight of Justina Pelletier and her family has attracted national attention. At the request of her treating physician, Linda and Lou Pelletier admitted their daughter, Justina, now fifteen years old, to Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) in February of 2013. The family was advised by Justina’s treating physician that they should ask to see Dr. Flores, a physician who had treated Justina before for gastrointestinal problems. Having since become associated with BCH, the admission to the emergency room to see Dr. Flores did not seem complicated.

Now under legal pressure and the scrutiny of the media and the public, which DCF wanted to avoid, DCF has agreed to (1) drop the contempt motion against the father for speaking to the media, (2) not oppose the motion Liberty Counsel prepared to remove the gag order, and (3) provide medical treatment to Justina by transferring her to Tufts Medical Center. DCF also wants to transfer its involvement to DCF in Connecticut, where the family lives. “We are pleased that DCF has finally done what they should have done months ago. But it is unacceptable to have DCF involved anymore. DCF had no business being involved in the first place. DCF must go,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, who represented the Pelletier family.

“As more of the details of this case come to light, more and more people are becoming outraged. It is unfathomable that this barbaric overreach by a state agency is taking place in America – and in the city that launched the fight for American liberty, of all places,” Staver said.

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The Church Ought To…

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How often have we heard someone pontificate on what “the church” should do, or be… or what “the church” should not do or be? Perhaps we have even done it ourselves. Such words are similar to pronouncements, like “There ought to be a law”, of “Someone should do something about…” In each case, the speaker is telling us that he has a problem with something and somebody else should take the responsibility for fixing it.

There are times when this is actually the case, like when we believe that someone should have been looking out for the Americans in Benghazi. Most of us had no control over that situation. Other times, these are just the rantings of the armchair quarterbacks observing the political and economic games. However, in the case of “the church”, this is much less often the case.

This may become more clear if we look at what “the church” really is. Obviously, it is not the edifice. The denomination is not “the church”. Neither is the pastor or priest. All of these are important and serve a function, but they are not “the church”. So what is “the church”?

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Duck Dynasty and the Secular Theocracy

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By David J. Theroux

With A&E Network facing an avalanche of public protest and in just over one week of its decision to place family-patriarch Phil Robertson on “indefinite hiatus” from its megahit reality series Duck Dynasty, the network caved.

When the PC outrage industry went into high gear with an angry Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) demanding Robertson’s head regarding his comments on homosexuality in an article by Drew Magery in the January 2014 issue of GQ (the magazine commonly viewed as having branded the concept of “metrosexual”), A&E executives promptly suspended Robertson from the enormously popular, cable-TV program, and support for his suspension echoed throughout the conventional media with cries of his being “homophobic” and “antigay.”

In the article, when asked about his religious faith, Robertson noted that his own youthful debauchery was self-destructive and put his marriage on the rocks, and that these were reversed only by his conversion to Christianity. He added that he now considers sexual relations other than those between a man and woman in wedlock to be sinful. In so doing, Robertson did not support bans on homosexual advocacy or relations but instead paraphrased Corinthians: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

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Christians Awaken For Duck Dynasty Flap

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America is tumbling out of control toward a crash-and-burn impact with disaster, and, for the most part, pastors and churches are asleep–I mean in a coma. Both major parties in Washington, D.C., are selling-out our liberties faster than Chris Christie can swallow a Big Mac, and Christians don’t even roll over; George W. Bush and Barack Obama have created the largest surveillance society in the history of mankind, and pastors lie comatose; Dianne Feinstein and her Constitution-hating collaborators in Congress try their best to expunge our right to self-defense, and Christian organizations don’t open an eyelid; the right of Habeas Corpus, the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, and our very right of privacy have, for all intents and purposes, been eviscerated by the miscreants in Washington, D.C., and most pastors and Christians remain fast asleep. But let a Christian TV star get the axe for telling a magazine reporter that he views homosexuality as sinful, and Christians storm out of their beds like firemen answering the bell for a five-alarm fire.

Don’t get me wrong. The politically-correct entertainment and news industries are hyper-paranoid about anything deemed to be “anti-gay.” Homosexuals currently enjoy more protected status than the spotted owl. That A&E would attempt to suspend a long-bearded, redneck Christian for saying homosexuality is a sin should shock no one. Liberal actor Alec Baldwin (no relation to this writer)–a darling of the left-wing establishment–lost his TV show on MSNBC for comments he spoke that were considered to be anti-gay.

Am I glad so many people rallied to the support of Phil Robertson? Yes, of course. Was the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain stupid to pull Duck Dynasty products from their stores as punishment for what Robertson said? They sure were. Are Christians who want to boycott Cracker Barrel and other companies that cater to political-correctness within their rights to do so? You bet. People such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made careers (not to mention millions of dollars) intimidating private companies with all kinds of boycotts. But I must be honest: this whole episode burns the stew out of me.

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A Modern Exodus

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God’s deliverance of the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage is the great recurring theme of the Old Testament. Time and again, God’s prophets would remind the Hebrews of this great deliverance. Moses, himself, recounted The Exodus with the children of Israel over and over again. Hear Moses:

“I am the LORD your God, which brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, that ye should not be their bondmen; and I have broken the bands of your yoke, and made you go upright.” (Lev. 26:13 KJV)

Make no mistake about it: it was a real deliverance. It was real bondage; real slavery; real tyranny; real whips; real chains; real beatings; and real death. And while there is certainly a spiritual correlation between the deliverance Christ extends to the soul and the deliverance of the children of Israel under Moses, let’s not forget that The Exodus recorded in the Old Testament book named after the event was a literal, physical, and, yes, political reality. Real men and women were taken out of real slavery and given real freedom. It was not merely spiritual freedom; it was physical and political freedom. Men and women didn’t just march out of Egypt in their hearts; they marched out of Egypt on their feet.

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Duck Flap: Truth is ‘Hate’ to Those Who Hate Truth

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By Matt Barber

As widely reported, Phil Robertson, the patriarch in A&E’s breakaway hit “Duck Dynasty,” recently ran a-fowl of homosexual pressure groups, ruffling “progressive” feathers throughout concentrated pockets of deep blue America. He remains suspended “indefinitely” for candidly summarizing, in a recent interview with GQ Magazine, the millennia-long “Love the sinner, hate the sin” biblical stance on homosexual practice.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina – as a man – would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me,” he bluntly opined. “I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes!”

Dudes worldwide – save self-styled “gays,” Pajama Boy and a few liberal men actually rumored to be heterosexual – responded: “Eww! I know, right.”

“You know what I’m saying?” continued Robertson. “But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical,” he noted.

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Mandela’s Own Words

Posted by Larry Miller on December 8, 2013 under Why | 2 Comments to Read

We have seen much over the past few days about the greatness of South Africa’s former President, Nelson Mandela. We were told about all the inspirational things he said and how he led the effort to eliminate apartheid that oppressed the black majority in his country. It was a job that needed to be done, but under the leadership of Mandela’s African National Congress, South Africa has been reduced from a prosperous western power to a crime ridden third world nation.

Most reports simply say that he was a political prisoner for twenty-seven years. The reality of his imprisonment was that he could have been released at various points if he had simply renounced the use of violence. It could be argued that there are times when that this would be appropriate, however when we see the violence perpetrated by his supporters on their political enemies, we see that much was not done to the oppressive government, but against citizens of their land.

The idea of placing a tire around someone’s neck, filling it with gasoline and igniting is too barbaric and meant simply as an exercise in terrorism that fed the lust for revenge. However, this has all been reported, but generally ignored.

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The Future Is Now

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Last night I watched a sci-fi classic with one of my favorite actors, Charlton Heston: Soylent Green. The film shared a theme common to many futuristic dramas like Terminator, Demolition Man and, more recently, Hunger Games, as well as the Dark Angel TV series, not to mention literature from the likes of George Orwell. That theme was an economically decimated population ruled with an iron fist by a small, but wealthy, elite.

In the past these scenarios seemed to be little more than the product of creative, but cynical, minds. However, to many observers, events in recent years have shown that we are on the path to such a desolate future in our land… even in the absence of a global conflict or massive EMP attack.

Fat and happy Americans have been enjoying the blessings of our national prosperity for years to the point where we have been lulled into the false confidence that this condition would continue indefinitely, carried on by the momentum of past successes. After all, we survived the best efforts of Franklin Roosevelt, the incompetence of Jimmy Carter and the lying lips of Billary Clinton. Yet, with each of these presidents and the less audacious work of the supposedly more conservative party, we have inched our way closer and closer to subservience to the ruling class firmly ensconced along the Potomac and in banking capitals around the world.

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Obama Omitting “God” in Gettysburg Address not Surprising

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Washington, DC—Not only did President Obama snub the ceremony for the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address today, he ignored and omitted the words “under God” in his rendition of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, filmed by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.

“After five years of tearing down religious liberty, it is neither surprising nor unexpected that President Obama disregarded ‘under God’ when reciting the Gettysburg Address,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “He has certainly failed to acknowledge God and Biblical values throughout his presidency.”

“Today, a hundred and fifty years ago, Abraham Lincoln challenged us all to ‘resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth,” Staver reminds us.

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Bully For You

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Ever since the story broke about the Richie Incognito – Jonathan Martin incident, the problem of bullying among the delicate, sensitive National Football League players has been analyzed ad nauseum. It is amazing and sad to think that oversized athletes who knock each other about on the gridiron can’t take handle “insensitive” locker room chatter.

On one hand, no matter how big and tough these guys are still human with feelings like the rest of us. On the other hand, we all have had people difficult to deal with and some jocks can be major jerks. One might add bosses and politicians to that group as well. One would think that big bucks these, and other, athletes receive would make it a little easier to put up with disagreeable behavior. The fact that it has taken so long for the situation to come to light shows that most of the guys with this combative warrior nature have learned to suck it up, play their game and collect their checks.

But things are different today. Where people of my generation usually dealt with bullies the best we could, today the people in charge think they can handle everything from above. Where in days past, most of us would have been too humiliated to run to the teacher telling them “Tommy’s being mean to me.” Today that is the only action sanctioned. Where we would sometimes “explain” to the bullies that we would not put up with their attempts to push people around – today, even standing up for those on the receiving end of intimidation will land kids in trouble.

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Unjust Laws And Injustice

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There has been a lot of discussion about the many injustices in both our laws and in the selective enforcement of them. Rather than regurgitate and summarize current thinking, it would be good to look back at the words of one who spent, and gave, his life fighting the injustices of his time.

On April 16, 1963, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was sitting in a Birmingham, Alabama and he wrote a response to the criticism of those pastors he was attempting to help. They had been afflicted by the complacency and acceptance of the status quo. King seems like he felt he was trying to push a rope. It is understandable that those benefiting from the segregationist culture would resent the appearance of an “outsider” defending the rights of the oppressed, but it really bothered him that black pastors joined in the criticism.

The entire letter is too long to reproduce here, but I would suggest reading the entire correspondence as it has much to say that applies to our situation today. However, the good Reverend’s thought on injustice and unjust laws is particularly pointed in today’s world.

The segment below, as well as the balance of King’s letter needs to read in the context of another one of his thoughts that may help guide us through our troubled times: “If your opponent has a conscience, then follow Ghandi and non-violence. But if your enemy has no conscience like Hitler, then follow Bonhoeffer”

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Are Americans Ready To Accept A Police State?

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Are Americans ready to accept a police state? Are pastors and Christians ready to accept a police state? Are Republicans and conservatives ready to accept a police state? Are Democrats and liberals ready to accept a police state? Are there truly enough people left in this country who even understand what a police state is, and if they do, would they really support it?

I can hear many readers shouting, “No!” But I truly wonder just how many Americans have already accepted the police state in their hearts and minds. It is absolutely true that before despots and tyrants can put shackles around men’s necks, they must first put them around men’s hearts. So, just how many of the American people are walking around every day with shackles already around their hearts? How many pastors mount the pulpits with shackles around their hearts? How many teachers enter the classroom with shackles around their hearts? How many State lawmakers walk into their various capitols with shackles around their hearts? How many police officers get into their squad cars with shackles around their hearts? How many military personnel put on their uniforms with shackles around their hearts?

Those of us who are passionate about the freedom fight spend a lot of time discussing and debating the nuances of how best to protect liberty. Except for a precious few, our State governors, attorney generals, legislators, senators, mayors, county commissioners, city councilmen, etc., are doing a fantastically lousy job of honoring their oaths to the Constitution and to the principles contained in our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Except for a precious few, our pastors, deacons, elders, and church leaders are doing a fantastically lousy job of defending freedom principles. Except for a precious few, our civic and business leaders are doing a fantastically lousy job of defending liberty. And needless to say, you could put the people on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., who are even doing diddly-squat about preserving liberty into an old-fashioned phone booth.

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Reaping The Whirlwind

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“For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” That is what Hosea 8:7 tells us. And nowhere do we see evidence of this more grotesquely obvious than in our public school system. There are many fine, dedicated teachers trying to do a good job of educating our children, but they are not the one’s setting policies and promoting the lies of their progressive masters.

Just a few miles up the road from my home two girls, one 12 and one 14 bullied a 12 year old classmate to the point where she took a deadly dive off a tower at an abandoned concrete plant. The reports are that more than a dozen girls took part in the harassment that led Rebecca Sedwick to choose death over life.

Many of us who consider ourselves to be pro-life are concerned with helping women choose life for their unborn baby, but this poor girl could not even choose it for herself. Worse yet, the girls not only goaded her to a hopeless suicide, but gloated about it in the same social media they used to kill her.

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Who Would Want To Help A Kid With Cancer?

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Who would want to help a kid with cancer. Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid made it clear he wasn’t interested. When asked about the House passed bill that would restore funding to the National Institutes of Health so they could begin accepting cancer patients once again, Reid responded with, “Why would we want to do that?” This is the man who says he is working to provide health care for those who don’t have access. I’m sure the parents of some of the sick children could give him some very good answers.

Then he went on to whine about the more than a thousand workers from Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada who were sitting at home, rather than going to work, because of the government shutdown. One has to wonder if Reid feels that badly about the tens of thousands in his home state, and the millions around the country, that have been sitting at home, unable to find work because of the burden ObamaKare has placed on so many employers.

Sure it is inconvenient for some unionized government workers missing a few days work, but I would remind those having a hissy fit about it, that after the last shutdown, these people received their back pay… and they weren’t even required to work for it. The taxpayers got nothing for their money. The same cannot be said for contractors doing work at government facilities. Unfortunately they are not the subject of the same senatorial concern. These small businesses and individuals are simply out of luck.

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What Are They Looking For?

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The tragedy at the Washington Navy Yard revealed one more failure on the part of those whose job it is to keep the American people safe. It is reported that Aaron Alexis had some pretty bizarre run ins with police and told his counselor that was hearing voices… voices that weren’t there. Those with the information claim to have passed it on to the Navy. Yet, he kept his security clearance and had unfettered access to the base. When we see so much bad news every day, it is beyond understanding that no one did anything about it.

If this were an isolated incident, we might just call it an unfortunate mistake and move on. However, if it is part of a pattern, we would have reason to wonder what it is that is causing multiple failures.

We saw intelligence from the Russians, and others, about the Tsarnaev brothers prior to the Boston Marathon bombing… yet nothing was done to intervene in their nefarious plans. Then we saw “soldier of Allah”, Nadal Hasan, coming to the attention of the Army several times, yet nothing was done to prevent the tragedy at Fort Hood. The Newtown killer was the object of concern, yet again, he was free to kill young children and their teachers.

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Befuddled By The Russian Bear

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It seems that Secretary of State John Kerry should stick to using a teleprompter like his boss because it takes a clear mind and at least an element of understanding to speak extemporaneously. After the controversy about the red line that Barack Hussein Obama drew before he didn’t draw it, Kerry made an offer to forestall bombing Syria before he realized it would be taken seriously.

As one wag put it, John Kerry gave Syria the ultimatum that if Syria did not turn over their chemical weapons within one week, he and Obama would make even bigger fools of themselves. Well, it didn’t take a week. The State Department immediately backed away from the comment, saying it was just a rhetorical statement and should not be taken seriously.

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Today’s Bizarre World

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Is it just me or is the world really becoming stranger every day? Just a quick review of one days news will make most normal people wonder if we have fallen into an alternate universe. A universe where we have no relationship to the reality we have known and the values we hold dear.

The lead story in many sources was the sad tale of Bradley Manning, the young soldier who was just sentenced to 35 years in prison for releasing thousands of pages of confidential documents to WikiLeaks. Yet, the big story was not that he was going away for a long, long time, or that his attorney thinks he could be out in as little as seven years. The big story was that, in the future, Bradley wants to be known as Chelsea… and he wants the government to begin hormone therapy and taxpayers to eventually pay for surgical correction of what he believes to be a mistake that has caused him/her the discomfort of a woman trapped inside the body of a man. Manning wants to begin living as a woman. Given the people he will be serving time with, this could a major error in judgement. One can imagine his biography – Klinger at Leavenworth?

Then we have Kathleen Sebelius making it known that under ObamaKare, the homosexual and bisexual communities would receive special focus on their needs because “for too long…[they] were pushed to the side.” Considering the amounts spent on AIDS/HIV treatment and research, this justification does not seem to align with reality. She continued, “They have been less likely to get the preventive care they need to stay healthy, they have higher rates of tobacco use, and they are often at increased risk for mental health illness.”

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Much Ado About… A Rodeo Clown

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We know Barack Obama is thin skinned. We’ve seen him get all riled up about the slightest sign of disrespect or joking about him or his plans for our land. But now we see his supporters going crazy over joking by a rodeo clown. The clown was helping to put on a show for the audience and did nothing that had not been done when George W. Bush was in office. The hypocrisy of these people is astounding. Before we look into their over reaction to this tom foolery, let’s look at what a rodeo clown is and the bravery these men show on a daily basis… to be sure, they are not circus clowns.

As you can see, the primary function of a rodeo clown is to protect bronco and bull riders when they come down from these animals that don’t want them there in the first place. Race drivers are in a hazardous profession, but when they crash, the car doesn’t come back to run them over. However, a bull is not so civilized. The clowns job is to distract the 1500 to 2000 pound animal so the rider can escape to safety or, on occasion, free the riders hand gets hung up in the rope and he cannot dismount. At times like these, riders have been flopped around like a rag doll until the clown jumps in to release his hand. These guys are not wussified jokesters like Bill Maher. They are men who play a dangerous game and are worthy of respect… even if one doesn’t understand why someone would mount an angry 2000 pound animal that doesn’t want him there. From what I’ve seen of these guys, I don’t know what they get paid, but, it’s not enough.

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Sarah Palin At Faith And Freedom

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There comes a time when someone really understands the conditions of our nation and the world around us and is able to put them into words. Some are uncomfortable with the bluntness of Sarah Palin, but the pablum coming out of their attempts at discourse astounds everyone with the vapid nature of their thought processes.

There is much we can learn from this fine lady who was the only reason I drove a car with a McCain Palin bumper sticker for a time. Our challenges are great and we need bold thinking and action to prevent the total meltdown of our nation. Being merely “concerned” will not get the job done. Neither will making nice and attempting to negotiate with those who want to take us in the opposite direction to a godless socialist end.

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We DO Have Some Problems Here

Posted by Chuck Baldwin on June 16, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Breitbart.com recently carried a report saying, “During his speech in San Jose, California on Friday, President Obama took one question from the press on national security monitoring of Americans. Without any sense of irony whatsoever in the aftermath of the IRS’ targeting of conservatives, the administration’s stonewalling on Benghazi, the Department of Justice’s targeting of reporters, the Department of Health and Human Services’ leveraging of private organizations for Obamacare public relations cash, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s secret email addresses, Obama unloaded this line:

“‘If people can’t trust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust Congress, and don’t trust federal judges, to make sure that we’re abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we’re going to have some problems here.’”

See the report here:

Obama: If People ‘Can’t Trust’ Government, ‘We’re Going To Have Some Problems Here’

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we DO have some problems here! And the culprits are exactly the ones whom President Obama identified: the executive branch, Congress, and federal judges, or in other words, the federal government in Washington, D.C. As I have said repeatedly, the American people have more to fear from Washington D.C., than they do Tehran, Kabul, Baghdad, or Pyongyang.

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Forget Snowden – He’s A Distraction

Posted by Larry Miller on June 13, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

So many talking heads are sanctimoniously condemning the actions of Edward Snowden. The big government progressives seem to be hyperventilating about letting people know that this young man acted against the country and he should be punished. Others insist on letting the record show that he should be regarded as a hero. Well, I hate to break the news that, to anyone other than the man himself and his family, his fate is not the most important point of this tale.

All this is just a smokescreen to take attention away from the real story… that we are being spied on by our own government. It is a government that has a track record of using various branches to beat up on its real or perceived enemies. It is a government that has used the most feared collection agency in the world to harass and harm those not in step with their socialist programs. It is a government that has used the Environmental Protection Agency to support those who have swilled down the environmental koolaid, while denying skeptics any information that would give proof that their suspicions were founded in fact.

Big government types say they are concerned that Snowden’s revelations have harmed our nation’s ability to defend us from terrorist attacks. The program did not work in Boston or Fort Hood. We are told this type of information would have prevented the 911 attacks. Given our government’s timidity of following through on information available makes this highly unlikely, even though we had an administration that was sincerely concerned about the welfare of the people at the time. It’s worse today as our leaders are more afraid of Christians, veterans and Ron Paul supporters. The most effective system in the world, which this may well be, is useless if its users are looking for the wrong things.

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What’s Behind The Verizon Scandal?

Posted by Larry Miller on June 6, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Some commentators are running around, flapping their wings and gums about how the collection of Verizon phone records is casting an overly broad net trying to catch a small number of radical Muslim terrorists. The facts, if we ever really get to them, is that Verizon is not alone, and that pretty much all carriers, as well as internet providers are being forced to surrender personal information. Even some Republican members of congress are speaking warmly about this supposed effort to keep our citizens safe.

All this would be good if one were to truly believe that the Obama administration was actually interested in protecting us from Islamic attacks. That is, do could we really accept that this regime heavily populated by Muslims, and approved of by CAIR, would break the President’s pledge to “stand with the Muslims” if things should turn against them.

We need look no further than several recent events to get a pretty good idea of why this information is collected and mined. Most recently, Barack Hussein Obama declared that the war on terror was over… there was not more conflict. He seems to have forgotten that just a few weeks ago, some Islamic terrorists blew up Americans at the Boston Marathon. He also seems to have forgotten that a few months ago, Muslim attackers killed an American ambassador and three others trying to defend the consulate. He also seems to have forgotten that his administration ignored repeated warnings from Russia that the marathon bombers were among us and a danger to our country.

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A Courageous Graduation Speaker

Posted by Larry Miller on June 4, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

With all the leftist, progressive, socialist or whatever they choose to call themselves, speaking to graduates at various levels, it appears that it is up to the people themselves to set things right. In spite of having to gain approval for his efforts, this young man spoke what was on his heart… to the approval of the assembled crowd.

This is a great example to all of us who believe Romans 13 tells us to just do what those in charge tell us to do, no matter how wrong it may be. For those who have difficulty with even minor rebellion, I would suggest the consideration of Daniel who, despite royal decrees against prayer to anyone but the king, continued his practice of thrice daily time with the living God.

Of course, there was a price to be paid, but the fact that he was spared the fate of being lunch and dinner for a pack of hungry lions, did not make the choice to rebel any less principled and courageous. With conditions in our land get worse every day… we need to realize the government is not going to make things right… it’s up to us.

It May Not Be a Land Flowing with Oil–But it Always Rises to the Top!

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By Eliza Davidovit

Warren Buffett once stated, “If you are going to the Middle East for oil, then don’t stop in Israel. But if you are going for brains, energy, and integrity, then it is the ONLY place to stop.” And indeed in the Middle East, a region known primarily for its oil and violence, it is Israel alone that regularly rises to the top.

Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East, one with a free and open press, one that protects the rights of women, minorities, homosexuals and all faiths unlike their surrounding neighbors who beat women into submission, stone adulterers, kill gays and burn down churches and oppress Christians. Did you know that Israel is the only country in the world that will try a soldier mid-operation to ensure that no excessive use of force was used? Did you know that the Israeli army is among the first responders post natural disasters around the globe, including after the earthquake in Haiti where their assistance was indispensable? Did you know that on a daily basis Israeli innovations are helping millions of people around the globe, from medicine to technology to agriculture and beyond? ICQ was invented in Israel; the stent was invented in Israel; the firewall was invented in Israel; the endoscopy pill, PillCam, was invented in Israel. Both Checkpoint, the leading firewall Internet security system, and Teva Pharmaceuticals, the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world, are Israeli companies. The list is immensely long and impressive.

Israel has more university graduates per capita—and particularly more engineers—than any other country on earth. It also has the highest rate of research and development investment per GDP in the world. As a consequence, it has the largest concentration of high-tech companies outside the United States’ famed Silicon Valley. It has more companies listed on NASDAQ than any country outside North America. Every day new, world changing discoveries are coming out of Israel.

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A Golden Opportunity

Posted by Larry Miller on May 30, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

Amid all the scandals showing the corruption and incompetence of the Obama regime, we have before us an opportunity to actually do something many of us have been wanting for years. In particular, the illegal harassment of conservatives by the Internal Revenue Service has opened the door and given credibility to those looking for a major overhaul of our impenetrable tax code.

It’s not just that these individuals and groups have been inconvenienced, but that they were effectively prevented from organizing and spreading the truth about Obama’s destructive impact on our country. Democrats, after seeing their losses in the 2010 election, appear to let their fear prompt them to do just about anything to keep their president from the same fate.

Lois Lerner of the IRS even admitted that they took a closer look at people regarded as Barack Obama’s enemies. Her boss added that, while it may not have been a good idea, it certainly was nothing illegal. Perhaps he thinks, as some have in the past, that if the government does something, it’s not illegal.

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Now The IRS Gets In The Act

Posted by Larry Miller on May 13, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Just days after Barack Hussein Obama warned freshly minted graduates that they should ignore the voices telling them tyranny was just around the corner… we turned the corner. The IRS admitted to using extra scrutiny when analyzing tea party and patriot groups and holding up their applications for non-profit status. Of course the regime expected kudos for being “open” about this discovery of illegal behavior on the part of the most brutal collection agency in the world.

As with so many stories coming from this prevaricating president, we are finding there is so much more to the story than the formerly main stream media is telling us. The first reports were about the tea party and patriots, but it wasn’t long before the focus was expanded to groups promoting the constitution and limited government. Basically they put non-profit status applications on the slow track and took the opportunity to dig into all sorts of information for which they had neither legitimate use, nor right to collect.

By now, this is old news. Then we are given the song and dance about how it was just some low level employees who ran amok. Lois Lerner, who runs the department that approves these applications, wanted us to believe she just found out and reported it immediately. The reality is that IRS bigwigs knew this was going on as far back as 2010.

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The Price Of Staying “Above The Fray”

Posted by Larry Miller on May 7, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

It is good to see young people willing to take a stand for the things they believe in… even though there may be a price to pay for exhibiting this courage. This video came about when a teacher gave them a assignment where they were to write about something they believed, and it could not involve God. Quite correctly they knew this was not right and looked at what they could do. They are to be commended for their dedication to their faith.

As inspiring as their efforts are, they are a sign of our failure to be the salt and light in our communities. When my generation was in school, we said the pledge to the flag, read the Bible and said the Lord’s prayer every morning. One by one, these links to our past and reality have been taken away. Coincidentally, every measure of societal decay have increased exponentially in that same time period.

Christians talked among themselves about how wrong some of these changes were. Some pastors even preached a sermon or two about moral decay, but that was about it. Nobody did anything.

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War On Religion?

Posted by Larry Miller on April 2, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

One of TVs renown talking heads came up with a brilliant piece of observation when he told his viewers that the homosexual marriage debate was an indication that there would soon be an all out assault on Christianity. I hate to tell him, we have been on the receiving end of attempts to discredit and destroy the followers of Christ for years.

Our mistake is in looking at all the attempts to change our Christian culture as isolated events perpetrated by people with a particular ax to grind. Now I’m not pushing a conspiracy theory. Quite a few are so psychopated and wild eyed that they would not play well with anyone else. Also, things have been going on for far too long and attacks have been coming from far too many directions for the plans and execution to have come from a human “illuminati” like organization.

As aggravating as dealing with the pro-abortion or homosexual agenda advocates can be, they are not the real enemy. Don’t get me wrong, they have to be opposed and defeated, but even that will not get the job done. Ephesians 6:12 tells us of our real struggle, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”

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America’s Exceptionalism – Chapter 2

Posted by Guest Writer on February 25, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Defining America Part 2

by Pastor Roger Anghis

[Editors note: This is an excerpt from a new book, Defining America’s Exceptionalism by Pastor Roger Anghis that deals with the factors that made our country great – something Ronald Reagan understood, but Barack Obama denies.]

The Geneva Bible was the first Bible to be completely translated to English from the original language. It was the first Bible that qualified as a study Bible with comments about the original manuscripts, clarification of some of the ambiguous meanings, cross references, annotations all for the most common of reader at that time to understand. It was the first Bible to break down the books into chapters and break the chapters into verses to help facilitate memorization. Because it was printed in a small readable print, Roman type as opposed to the Old Gothic, all Pilgrims had a copy making it the center of their daily living.

These are the circumstances that prevailed virtually throughout Europe and Great Britain and this necessitated Christians seeking freedom of worship to leave Europe and Great Britain and face the dangers of traveling for over two months on the high seas to seek out a place where they could worship as they believed God wanted them to without the persecution from the government.

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America’s Exceptionalism – Chapter 1

Posted by Guest Writer on February 18, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Defining America Part 1

by Pastor Roger Anghis

[Editors note: This is an excerpt from a new book, Defining America’s Exceptionalism by Pastor Roger Anghis that deals with the factors that made our country great – something Ronald Reagan understood, but Barack Obama denies.]

All through man’s history up until the forming of the government of the United States there had been only kings and dictators who held complete control over its people. When the United States won its independence from Britain our Founding Fathers established a government that the world had never seen before. There were shades of it in Greece and Rome, but never had there been a government where the people controlled who governed them.

For the first time in man’s history if a people did not like those who governed them, they could peacefully and non-violently replace them. When, at the end of George Washington’s second term and he stepped down and the office of the president went to the newly elected John Adams, the world witnessed for the first time a change of a ruler without bloodshed. America is the only nation explicitly founded upon the principles of human equality and natural rights or as our Founders referred to it, God given rights.

The American experiment, in my opinion, is the ultimate lesson in exceptionalism. Never before had a people created a government that allowed the people to attain the wealth and freedoms that the American people have. There are other nations with wealthy people but only in America can a person be born into abject poverty and through the sweat of his brow and perseverance become unimaginably wealthy. Many have done it. Many more will. Why is this possible only in America? There are many factors that can be accounted for this but I believe that the foundation for the unparalleled success of the American experience is the principles of the Founders that were grounded in their Christian faith. Those principles created a nation of people that are the most affluent, generous, hard working and educated, and dedicated to their Christian God than any other nation on earth. America has only 6% of the world’s population but we produce 25% of the world’s wealth.

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