North Korea and the Bomb

Posted by Larry Miller on May 26, 2009 under How | 2 Comments to Read

North Korea set just set off nuclear and missile tests that set the western nations all atwitter. Kim Jong-Il loves the attention, sort of like a crazy man with a gun at the local mall. Only things aren’t quite so straight forward when the actors are nations. We can’t just send in snipers and eliminate the danger. I know I felt better when I saw the brief statement by our President strongly condemning this action and promising to work with the international community in strongly condemning the tests and promising to work for even more severe sanctions on the rogue regime.

The fact that such responses have been so effective in the past is encouraging. Wait a minute… in reviewing the history of our relations with North Korea it seems that such actions have produced no change in actions and policies of the Asian nation. Perhaps the leader is unaware of the displeasure expressed by the international community as the state run press certainly will not be carrying any stories critical of his actions… sort of like the New York Times and the Obama administration.

If only we could get his personal email address so the President could contact him directly with his strongly worded message… maybe using ALL CAPS and perhaps even bolding some of the stronger words for emphasis. Then we might be able to get through to Kim Jong-Il, who, wanting to be a good neighbor to us all, will abandon the program.

If this doesn’t work, there is talk of pressuring China to encourage North Korea to put the brakes on their nuclear program. This is an excellent plan as our good friends the Chicoms have always been looking out for our well being and would be happy to help us out by easing world tensions. Some might say we don’t much leverage with China anymore, I’m not sure this is true. The United States has become such a huge customer for Chinese goods and they have bought so much of our debt, we need to approach them in terms of protecting their investment. We need to explain that if the crazy Korean starts lobbing nukes at the US, it would make it much more difficult for us to pay back the loans they have given us. Read more of this article »