Standing Alone

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Tienanman SquareWe all understand the power of working as a team. It is good to have others to share burdens with. Yet there are times when we are faced with choices where no one goes with us. We sometimes come to cross roads where we can go with the crowd down a path we know to be wrong, or we can break with the group think and follow the promptings of our conscience.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is standing at such a crossroads. He could follow the desires of most of the world and allow the enemies of his country to possess land that was given to his ancestors and promised to succeeding generations, or he could do the right thing. The left in this country and his own are saying all manner of evil about him. They are plotting his political demise… although the people of his homeland believe otherwise.

He understands the principle that doing the right thing is more important than being popular. Read more of this article »

Anti-Federalist VIII

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snake10 January 1788

The next powers vested by this constitution in the general government, which we shall consider, are those, which authorise them to “borrow money on the credit of the United States, and to raise and support armies.” I take these two together and connect them with the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, because their extent, and the danger that will arise from the exercise of these powers, cannot be fully understood, unless they are viewed in relation to each other.

The power to borrow money is general and unlimited, and the clause so often before referred to, authorises the passing any laws proper and necessary to carry this into execution. Under this authority, the Congress may mortgage any or all the revenues of the union, as a fund to loan money upon, and it is probably, in this way, they may borrow of foreign nations, a principal sum, the interest of which will be equal to the annual revenues of the country. — By this means, they may create a national debt, so large, as to exceed the ability of the country ever to sink. I can scarcely contemplate a greater calamity that could befal this country, than to be loaded with a debt exceeding their ability ever to discharge. If this be a just remark, it is unwise and improvident to vest in the general government a power to borrow at discretion, without any limitation or restriction.

It may possibly happen that the safety and welfare of the country may require, that money be borrowed, and it is proper when such a necessity arises that the power should be exercised by the general government. — But it certainly ought never to be exercised, but on the most urgent occasions, and then we should not borrow of foreigners if we could possibly avoid it. Read more of this article »

Preparation Is The Key

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Fed_Res_Sys_logoWe see the world we once knew… the safe, secure world where America, with it’s Christian values, stood for truth and justice… slipping away and becoming the very thing we once stood against. We have moved from a society that valued the individual and his contributin to society whose leadership values group think and mindless compliance with the edicts they issue telling us poor misguided souls how we should live.

In addition to the social havoc they have wreaked on our land, they have brought us one fiscal failure after another. More people are out of work. More people have given up trying to find work. And they are just getting started. We Americans are living in a world where many think nothing bad will happen to us – and they are wrong.

For many, the awakening began during the Vietnam War where the politicians threw away the lives of over fifty thousand of our fine young people because they were afraid to defeat the communist dictators. We were once again jarred from our stupor by the September 11 attacks – but it was not long before we were back fighting a mortal enemy by shopping at the malls so the bad guys would not win. A little later, Hurricane Katrina showed us the incompetence at various levels of government who we depend upon to save us from the big bad world. Yet, we still did not learn. Read more of this article »

In Praise of Caldwell, Clark, Houghton, And Muhlenberg

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muhlenbergIt really wasn’t that long ago. With the way America’s clergymen act today, however, one would think that preachers such as James Caldwell, Jonas Clark, Joab Houghton, and John Peter Muhlenberg never existed. But they did exist; and without them, it is this country we call the United States of America that would not exist.

Caldwell was a Presbyterian; Muhlenberg was a Lutheran; Houghton was a Baptist; and no one really seems to know what denomination (if any) Jonas Clark claimed. But these men had one thing in common (besides their faith in Jesus Christ): they were all ardent patriots who actually participated in America’s War for Independence.

James Caldwell

James Caldwell was called “The Rebel High Priest” or “The Fighting Chaplain.” Caldwell is most famous for the “Give ’em Watts!” story. Read more of this article »

Recollections of a Marine!

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atomicbombEvery September, I recall that is more than 65 years since I landed at Nagasaki with the 2nd Marine Division in the original occupation of Japan following World War II. This time every year, I have watched and listened to the light-hearted “peaceniks” and their light-headed symbolism-without-substance of ringing bells, flying pigeons, floating candles, and sonorous chanting and I recall again that “Peace is not a cause – it is an effect.”

In July, 1945, my fellow 8th RCT Marines [I was an ARman] and I returned to Saipan following the successful conclusion of the Battle of Okinawa. We were issued new equipment and replacements joined each outfit in preparation for our coming amphibious assault on the home islands of Japan.

B-29 bombing had leveled the major cities of Japan, including Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama, Yokosuka, and Tokyo.

We were informed we would land three Marine divisions and six Army divisions perhaps abreast, with large reserves following us in. It was estimated that it would cost half a million casualties to subdue the Japanese homeland.

In August, the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima but the Japanese government refused to surrender. Three days later a second A-bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki. The Imperial Japanese government finally surrendered. Read more of this article »

Praise For Lee And Jackson

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roberteleeJanuary is often referred to as “Generals Month” since no less than four famous Confederate Generals claimed January as their birth month: James Longstreet (Jan. 8, 1821), Robert E. Lee (Jan. 19, 1807), Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson (Jan. 21, 1824), and George Pickett (Jan. 28, 1825). Two of these men, Lee and Jackson, are particularly noteworthy.

Without question, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were two of the greatest military leaders of all time. Even more, many military historians regard the Lee and Jackson tandem as perhaps the greatest battlefield duo in the history of warfare. If Jackson had survived the battle of Chancellorsville, it is very possible that the South would have prevailed at Gettysburg and perhaps would even have won the War Between the States.

In fact, it was Lord Roberts, commander-in-chief of the British armies in the early twentieth century, who said, “In my opinion, Stonewall Jackson was one of the greatest natural military geniuses the world ever saw. I will go even further than that–as a campaigner in the field, he never had a superior. In some respects, I doubt whether he ever had an equal.” Read more of this article »

Stop the START!

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brownOnce again Republican Senators failed to hold together to stop the Obama administration from further weakening America’s defenses and bowing to benefit a foreign power. Through smooth talk and lying lips the anointed one convinced no less than eleven GOP Senators to bend to his will and vote for cloture on the START Treaty. The pact, among other things, limits our nuclear warheads and could well limit the deployment of the ones we have in defense of the United states. It was necessary, the President informed us, to placate the Russians whose help we need in stifling Iranian nuclear ambitions. I had to look up the word appeasement in the dictionary as it was not part of my functional vocabulary.

Considering that only 56 of the President’s men voted to bring the treaty to the floor, the Republicans had him and his anti-American agenda beaten by four votes… then they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

It’s hard to tell if this debacle was the result of ineffective leadership or if these people who call themselves Republicans just don’t comprehend the concept of peace through strength. One of them, Lamar Alexander, is quoted as saying, “I will vote to ratify the New START treaty between the United States and Russia because it leaves our country with enough nuclear warheads to blow any attacker to kingdom come and because the president has committed to an $85-billion, 10-year plan to make sure that those weapons work.” Read more of this article »

The REAL Pentagon Poll: 91% reject open homosexual service

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klingenschmittby Former Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt

Former Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt just read the full Pentagon report on repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and here’s his analysis:

“Don’t believe the phony liberal media reports that 70% of troops support open homosexual service, because that statistic included ‘mixed’ feelings. A closer reading of the fine print in the newly released Pentagon survey shows our troops answered as follows:

Q45. If you had a leader whom you believed was gay or lesbian, 9% positive, 91% negative or mixed effect on unit’s performance.

Q68c. 85% of Marine Combat Arms, 75% of Army Combat Arms, 64% overall say Negative, Very Negative, or Mixed impact on unit trust.

Q90. 29% would take no action if assigned open showers. 71% would shower at other times, complain to leadership or chaplains, don’t know or do “something else” [including violence.]

Read more of this article »

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You

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jfkennedyJohn F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961

[Editor's note: It's interesting how time changes perspective. At the time of President Kennedy's election, I thought it was the worst possible thing that could happen to our country. Looking back now, I have acquired a new found respect for the man even though I still do not agree with parts of his political philosophy.

Having dealt with the shock of a math class interrupted by a classmate sticking his head in the door, telling us the President was shot, then a few months later, standing by his grave site during our senior class trip to Washington, I've seen this country come through difficult times. My parents came through World War II and the Great Depression. All this means that the problems our country faces need to be looked at as challenges to help us grow into what we can be. Let's look at President Kennedy's Inaugural Address and try to recapture the can-do spirit that set our country on the path to landing a man on the moon.]

We observe today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom — symbolizing an end, as well as a beginning — signifying renewal, as well as change. For I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forebears prescribed nearly a century and three quarters ago. Read more of this article »

Veterans Day 2010

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I first saw this video a few weeks back. It expresses the position that veterans who have served honorably should hold in our society. It also illustrates how we should be educating the younger generation to respect and value those who have risked, and sometimes, gave their lives in defense of the freedoms we hold dear.

While we use Veterans Day to show appreciation for the men and women who have served our country, we can also take the opportunity to do something for those currently in uniform. Today would be a great day to help the folks at the USO or the Wounded Warrior Project. At the very lease… buy a poppy when you see a veteran selling one… you won’t be sorry.

Blitzkrieg BRAC

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closed[The following op-ed by Congressman Randy Forbes (VA-4) was recently featured in a special defense report in The Hill newspaper.]

Only a weekend after members of Congress returned to their districts for August recess, the fiscal blitzkrieg on our military began. In the Pentagon, a small circle of individuals took the first step in their long-planned strategy. With one hour until the media announcement, after it was already being reported in the news, a perfunctory call was placed to the affected congressional representatives. Sixty minutes later, the Secretary of Defense announced to a waiting press corps his unprecedented plan to shutter one of our nation’s ten military commands. With only his words as justification, he would reverse a 25-year course towards jointness, eliminate tens of thousands of jobs, reprogram millions of defense dollars, and transfer 1.1 million service members to another command.

The terminology is different, but make no mistake, the base realignment and closure process has begun again. The goal of this round of Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC) will be the same: the dismantling and closure of our military installations. But after straining and creaking under the crushing fiscal weight of a two-year social spending binge, the Department of Defense’s process will be far from familiar. Unlike the closure process set forth by statute and envisioned as fair and open, this process will be much different. Members of Congress should be warned that, left unchecked, they can expect a steady tide of security-dismantling moves. The new BRAC will be: Read more of this article »

The Audacity of a Pretender

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abbas1I should not be, but I am continually amazed at the audacity of Palestinian leaders as they attempt to manipulate world opinion into giving them a state of their own and pay it’s bills as they pretend to be worthy of such influence. After expecting Israel to enter negotiations with no preconditions, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had the gall to say that there will be no peace unless the Israelis stop building settlements on the land the Palestinian Authority (PA) has it’s eyes on.

This man cannot even get his own allies, in the form of Hamas, who controls Gaza just to the south of Israel, to come to an agreement to recognize Israel. He even has tenuous control over his own Fatah party. His leadership has not produced any kind of prosperity for his people, although he has not too badly for himself. All he can do is rattle such swords as he has and issue threats and complaints to get so-called world leaders to give him control over something that was created through the industrious nature of the Jewish people.

In addressing the UN, Abbas said, “Our demands for the cessation of settlement activities, the lifting of the siege (of Gaza) and an end to all other illegal Israel policies and practices do not constitute arbitrary preconditions in the peace process.” In his quest to take over the land of the Israelis, he complained of their “mentality of expansion and domination”. He concluded by saying that he would be forced to walk away from the peace process if Israel did not comply with his demands that construction be halted completely. Read more of this article »

I Fought For You

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I received this video and had to pass it on because it makes some tremendous points. The respect and appreciation we owe to our veterans and active duty military is obvious to those of us who have been around for a while, but the public educational system today seems to be intent on denying the honorability of this profession and the value of what these men and women have accomplished with their sacrifices.

Like the grandfather, we need to take it upon ourselves to let the younger generation know about what it cost to give us the freedoms we still have. We don’t want to lay a guilt trip on them, but we need to let them know what they have been given and inspire them to build upon it. We need to give them an understanding of, not only the words of our founders and all the patriots that came after them, but the fact that they were normal people, just like the grandfather… or their parents… or their brothers… or themselves. Read more of this article »

We Have Survived Worse

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hippieIt’s kind of hard not to feel like the world is spinning out of control and we have absolutely no input into the major or even minor decisions of our lives. Over seven out of ten Americans supported Arizona’s attempt to put a crimp in the illegal invasion from the south, yet a Clinton appointed judge overruled their efforts. Missouri voters, in about the same proportion, just cast their votes to be exempted from the despised Obamacare. However, no one is holding their breath for the health control abomination to be stopped, just because the people don’t want it.

Now, in the most recent rejection of public sentiment a California judge set aside the results of a referendum where the good people of the state voiced their desire to retain the traditional marriage composition of one man and one woman. Following the usual progressive objection that this thinking was too restrictive and left those with other inclinations unprotected, the judge set herself above the people, where most progressives believe they belong anyway, and nixed the election results. I’m not sure what kind of protection the judge thought they needed. No one is keeping them from performing their acts of depravity… and we already have laws protecting them from having the tar beaten out of them, no matter how annoying some of them may be.

It seems like the only reason this administration cares about what the American people want is to do the opposite. These days, we hear talk of FEMA camps, secession, rebellion and civil unrest. Our country has survived a bloody civil war and, more recently, we survived the assassination of a president. A few years later our country went through the convulsions of the murders of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. Riots tore at the heart of a hundred cities and our finest young men were coming home by the hundreds, then thousands, in body bags from Vietnam. The atmosphere in the country was so poisonous that Lyndon Johnson was forced to drop out of the presidential race rather than run for a second term. Such was the work of new left as they flexed they muscles and worked to bring about a socialistic revolution. Read more of this article »

What Is Going On Here?

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Just looking over the yesterday’s news makes me wonder what country I’m living in. It certainly is not the country I grew up in. Each story shows how, incrementally, we are giving up one freedom after another. I say giving them up, because as each abomination is visited upon us, we fuss a bit, then adjust the line backward that we will not permit our government to cross. While the British monarch was rightfully called a tyrant, his impositions were nothing compared to the governmental intrusions we are tolerating today. Let’s look at a few of the stories:

Judge Blocks Key Portions of Arizona Illegal Immigration Law

Talking heads will be ranting about this one for weeks as a Clinton appointed judge followed the Democratic put a hold on some key provisions of the bill, such as the portion that recognized the illegality of an illegal alien applying for a job he is not legally entitled to hold. If employers are supposed to be checking on the eligibility of a job applicant, where is the logic of permitting those who do not qualify to apply in the first place?

Sure employers should be held accountable, but should not the other half of the combination be called into account as well? Considering the fact that these are unregistered Democratic voters, the picture becomes a little more clear. In spite of the wishes of the good people of Arizona and the support of most of the rest of the country, an activist judge ignored the law and backed the Obama regime in holding the door open to those who ignore our laws and national well being, yet hold the key to more progressive control. Read more of this article »

Challenge from a Right Wing Nut Job

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PartySymbolsby Kelsey Hilderbrand

Let’s try something new shall we? I got this idea after spending a weekend with my wife’s family. The Andersons are great group of folks who I enjoy spending time with, however, they are about as politically divided a family as I have ever seen. This is not just your standard “this is my view, this is your view lets have a drink and discuss it” type of family. Politics are a sport and are argued as vehemently as two teams fighting like the score is tied with 30 seconds to go in the championship game. Based on my wife’s request, I try to stay out of the circle of engagement, but every now and then I am drawn into an argument. My party affiliation is no secret as I am a registered independent, but my viewpoints are anything but neutral. I am, as my brother-in-law has labeled me, “a right-wing-nut-job”. I am devoutly conservative with my ideals and hence am a target for the “left-wing-kooks”. More times than not, I am challenged to defend the actions of my party affiliations or my ideologies. This has grown tiresome, as my arguments are often dismissed by the those who do not like to hear what I have say or are interrupted prior to my conclusions, so I am going to make an offer of unusual stature.

I do not believe the Republican party has the answer to every problem, nor do I always agree with they way they handle situations, however, I almost always find myself in disagreement with the Democrats and their ideology. Above all, I am searching for what I believe is best for AMERICA. I do not care about political affiliations, but I believe in upholding the ideals of our Founding Fathers and the integrity of the Red, White, and Blue. I do not believe I can effectively call myself a supporter of Americanism if I do not listen to both sides of the argument, likewise, I do not give much weight to an someone’s opinion who does not let me finish a statement without interjecting, arguing, or being otherwise “closed-minded”. Read more of this article »

Curious Reactions to the McChrystal Affair

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obama-generalNow that the media circus surrounding the surprising honesty of General Stanley McCrystal is dying down, we can look at the reactions of both the players and spectators, and possibly learn something from them. Essentially they fall into two categories. There are those who see this as strictly an insubordination and chain of command issue. In the other camp are those who see only the right and wrong of the issue. Like many of life’s questions there is some virtue surrounding both positions, but they do tell us a lot about the person holding them.

As a soldier, Gen. McChrystal was expected to follow orders. As a career soldier, particularly one who achieved his rank, he knew not to publicly question his orders, or the civilian source. This is pretty much cut and dried that his actions warranted his dismissal. Some who publicly criticized him did so primarily on the principle that the man should know his place in the overall scheme of things Others could not accept the fact that this man who was almost universally highly regarded, both at home and abroad would have the temerity to question the alleged manhood of the White House resident. It is unfortunate that those of honor and good will would be lumped together with the blatant partisanship of this administration.

The concept of civilian control of the military is basic to our American system of government. The elected representatives of the people must be able to direct or restrain the vast power to kill and destroy that we have developed. The rub comes when this civilian control is exercised by those who despise the soldiers, sailors and airmen who keep us safe, or if they have no clue as to what will preserve or harm our great nation. Read more of this article »

Stupidity or Hypocrisy?

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freedom flotillaSometimes I look at the news and wonder if the people writing the stories or those talking to the press even think about what they are passing on the the formerly unsuspecting public. Of course the story may fit the propaganda needs of the issuing government or news organization, but they could at least work a little harder to give us plausible (mis)information that doesn’t strain the credibility of even recent public high school grads.

The current journalistic malfeasance is a story I picked up this afternoon about how the Israel’s recent actions were straining the relationship they had with the government of Turkey. A quick review of the facts shows this to be a ridiculous position from the very start. This “offended” Turkish government gave behind the scenes approval to send a ship load of goods, wide eyed ideologues and a few weapons into an area that the Israeli government had publicly stated for years was a source of terrorist activity against their citizens.

The fact that the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) stopped the ship and several of the activists died in the process of beating and stabbing the Jewish defenders is considered by the Turks as an affront to their formerly great nation. Their fussing over IDF action defending their homeland is akin to North Korea telling the world that maybe the South Korean vessel was struck by a torpedo, but but that any retaliation would be an act of war. What do these people think of the initial provocation? Read more of this article »

What’s Going On In Grand Isle?

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humveeTo hear Barack Hussein Obama tell the story, he was on top of the oil spill from day one. He says that he has made available all the government’s resources in solving this problem. His problem though, is that facts don’t quite align themselves with his story. The inaction of the national government dwarfs anything his predecessor was accused of in relation to Katrina.

He also says that in the beginning, taking BP’s word that the situation as not that serious and that they could handle it, he kept pretty much on the sidelines. This was before he put his well manicured boot on their neck. Again the facts don’t fit the White House narrative. The New York Daily News reports that:

Days after the Deepwater Horizon rig blew up, Carol Browner, head of the White House’s Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, told Obama the explosion would result in a never-before-seen disaster. Read more of this article »

Let’s Not Forget!

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Long weekends are great to have friends over, go to the beach or just lounge around the house getting some much needed rest. It’s the unofficial beginning of summer, and time for cookouts, the Indy 500 and Coca Cola 600… not to mention the Turkish Gran Prix, Stanley Cup Finals and all sorts of lesser sports. In spite of the destructive efforts of our unprofitable servants in DC, we still live in the greatest country in the world.

This country, that is the envy of the world, did not just pop up out of nowhere. It about through the efforts and sacrifices of brave Americans from the fields of Lexington and Concord to the deserts and mountains of Iraq and Afghanistan. American patriots have defended this country with courage and honor… qualities we would really like to see in the rest of our government. Many served, but not all came home to their friends and families. Because these people did not shrink from danger that we enjoy this day in freedom… and, to be honest, that much of Europe can enjoy relative freedom. Read more of this article »

The Wussification of America

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Books could be written on this subject, but I believe Brad Stine gets to the point.  Even as you read this, some think it’s not right to call someone a wuss.  They prefer terms like metrosexual to refer to someone who is still kind of straight, but has adapted some of the effeminate habits of those who are not.   They believe the urban denizens who value almost nothing that doesn’t revolve around them are superior to good old boys who love their country… and are the ones who fight and die for it. It is a culture that considers a blue collar guy like Todd Palin a bit of a barbarian, yet believes Perez Hilton is someone whose opinion should be heard.  We’re in a heap of trouble folks!

Breakup Of US Is Inevitable

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ObamaCFRPeople all over America are discussing freedom’s future. In short, they are worried. In fact, many are actually talking about State secession. In coffee shops and cafes, and around dining room tables, millions of people are speaking favorably of states breaking away from the union. Not since the turn of the twentieth century have this many people thought (and spoken) this favorably about the prospect of a State (or group of states) exiting the union. In my mind, this is a good thing.

Even many of those who oppose the prospect of secession understand the increasing tyrannical nature of the current central government in Washington, D.C., and that something must be done about it.

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines tyranny as “1: oppressive power . . . 2: a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler . . . 3: a rigorous condition imposed by some outside agency or force . . . 4: a tyrannical act.” Read more of this article »

Defend America

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090612-N-2456S-023[I recently received this from Congressman Randy Forbes (VA-4) and had to share this.]

Every year, the House Armed Services Committee, on which I serve as Ranking Member of the Readiness Subcommittee, considers one large authorization bill that sets the course for the Department of Defense. It is a critical piece of legislation that sets our country in motion on a specific national security path and establishes our future national defense priorities. Next week, the House Armed Services Committee will consider this bill. Now more than ever, with American long-term priorities in flux and vital national interests at stake, it is imperative that the Committee get this bill right.

From the very beginning, the strength of our nation was found not in the complex, but rather in simple truths that served as the foundation of our freedom.

These simple truths can be found in the Declaration of Independence that says we have certain rights endowed by the Creator and that those rights cannot be taken away from us. These simple truths are found in the structure of our government whose very purpose is to defend and protect those inalienable rights. These simple truths are outlined in our Constitution that says one of the primary roles of Congress is “to raise and support Armies” and “to provide and maintain a Navy.” This command is unparalleled in its importance – it is the only type of federal spending mandated by the Constitution. Read more of this article »


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israeli flagMay 14th, 2010: Israel celebrates 62 years of rebirth today. She is the first nation to ever be reborn. This is a powerful testimony to the Adon Hakavod (The L-rd of Glory; Psalm 24:8).

We must not get lost in the festivities; the watchmen must remain vigilant on the walls of Jerusalem (Isaiah 62:6) because the spirit of Goliath has also been reborn to challenge the City of King David. This time this uncircumcised Philistine has left the Valley of Gad to make his final stand on the Mount of Megiddo.

Isaiah 62:6: I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence,

There are several distinctive characteristics that will enable us to identify the spirit of this ageless combatant: Read more of this article »

The Bush-Obama War

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soldierNow it’s Barack Obama’s war. After campaigning against “George Bush’s War” in the Middle East, Obama has escalated that war. By transferring thousands of America’s forces from Iraq to Afghanistan, and by sending an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, the liberal Democrat has demonstrated that his administration is not so different from that of his “conservative” Republican predecessor.

While I was crisscrossing America during the campaign season last year, I repeatedly predicted that no matter who won the White House, John McCain or Barack Obama, neither would end the war in the Middle East. Many Democrats tried to argue with me, saying they knew Obama would end the war. Now they know I told the truth.

During his speech at West Point in which he announced the war’s escalation, he said, “[T]he Taliban [is] a ruthless, repressive and radical movement.” What he (or John McCain or George W. Bush) never bothers to tell you is that this is the same Taliban that the US government SUPPORTED, back when it was fighting Soviet forces in Afghanistan. Read more of this article »

A Tribute to Zach

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zacharyeckhart[Editors note:  The local newspaper, Richmond Times Dispatch, refused to run this story.  I thought this young man deserved at least this recognition.   ldm]

On Monday, April 12, my niece, Sarah, received a call that all military spouses and family members dread. Her beloved husband, Ensign Zachary Eckhart, was missing as a result of a Navy plane crash in the mountains of northern Georgia. Navy officials told Sarah about 9:30 that night that Zach’s plane had crashed in rugged terrain. She learned that three servicemen were confirmed dead and one was missing.

As family members received the news, we prayed fervently and searched the internet for any information about the crash, all of us holding onto the remote chance that Zach, somehow, had survived the crash.

Unfortunately, we learned the next day that all four aviators had perished in the T-39 aircraft based at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. Sarah, married for a scant 18 months to the love of her life, was devastated by the news. Read more of this article »

Army Report Says Christians Threaten US Foreign Policy

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unThe report’s header reads, “Strategic Implications of American Millennialism, A Monograph by MAJOR Brian L. Stuckert, U.S. Army. This monograph was defended by the degree candidate on 01 May 2008 and approved by the monograph director and reader named below. Approved by: Timothy Challans, Ph.D., Monograph Director; Robert Taylor, COL, MI, Monograph Reader; Stefan J. Banach, COL, IN, Director, School of Advanced Military Studies; Robert F. Baumann, Ph.D., Director, Graduate Degree Programs.” The School of Advanced Military Studies, United States Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, produced the report.


Why Millennialism Matters

The Role of Civil Religion and Culture

Millennial Theologies in America

Post-Millennialism and the Founding of America

Civil War, World War and the Rise of Pre-Millennialism Read more of this article »

Remembering The Alamo

Posted by Chuck Baldwin on March 8, 2010 under How | Be the First to Comment

alamoFebruary 23 marks the anniversary of the beginning of the battle of the Alamo back in 1836. For more than 13 days, 186 brave and determined patriots withstood Santa Anna’s seasoned army of over 4,000 troops. To a man, the defenders of that mission fort knew they would never leave those ramparts alive. They had several opportunities to leave and live. Yet, they chose to fight and die. How foolish they must look to this generation of spoiled Americans.

It is difficult to recall that stouthearted men such as Davy Crockett (a nationally known frontiersman and former congressman), Will Travis (only 23 years old with a little baby at home), and Jim Bowie (a wealthy landowner with properties on both sides of the Rio Grande) really existed. These were real men with real dreams and real desires. Real blood flowed through their veins. They loved their families and enjoyed life as much as any of us do. There was something different about them, however. They possessed a commitment to liberty that transcended personal safety and comfort.

Liberty is an easy word to say, but it is a hard word to live up to. Freedom has little to do with financial gain or personal pleasure. Accompanying Freedom is her constant and unattractive companion, Responsibility. Neither is she an only child. Patriotism and Morality are her sisters. They are inseparable: destroy one and all will die. Read more of this article »

Not Your Father’s Army

Posted by Chuck Baldwin on February 8, 2010 under Why | Read the First Comment

un_blue_helmetsMost of us Americans have a deep and abiding respect and admiration for our country’s fighting men who have served–and are serving–within the US Armed Forces. We appreciate their willingness to put themselves in harm’s way for the preservation of our nation’s liberty and independence. We honor their sacrifice. Indeed, many of us share that sacrifice with the deaths, dismemberments, and paralysis of our most cherished loved ones who were killed or injured in the line of duty.

It is time, however, that we awaken to the reality of what our military is becoming and where it is heading. Suffice it to say, this is not your father’s army.

On December 8, 1941, my father, Ed Baldwin–along with his two brothers, Bud and Gene–marched down to a recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas, to enlist. The Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor the day before, and no branch of service had to beg people to enlist that day. Bud joined the Navy. Gene joined the Marines. When government officials saw Dad’s resumé, they selected him to help construct the atomic bomb. All three brothers served their country with distinction throughout the war. Read more of this article »

A Thanksgiving In Distress

Posted by Larry Miller on November 24, 2009 under Why | Be the First to Comment

RoastTurkeyEditors note: this is a letter a New Jersey woman wrote to her local paper expressing what many of us feel this time of year. Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy our families and express gratitude for all the good things this great country has to offer. However we cannot forget those who cannot be with their families and friends this holiday season… just like we cannot forget those who will never be coming home to their families and friends. Keep them in your prayers as well, both for their safety and their sense of abandonment. If there is a family near you that will be alone because daddy or mommy is overseas, why not invite them to join you for your dinner?

Dear Editor:

While I’m eating my Thanksgiving dinner with my family this year, I’m going to have a hard time enjoying it knowing that our President is willingly allowing our men and women in Afghanistan to die while waiting for him to make up his mind whether or not to give them the resources they need for survival. Read more of this article »