DCF Begins to Back Away from its Abuse of the Pelletier Family

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[Editor's note: There is some good news coming out of Boston. It shows how shining the light of truth on true injustices can help change the world – at least for one fifteen year old girl.]

Boston, MA – Today the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) began to back away from abusive treatment of the Pelletier family. The plight of Justina Pelletier and her family has attracted national attention. At the request of her treating physician, Linda and Lou Pelletier admitted their daughter, Justina, now fifteen years old, to Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) in February of 2013. The family was advised by Justina’s treating physician that they should ask to see Dr. Flores, a physician who had treated Justina before for gastrointestinal problems. Having since become associated with BCH, the admission to the emergency room to see Dr. Flores did not seem complicated.

Now under legal pressure and the scrutiny of the media and the public, which DCF wanted to avoid, DCF has agreed to (1) drop the contempt motion against the father for speaking to the media, (2) not oppose the motion Liberty Counsel prepared to remove the gag order, and (3) provide medical treatment to Justina by transferring her to Tufts Medical Center. DCF also wants to transfer its involvement to DCF in Connecticut, where the family lives. “We are pleased that DCF has finally done what they should have done months ago. But it is unacceptable to have DCF involved anymore. DCF had no business being involved in the first place. DCF must go,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, who represented the Pelletier family.

“As more of the details of this case come to light, more and more people are becoming outraged. It is unfathomable that this barbaric overreach by a state agency is taking place in America – and in the city that launched the fight for American liberty, of all places,” Staver said.

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Free Justina

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Often times we look at our world and see the big picture problems created by those who think they know more than the rest of us. These Yogi’s who believe they are “smarter than the average bear” think this justifies giving them taking control of the way we live our lives. They are convinced that if only we would listen to their wisdom, they could create their own version of heaven on earth. Unfortunately, what they give us turns out to be reminiscent of a place that is so much hotter.

C.S. Lewis wrote, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.” He understood that dictatorial decrees were not just wrong on a theoretical level, but wrong because they caused real pain to real live people.

One such person suffering at the cooperating hands of the state and medical community is a teenage girl named Justina Pelletier. Her story is beginning to make the rounds of some of the more reputable news sources. Without going into all the gory details, Justina was diagnosed and treated for mitochondrial disease, and for the past several years was living a relatively normal life. Then she had the misfortune of being admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital for a bout with the flu.

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A New Age Of Miracles?

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Most Americans had been relatively happy with their health insurance and their health care itself for many years. With his signature legislation, Barack Hussein Obama declared his intention to change all that. Many of our fellow countrymen have already lost their insurance because of the government’s rules and regulations, with millions more to follow. Beyond this, we have unfortunate families and singles who could not afford health insurance in the past, now facing the prospect of increasing annual fines for this financial lack.

We have seen advances of modern medicine that border on the miraculous. But with so many without insurance – the vary thing Obama says he wants to fix – it looks like many may not have access to all the “miracles of modern science”. In reality, even those with insurance may well be barred from access to these new high dollar medications and procedures. Sarah Palin’s much maligned observation of the “death panels” incorporated into the law to keep the costs down for the little people by limiting care has been proven correct.

Just recently news reports are telling us that even if people have been successful in navigating the vagueries of healthcare.gov, the portion of the program that carries the data and payments to the insurance carriers is not functioning properly… sometimes not at all. Even though the President has, without the approval of congress, agreed to let the insurance companies guestimate what the charges would be… and then pay them lump sums, there is no guarantee that the insurers will have the policy information available to providers. While this is a problem for the taxpayers whose children and grandchildren will foot the bill for this, the more immediate problem for the insured is that, if the insurance companies get incomplete information, they cannot validate coverage for patients when they appear for treatment.

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An Admission From Above

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One of the many reasons we were told that the government needed to take over the operation of our healthcare system was that the private sector was not doing a very good job. Only they weren’t really taking over the actual care, just the financial aspects of it.

Bureaucrats aren’t much help if you need your appendix or a cancerous tumor removed. They will decide if your insurance company will pay for your operation or if you are expendable to their world. This is what bureaucrats, and their employers, governments do. They produce nothing, the provide a few essential services, but primarily these days, they control. The control where resources taken from the taxpayers, and they control where they will be spent – who will benefit, and who gets left behind.

Exhibiting Barack Hussein Obama’s complete disdain for the private sector, he went his own way to construct a complex online web site to handle registration for he solution to ills of our nation using government agencies and crony deals with Moochelles class mates, etc.. This is the same private sector that developed sites like Amazon, eBay and Cheaper Than Dirt. Every one of them handles far more transactions featuring far more selections than the failed ObamaKare site would ever need to deal with. Yet in Obama’s fantasy world, the government could manage the construction of a system, admittedly with some private contractors, better than those who have a track record of building successful sites for years.

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The Future Is Now

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Last night I watched a sci-fi classic with one of my favorite actors, Charlton Heston: Soylent Green. The film shared a theme common to many futuristic dramas like Terminator, Demolition Man and, more recently, Hunger Games, as well as the Dark Angel TV series, not to mention literature from the likes of George Orwell. That theme was an economically decimated population ruled with an iron fist by a small, but wealthy, elite.

In the past these scenarios seemed to be little more than the product of creative, but cynical, minds. However, to many observers, events in recent years have shown that we are on the path to such a desolate future in our land… even in the absence of a global conflict or massive EMP attack.

Fat and happy Americans have been enjoying the blessings of our national prosperity for years to the point where we have been lulled into the false confidence that this condition would continue indefinitely, carried on by the momentum of past successes. After all, we survived the best efforts of Franklin Roosevelt, the incompetence of Jimmy Carter and the lying lips of Billary Clinton. Yet, with each of these presidents and the less audacious work of the supposedly more conservative party, we have inched our way closer and closer to subservience to the ruling class firmly ensconced along the Potomac and in banking capitals around the world.

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Reform Your Own Healthcare Today!

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By Tony Meggs

We borrowed our healthcare plan from the Good Book and, not surprisingly, it still works.

As the cost of traditional health insurance continues to eat up larger and larger portions of individual and family budgets, many Christians are looking for an affordable alternative that will provide peace of mind if a medical issue arises. Many are taking a look at healthcare sharing with a group of people who share their faith, a desire to care for one another and a commitment to live healthfully and biblically.

Caring for one another is not a new concept for Christians. In the book of Acts, early believers shared each other’s burdens. Today, more than 175,000 Christians across the U.S. have taken this simple idea and are sharing with one another in a unique way…by sharing medical bills.

Known as healthcare sharing, these Christians trust a group of strangers to provide voluntary gifts in their time of need. But that’s not all; a community has formed. They support one another through prayer and encouragement when any health issues or challenges arise.

Detailed below are five benefits of healthcare sharing ministries.

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A Lie Is A Lie Is A Lie

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Revelations are coming one after the other that the administration knew that millions would be bumped off of their health insurance plans. This follows one after another assertions that Americans could keep their insurance if they wanted to. This brings up a question of why the citizens were not told the truth about the impact of the president’s signature legislation. Could it be that he knew that the people would reject his redistributionist scheme if they knew that they really couldn’t keep their insurance and that new plans would cost them at least twice as much as their current coverage.

As we are told when we question the domestic spying of the NSA on Americans, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. We could say the same about the current administration – if they were not trying to do something wrong to us, why do they not give us the straight story.

Everyday we see stories about people living nicely, or just getting by, with their current insurance, but when faced with costs hundreds of dollars more, sometimes over a thousand dollars more per month, their whole financial world falls apart. On top of this, deductibles are moving up from $500 and $1000 to over $10,000. So the real cost goes way above just the insurance expense. They’ve gone up to the point where many working Americans can’t afford insurance, while those favored by the regime – including many in Washington – get theirs partially or totally paid for by the aforementioned working taxpayers.

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Liberals Feel Crush of Obamacare

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By Matt Barber

“Disaster,” “embarrassment,” “humiliating” and “train wreck” are just a few of the colorful terms being used to describe it. The Obama administration’s incompetent half-billion-dollar rollout of its incompetent multi-trillion-dollar signature achievement is but a tragic metaphor for this man’s entire presidency. (It’s not hyperbole when it’s true.)

Nearly three weeks in and the utopian promise of “affordable care” for all has yielded but a handful of folks who’ve even been able to sign up for this clinic in socialism.

That Obamacare – something billed as a health-care panacea for the collective – is something that the collective neither asked for, nor wanted, is now the back story. That it has failed so fantastically in every respect, has taken center stage.

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Dates That Destroyed America

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These Dates Forever Changed America For The Worse

Well, Obamacare is now in effect. The decision by Congress to pass Obamacare into law back in 2010 ranks among the most draconian, most egregious, most horrific actions ever taken by the central government in Washington, D.C. This bill rocks the principles of liberty and constitutional government to the core. It changes fundamental foundations; it repudiates historic values. The same flag may fly on our flagpoles, the same monuments may grace our landscape, and the same National Anthem may be sung during our public ceremonies, but it is not the same America. For all intents and purposes, our nation now more resembles the socialist countries of the old communist East Bloc than it does the constitutional republic of the old land of the free.

I was honored to have been invited to be the keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons recently in Denver. It was a very large gathering of physicians from all over the country. And I can tell you that the doctors I spoke with are all very, very concerned about the future of healthcare in the United States. Take a peek at the condition of healthcare in socialist countries throughout the world or take a peek at the condition of healthcare in our VA clinics and hospitals, and you will get a little feel for what healthcare is going to quickly look like in America.

On March 21, 2010, Congress passed, and on March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the dreaded national health care bill into law, and as such, these dates join a list of dates that have contributed to the destruction of a free America. Of course, there are several such dates, but, in my opinion, the following are the most draconian.

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Do You Like Being A Pawn?

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If the events over the past several weeks aren’t enough to get your blood boiling, you either have not been paying attention, or you may be suffering from the same moral turpitude that has afflicted the Obama regime. There is not space enough here to name them all, but we can list a small sample… such as 90 year old war heroes prevented from seeing the monument to their sacrifices, or the same National Mall opened up to illegal aliens for a demonstration in favor of more wealth transfer from law abiding citizens to themselves. Or perhaps the most heartless of all, the withholding of benefits to families of soldiers killed in Obama’s Middle East distraction.

We see the lapdog press is trying to place all the blame for the government shutdown on the Republicans who have, up to this point, been standing firm against the funding of the abominable ObamaKare. Hopefully the American show more wisdom than they did in 2012 election. The 37% approval rating the President enjoys and the 18% agreement that the country is headed in the right direction is an indication that that they the citizens are smarter than the leaders think.

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I Love My Country, But…

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The USA is a great place to live. It has a proud history of innovation, prosperity and fine character. Our forefathers threw off the yoke of King George’s tyrannical rule after a long, bloody struggle. The people came together after the War of Northern Aggression. Just a few generations ago our ancestors made it through the Great Depression to become the greatest power on earth by working with our allies to defeat the greatest (at the time) evil on earth. My fathers generation did what they had to do to conquer the Axis menace, then came home to raise their families.

However, after that, something went awry as we seem to have misplaced our collective will to overcome obstacles as so many seek, not victory or accomplishment, but the path of ease and least resistance. We’ve passively accepted the presence of a permanent underclass, lulled into dependence on a government that demands nothing from them, but allegiance at the voting booth. But that is not the worst curse on our land.

There is a consensus among pollsters that the people do not want ObamaKare. However, there is also a consensus among these same pollsters that a great majority of Americans want the government shutdown to end. They don’t like the inconvenience. They don’t like our aging heroes receiving shabby treatment when they come to visit the monument to their efforts. They don’t seeing government workers sitting at home when they should be working. Never mind that Congress has determined that they will eventually be paid… and never mind the millions of non-government workers who have been unemployed for years and face the prospect of an even tougher job market if the plan goes forward.

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Who Would Want To Help A Kid With Cancer?

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Who would want to help a kid with cancer. Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid made it clear he wasn’t interested. When asked about the House passed bill that would restore funding to the National Institutes of Health so they could begin accepting cancer patients once again, Reid responded with, “Why would we want to do that?” This is the man who says he is working to provide health care for those who don’t have access. I’m sure the parents of some of the sick children could give him some very good answers.

Then he went on to whine about the more than a thousand workers from Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada who were sitting at home, rather than going to work, because of the government shutdown. One has to wonder if Reid feels that badly about the tens of thousands in his home state, and the millions around the country, that have been sitting at home, unable to find work because of the burden ObamaKare has placed on so many employers.

Sure it is inconvenient for some unionized government workers missing a few days work, but I would remind those having a hissy fit about it, that after the last shutdown, these people received their back pay… and they weren’t even required to work for it. The taxpayers got nothing for their money. The same cannot be said for contractors doing work at government facilities. Unfortunately they are not the subject of the same senatorial concern. These small businesses and individuals are simply out of luck.

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Completely Defenseless

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Extreme gun control advocate Eric Holder’s recent rant about the evils of the stand-your-ground laws in Florida and other freedom oriented states is a further indication that he does not believe the citizens should be capable of providing their own defense. Calling stand-your-ground laws “senseless” is indicative of the complete lack of understanding of the human psyche by the progressive left. People are more than simple animals that need to be cared for by the state and controlled so they do not hurt themselves.

It is clear he believes only the state should have access to the deadly force required to stop some harm to the individuals under his power. The problem with this is summarized by the answer one man gave when asked why he carried a .45 – he said because a policeman is too heavy.

Just as the current regime is doing its best to move us into a position where we are completely dependent on the state for our economic well being and health care needs, Holder wants the state to be in charge of protecting the people whose taxes pay his and all the other bureaucratic salaries. Following his plans would also mean the citizens would be in a less advantageous position to resist additional federal intrusions on their lives.

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Do You Really Care?

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We’ve just seen one more Supreme Court decision that takes us further from the righteousness that “exalts a nation”. This is not surprising. It’s nothing new to see laws, regulations and high court decisions that are designed to create a different country from the one we have loved and the one our founders passed on to us.

I hear many people talking about how bad things are. They expect things to get even worse. Knowing the difference between right and wrong does not mean that we can just identify things that are not good for us, or for those around us. It means we have a responsibility to do something about it. We see the values of the ruling elite are destroying our land, but worse than that, they are destroying the people.

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Reagan On ObamaKare

Posted by Larry Miller on April 24, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Ronald Reagan understood ObamaKare better than most people in congress today. He knew socialized medicine was bad medicine. Perhaps that ship has sailed for the moment, but he knew the dangers of putting health care in the hands of government bureaucrats.

The wisdom of this man, while proven effective in most any area he addressed, has been ridiculed by those leading our land down the road to destruction, and ignored by many in his own party. These are unworthy of claiming his heritage. We are seeing the truth in his prophetic voice.

Bloomberg: Bad Premise, Bad Decision

Posted by Larry Miller on March 12, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

I saw a video clip of New York’s Mayor Bloomberg explaining why he is adamantly pursuing intrusive regulations restricting and manipulating what his constituents and eat and drink. To his defective progressive mindset, people with unhealthy eating habits are costing “us” too much in medical expenses.

He starts off with the false premise that the government is responsible for our health care. Then his his next “logical” leap is that this responsibility for health care concludes the imposition of preventive measures to limit the need for this health care – even if it means intruding on individual rights in the process. To the progressive mindset, the individual and his welfare and happiness is never valued as highly as the so-called “greater good”. The “greater good” being whatever elitists like the good mayor decide we should have or do.

Few would argue that eating and drinking healthy fare would be a bad thing. However, permitting the government, at any level, specify our diet goes far beyond any legitimate function that We the People would agree to. Those who believe they are smarter than the uneducated little people tend to see things differently. They see you and me as incapable of making our way through life without the benefit of their wisdom and guidance.

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Ben Carson Speaks

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The National Prayer Breakfast provided an opportunity of surgeon Benjamin Carson to speak words not everyone wanted to hear.  Like the seeds described in Mark 4, some of his words fell on hardened soil and some on fertile.  Some were paying attention and some sat their yawning, thinking the entire program was a little silly.  The reactions of some government worshipers did nothing to diminish the truth of his words.

Precarious Times

Posted by Larry Miller on January 15, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

The United States seems to be moving steadily to a place in history that few of the citizens want and even fewer see on the horizon. President Obama and his cohorts are taking advantage of the tragedy in Connecticut to push their agenda of disarming America… making it safer for them and more certain that they will be able to impose their socialistic will on the good people of the land.

Reports of executive orders designed to restrict the rights of citizens to defend themselves and their families have riled the freedom loving portion of the population to the point where they are ready to take whatever actions they believe necessary to set things right. On one hand, this is the spirit that formed our nation. Our country was, indeed, formed amidst the violence and bloodshed of a revolt against the most powerful and oppressive monarch in the world.

On the other hand, typical of this administration, they keep pushing us, a little at a time. Poking at us here. Jabbing at us there. It’s almost like they are daring us to strike back… giving them more of a reason to further restrict our ability object, all in the name of peace and safety.

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Watch Out For The Spin

Posted by Larry Miller on November 25, 2012 under How | Read the First Comment

Having just returned from a Thanksgiving trip to the frozen north, I saw, first hand, the results of the cut backs in staffing many businesses are beginning to implement as they attempt to survive the initial implementation of ObamaKare.

Several formerly fast food restaurants were unable to keep up with the people coming through the door on the heaviest travel weekend in the land. It is a time when proper preparation equals profits and there just were not enough bodies behind the counters to get the job done. Then there was the nice, mid range hotel that didn’t have enough housekeepers to adequately keep the place clean… and help to prepare the usually excellent breakfast.

On top of this, I read recently where the Community College of Allegheny County cut the hours of about 200 adjunct faculty members and 200 other employees as they are looking to avoid paying their tribute to Obama for the “free” health care. Ironically, many of these may well have been the biggest supporters of the socialization of, what had been, a flawed, but workable, system. These are just the beginning of the negative impacts this and other progressive schemes will have on the people who actually want to earn an honest living.

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The Mad Scientist And The White House Revisted

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During his first inaugural address, Barack Hussein Obama promised “We will restore science to its rightful place, and wield technology’s wonders to raise health care’s quality and lower its cost.” This was in part, to counter what he perceived to be excessive deference to religious influences by the previous administration. At the time it was difficult to tell if he was embracing one and or simply rejecting the other.

The selection of John Holdren as the Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy helps put the purpose into much sharper focus. If Holdren were simply a wild eyed academic, the damage he could inflict would be limited to the destruction of a relatively few impressionable minds behind ivy covered walls. But he is not… and the damage is incalculable if he is permitted to inflict his thinking on our whole country.

What is this thinking? How can we know what is going on in the demented mind of John Holdren. He has over the years had published hundreds of papers and articles and co-authored twenty books. These give a pretty clear picture of a man who appears to have watched far too many science fiction movies as a child.

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The Truth About ObamaKare

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We know that ObamaKare is bad medicine for America. We’ve been hearing bits and pieces of the law that had to be passed so we could find out what was in it. Members of congress found out what the bill contained, but We the People got crumbs… just like we will get under the bill’s provisions.

One of the major items of contention in the upcoming election is the fate of the socialized medical plan foisted on the American people by Barack Hussein Obama. There are many reasons to reject the incumbent in this election, but ObamaKare is enough reason to defeat the pretender in the White House.

If our country is to survive, let alone each of us individually, pulling the plug on Obama’s signature legislation is essential, so the suits don’t pull the plug on us.

Sucker Punched By The Court!

Posted by Larry Miller on June 28, 2012 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Proverbs 25:19 tells us, “Trusting an unreliable person in a difficult time is like a rotten tooth or a faltering foot.” This is what we have been doing when we have depended upon the Supreme Court to fix the problems created by the elected representatives and President. While it may have seemed like a reasonable hope at the time, it was, in retrospect, a misplaced hope.

A misplaced hope is what we usually have when we expect any government, especially our national government, to repair the damage they, themselves, have created. The thinking that burned us today is the same thinking many of us who claim to be advocates of smaller government indulge ourselves in when we believe that so many programs should be cut or eliminated, but we need to hang on to this or that benefit. We have started a pattern of taking from the governments coffers that the momentum makes it almost impossible to stop.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli lamented that the events in Washington made today, “a dark day for American liberty.” The Republican Governors Association agreed to take no action to implement ObamaKare until after November’s election. They are obviously hoping for a shift to a more honest, logical and able congress and executive at that time. It was unclear how far they would go with their disobedience and uncooperative activities should things really go bad and the vote be close enough for Democrat voter fraud to swing the number toward Barack Hussein Obama. We can hope and pray that they don’t lose their resolve – as it will be needed more than ever should this happen.

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Yes, We Are In A Heap Of Trouble

Posted by Larry Miller on June 27, 2012 under Why | Be the First to Comment

The American people are anxiously awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court about the constitutionality of Affordable Care Act. This is just one more euphemism that the people in Washington hoped would fool the people into believe bad (the new health care plan) was good and good (the current plan – even though it could use some improvement) was bad. We are also awaiting word on the Eric Holder contempt vote.

While we await this news from inside the beltway, we need to consider how much trouble our country is in. The fate of the whole health care system lies in the hands of nine unelected men and women in black robes. At this point, we have no recourse if they don’t get it right. Examples abound where decisions have deviated from original intent of the Constitution, the will of the people, and even common sense. We need only look at Kelo v. City of New London, where the court decided the financial status of local governments was more important than the property rights of the citizens who paid the taxes.

So, whatever seems right, has no real relationship to what these nine life time appointees will do. Ever since the 1803 when the court took upon itself the practice of “judicial review” we have seen an increasing deference to the branch of our national government that was supposed to be the weakest… primarily administrative branch. The fact that we are depending on these nine people to make the best decision for the people – no matter what they decide – shows that things have gone way astray

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The Life of Julia Demands a Question: Whom Will We Choose?

Posted by Guest Writer on May 10, 2012 under How | Be the First to Comment

By Jon Wakefield

Earlier this week, President Obama introduced us to Julia—a fictional character whose entire life is subsidized by the Federal Government (i.e., your tax money). Her website shows all the government benefits she would receive under President Obama from birth through retirement and compares them to what she would receive (or wouldn’t) under that eeeeevil Mitt Romney.

The narrative was written to emotionally appeal to the uninformed, as the information provided was extremely misleading, inaccurate, and incomplete, yet many of the President’s followers will undoubtedly accept it without question. Instead of taking time to pick apart every (non)factual representation myself—I’ll leave that for others to do—I’m going to focus on the most troubling aspect of this story from a faith perspective. Apparently, our friend Julia has no ability to provide for herself, as well as no family, friends, or faith connection to offer assistance when she has a need.

Government is her only hope.

This illustrates a topic I discuss in my book Saving America: A Christian Perspective of the Tea Party Movement. I line up the attributes and roles of God with the attributes and roles of our current governmental structure and conclude that government has usurped God’s authority, systematically decreasing our dependence on him, crowding out any room for his influence over our lives.

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Demagoguery – Obama and the Supreme Court

Posted by Guest Writer on April 3, 2012 under Why | Be the First to Comment

After reading Obama’s remarks concerning the case of Obamacare before the Supreme Court, I can’t let his comments go unanswered. His rhetoric should be a shinning, classic example for the text books on how a demagogue works so that people can spot one when they speak.

Obama said, “Ultimately, I am confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

There are three things wrong (or should I say false) with this statement. First of all, it is not unprecedented for a Supreme Court to overturn a law passed by Congress. If that were the case there would be no need for the Supreme Court. To cite just one example, the California’s Supreme Court has consistently overturned laws passed by a referendum vote of the people – such as proposition 8 – that passed by a large percentage. Yet the Democrats hailed that decision because they were against what the voters wanted. To say that it is unprecedented for the Supreme Court to overturn a law passed by Congress is not only historically false but is Constitutionally false as well. That is exactly the role of the Supreme Court if they think a law is unconstitutional.

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Can Ben Nelson Really Bring Down the Democrats?

Posted by Larry Miller on December 27, 2011 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Ben NelsonDemocrats are all in a tizzy about the announcement by Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson that he would not be seeking re-election next year. If the name sounds familiar, just think back to the battle over ObamaCare and the infamous Cornhusker Kickback.

They are wringing their hands in despair as if the retirement of a supposedly “moderate” senator held the key to the retention of power by a corrupt and unresponsive administration.

As for Senator Nelson, it appears that he has the wisdom to recognize how precarious his position really is with a disenchanted electorate. There is an old tradition among the political class when faced with certain defeat… it’s called “take the money and run”.

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Unrecognized Danger

Posted by Larry Miller on November 2, 2011 under Why | Be the First to Comment

This video of Professor Abdullah Al-Nafisi reveals several problems we are currently facing. He is talking about the ease of using biological weapons against any populated area. It gives us a chilling reminder of how ineffective our defenses are along the border where such weapons would likely be smuggled in. The diminutive size of the weapon means in would fit in an automobile glove box or a business man’s briefcase.

It also means that it would not be difficult to smuggle into the United States in the backpack of a Mexican or Iranian slipping across the Rio Grande or in a fishing boat across one of the Great Lakes. Unfortunately the regime in Washington is more interested in keeping tabs on tea party members than keeping out potential Democrat voters.

Even with the threat of mass devastation, our government is more concerned with the devastation of their re-election prospects. Then we have the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that would rather pursue the supposed health hazards of civilian possession of guns than the prevention of death on such a massive scale.

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Romney’s Mormonism: Much Ado About Nothing

Posted by Larry Miller on October 10, 2011 under Why | 2 Comments to Read

Mitt RomneyThere has been a great hullabaloo about Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion. For several reasons, this is a foolish smoke screen that distracts us from the real issues our country is dealing with. There are plenty of reasons to reject the politician who brought RomneyCare to the formerly great state of Massachusetts, but this is not one of them.

It’s easy for those trained in theological pursuits to draw up lines of distinctions between various groups and philosophies. For myself, who you may call a Bapticostal, I must treat everyone who will proclaim “Jesus Christ is Lord” and shows the fruit of the Spirit in his or her daily life, as a brother. It is God’s heaven and He is the one who decides admission criteria.

This is not to mean that I don’t see differences, and that I don’t evaluate those differences. Not being a member of his church, it is obvious that I am not in agreement with all of it’s teachings. I have the same to say about my Catholic friends. Yet, I am not going to take it upon myself to comment on their ultimate destination, as I heard many do during my youth. Such calls are far above my pay grade and my Bible tells me I should not judge another man’s servant. I have found myself standing side by side the my Catholic and Mormon brothers and sisters in opposing such abominations on our land as the killing of innocent babies or the destruction of marriages. I will look at the fruit they produce and God will judge the heart. Read more of this article »

Federal Court of Appeals Strikes Down ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate

Posted by Guest Writer on August 12, 2011 under How | Read the First Comment


Atlanta, GA – Today the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a 2-1 opinion that the individual mandate in Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”) exceeds the authority of Congress and is unconstitutional. The court also ruled that the remainder of the law could continue in effect. The Court ruled that Congress cannot “mandate that individuals enter into contracts with private insurance companies for the purchase of an expensive product from the time they are born until the time they die.” The Eleventh Circuit case involved 26 states. Liberty Counsel’s case, Liberty University v. Geithner, was argued on May 10, 2011, at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. A ruling on that case has not yet been issued. Read more of this article »

Obama’s Arrogance May Be Catching

Posted by Larry Miller on July 28, 2011 under Why | Be the First to Comment

harryreid3The pressure of regime and media propaganda is showing as Speaker John Boehner fights to get his unpopular Plan B through the House of Representatives. It is not only unpopular with the Wicked Witch of the West and her minions on the Democrat side of the aisle, but with the true believer Tea Party types as well. On one side, they are unhappy because it is not a blank check to fund their progressive dream and on the other side because the new bill is kind of a weak sister version of the initial, less than ideal, Cut, Cap & Balance bill already passed by Mr. Boehner and company.

As I write this, the vote on the Plan B effort has been delayed – an obvious sign of dissension in the ranks that would deny the Speaker the 216 votes needed to pass this compromise with the non-functioning opposition. Even if he can twist arms, call in favors, blackmail or whatever enough of his own team to gain this legislative victory, it will most likely be of little consequence.

Harry Reid, the Majority Leader of the same Senate that has been unable to pass a budget for several years, arrogantly announced that this new proposal would be “dead on arrival” in his wing of the capitol. He, like most Democrats, is good at blocking and destroying the good our government can do for the people, instead of controlling too many aspects of their existence. Already, before Plan B is even passed, Dingy Harry has arranged for all 53 Senate Democrats to agree to scuttle the bill. It’s sort of the reverse of Nancy Plosive telling House members that they have to pass ObamaCare so they can see what is in it. This time though, they are rejection legislation before it is fully formed, let alone passed.

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