Old Fashioned Concepts

Posted by Larry Miller on October 3, 2010 under Why | Be the First to Comment

tylerclementiTyler Clementi’s dive off the George Washington Bridge into the murky waters of the Hudson River was a tragedy on so many levels. No eighteen year old should see life as so painful and hopeless that such a plunge would be preferable to facing another day among the living.

Some, who see the world in terms of group identities and memberships, miss the idea that this was a tortured young man whose life ended prematurely. They see the whole affair as one of a member of their group being disrespected and hurt by a cruel and uncaring straight society… and they are doing their best to make this a movement event to advance their agenda. The fact is that he will now have to face his creator on the basis of his own life, not based on the membership in one group or another.

Clementi’s actions showed the presence of a concept that is becoming a foreign one in today’s world: shame. Many of his so-called supporters show none of this emotion as they as they use his death to promote their cause… or in their own actions. They are encouraged by and model themselves after a culture of celebrity that values notoriety over virtue. Read more of this article »

The “Gay” Siege of the Church, Part 2

Posted by Alexis Wallace on August 19, 2010 under Why | Read the First Comment

gayhandsAbraham interceded for G-d to avert the destruction of Sodom on the strength of his righteousness and his generational covenant with G-d (Genesis 18: 16-19). Within the process of his bargaining the Lord agreed to not destroy the city, if He could find 10 righteous people that were not contaminated by the prevalent sin of the city; homosexuality.

For me, there is the immediate temptation to show the spiritual significance of the number ten as the perfection of divine order, this we see from: the 10 commandments; the 10 clauses of the Lord’s prayer; our tithe of 10 percent; and Abraham’s 10 trials. But, what is more significant here is the fact that by the time these angels reached Lot’s home in Sodom, the flames of homosexuality had engulfed the city.

Not only could they not find 10 righteous people to save the city, but the sodomites of the city wanted to rape the holy angels (Genesis 19:5). Lot went out to try and reason with the sodomites not to do the wicked thing that they desired with his guests, but they were so consumed with their passion that they could not hear the voice of reason: Read more of this article »