Thoughts on Memorial Day

Posted by Larry Miller on May 23, 2009 under Why | Read the First Comment

This country of ours was born out of a conflict. It was a conflict between those who wanted to claim God’s gift of freedom and those who wanted to keep them subservient to the British Empire. They believed our creator designed us for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. They stood up to the most powerful military force of their time and, because of dedication and determination, our founding fathers succeeded in throwing off the chains of the British Crown. But it was at a terrible cost.

Families lost their homes, farms and plantations, but more importantly, fathers, sons, brothers, some to British musket balls and bayonets, some to disease. These brave freedom fighters gave their fellow countrymen what would become the greatest nation on earth. They had no idea of what was in store for these United States of America… they just wanted to be free, and they wanted their sons and daughters to grow up on a land where liberty, not a monarch, reigned.

Whether it was the frozen fields of Valley Forge or the dark-of-night bayonet attack at Yorktown, these farmers, shoemakers and black smiths gave their time and devotion to the fledgling county. Some of them gave their lives. These are the people we remember on Memorial Day.

These brave souls along with those who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-day, who flew the bombers that decimated the Third Reich’s ability to make war, the Marines who dug the enemy out of Iwo Jima and the hundreds of other battles from steamy jungles to burning deserts where victory was won at the price of America’s finest men and, sometimes, women. These are the people we honor this and every Memorial Day. Read more of this article »

Don’t Listen to Rush

Posted by Larry Miller on January 25, 2009 under Why | Be the First to Comment

“Don’t listen to Rush”, President Obama instructs Republicans. He tells them that if they are to get along with Democrats they have to stop listening to this kind of negative talk about him and his plans. Then he arrogantly negated suggestions from Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va) with a terse, “Because I won” seeking to shut down input conflicting with his plans.


What the new president and his allies fail to realize is that Mr. Limbaugh is not that powerful.   He has the most listened to talk show on the radio, not because he has that many original thoughts, but because he reflects values held by many Americans. He says things people don’t hear in the mainstream media. He expresses frustrations and desires of many who tune in for encouragement in times when our country does not seem to be working well.


In admonishing members of the minority party to ignore Rush Limbaugh, Mr. Obama is really telling them to stop listening to the concerns of their constituents… as expressed by Mr. Limbaugh. He would, apparently, prefer that they stay inside the beltway bubble and use Democrats as their point of reference.


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