Obama’s Violation Of The First Amendment

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By Thomas Brewton

Dogged belief in humans’ ability to control the world’s climate is a matter of secular, socialistic religious doctrine. Imposing it via executive fiat amounts to unconstitutional establishment of a national religion.

Belief in global warming is not based upon legitimate science. Even its most ardent propagandists – the UN, NASA, and the New York Times – admit that there has been no meaningful global warming in more than a decade, the period in which high priest Al Gore predicted worldwide floods from melting polar ice caps.

Climate Gate revelations of “scientists” conniving to suppress evidence, to distort facts, and to fabricate lies wholesale made clear that the whole of global warming hysteria is, first, a greedy, cynical, and criminal conspiracy by practitioners of scientism (phony science) to extort money from the rest of us to feather their own nests.  Second, it is deeply believed religious doctrine by liberal-progressives, who firmly believe that having, in their imagination, killed God they can control and direct all of God’s natural world.

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The New Holy Grail: Sustainability

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Prior to this new era of serial government crimes and scandals, it was difficult to watch a newscast on any channel where the word “sustainability” was not batted about as the ruling class attempted to tell us what we are, and are not capable of doing. We were told that our lifestyles are not sustainable. We were told that our leadership in the world is not sustainable. We were told that our consumption of resources is not sustainable. We were told these things by members of the party that has been pretty much in charge for the past fifty plus years.  These were the people who created the mess we are in… and now we are expected to trust them to fix things.

The whole argument about the whether our path through the world is sustainable or not revolves around the question of whether the American genius that made this country the superpower in the world is capable of maintaining our position. To say that our lifestyle and position in the world is not sustainable is to say that Americans have lost their ability to create new products, concepts and energy sources. To say America is not sustainable, the speaker shows his lack of faith in the American people, the free market system that has carried us to the pinnacle of the global economy and the “divine providence” that guided our nation into existence is unreliable.

These naysayers, even when they recognize the historical significance of these factors, are telling us our time has run out and the individualism that has built our nation and made it prosper must give way to the collective approach driven by leaders with little real world experience who have sheltered themselves behind the ivy covered walls of academia, theorizing about all sorts of things, we, the little people, should be doing.

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What’s Behind The Verizon Scandal?

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Some commentators are running around, flapping their wings and gums about how the collection of Verizon phone records is casting an overly broad net trying to catch a small number of radical Muslim terrorists. The facts, if we ever really get to them, is that Verizon is not alone, and that pretty much all carriers, as well as internet providers are being forced to surrender personal information. Even some Republican members of congress are speaking warmly about this supposed effort to keep our citizens safe.

All this would be good if one were to truly believe that the Obama administration was actually interested in protecting us from Islamic attacks. That is, do could we really accept that this regime heavily populated by Muslims, and approved of by CAIR, would break the President’s pledge to “stand with the Muslims” if things should turn against them.

We need look no further than several recent events to get a pretty good idea of why this information is collected and mined. Most recently, Barack Hussein Obama declared that the war on terror was over… there was not more conflict. He seems to have forgotten that just a few weeks ago, some Islamic terrorists blew up Americans at the Boston Marathon. He also seems to have forgotten that a few months ago, Muslim attackers killed an American ambassador and three others trying to defend the consulate. He also seems to have forgotten that his administration ignored repeated warnings from Russia that the marathon bombers were among us and a danger to our country.

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Beltway Madness

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Reading over some recent news stories I have to seriously wonder about the mental stability and capacity of some of the people making decisions for our country and our families. What is frightening is that when these people speak, the believe, or at least seem to believe, that they are making sense. Then we have the people who blindly follow and accept anything the left does that they believe will get them more free stuff from the government.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz thought she had a sympathetic ear when she told Piers Morgan that ”It is irresponsible and un-American, quite frankly, for my Republican colleagues in Congress to be jumping on this immediately as a political opportunity.”

I’m not sure how it is un-American to attempt to learn the details of an administration failure that led to the deaths of an ambassador and three patriots assigned to protect him. This statement is revealing in a number of ways, but most importantly, is shows the leftist mindset that everything is political… patriotism and love of family have no place in their thinking.

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Starbucks – The Intolerance of Excessive Tolerance

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Over the years I have come to the conclusion that those who scream the loudest about the supposed virtue of tolerance, tend to be the least tolerant people in society… and that their feigned openness is just an excuse to promote one agenda or another that is not generally accepted.

Those who are promoting the inclusion of homosexuals in the marriage laws are often not so open to other points of view. They do not just want to be left alone, they want to see to it everyone that else falls in line with their desire to promote practices they tell us are nobodies business as they take place in private, behind closed doors. It is obvious that the homosexual community has moved far beyond seeking the right to be left alone. This is the very thing conservatives and libertarians have been pursuing for years – for everyone.

At a recent shareholders meeting, Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz noted a downturn in business following the company’s well publicized support for Washington’s statewide referendum supporting homosexual marriage. This came about as the Nation Organization for Marriage organized a boycott against the high priced coffee chain. Apparently those of us with traditional – read Christian – values can still have an impact on a company whose web page touts its socially conscious initiatives. While concern for making a positive impact on the world is an admirable objective, most of of the projects have a decidedly progressive, globalist tilt to them, and would fall far short of making this a better world.

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Liberal-Progressives’ Wishful ‘Thinking’

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By Thomas Brewton

Obama’s cherished green technology simply isn’t selling too well, even with ideological compulsion by the EPA.

Toyota drops plan for widespread sales of electric car.

GM offers big discounts to boost Volt sales.

A fundamental aspect of liberal-progressivism is the hubristic assumption that reality is a projection of their minds. In their atheistic world, people’s actions and human nature itself can be controlled and redirected by materialistic factors, chiefly government regulations.

By definition, atheism presumes to usurp the role of God. Which in practice means that liberal-progressive governments ride roughshod over individual morality and individual initiative in order to herd everyone into planners’ collectivist cattle pens.

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Algore Exposed

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Former Vice President (of the US) Algore’s recent sale of his socialist propaganda organization, Current TV, exposed his duplicity to the entire world. The hypocrisy of this is astounding, in that the warming gladiator sold his cable network to al Jazeera, an Islamist propaganda organization owned by the oil rich monarchy of Qatar – a nation almost universally condemned by the tree hugging community for it’s lack of environmentally conscious behavior.

On one hand, al Jazeera does share the Clinton’s Vice President’s antipathy for our great country… hopefully to a greater extent. It also reflects the Islamic view of the depravity of our capitalist country, a popular position among the elites in our government. On the other hand, Algore has built his reputation – and his fortune – on his fierce propagation of the global warming / climate change myth. Now he has sold his major asset to one of the very people he’s been vocally raging against for years.

It looks like, when the choice between standing by his environmentalist religion and standing with the enemies of our freedom, his underlying progressive mindset takes precedence. Five hundred million petro-dollars has a way of clouding one’s commitment to his cause… if, indeed, saving us all from the fabled hockey stick graph calamity is his real cause.

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What About DDT?

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[Editors note:  This article was first published several years ago after a review of an environmental film.  In view of the resignation of EPA head, Lisa Jackson, it is a good time to look at some of the damage done to our world by those following the religion of environmentalism.]

Yesterday I received a rather hostile response to the Copenhagen article. Not only did the reader argue with the facts, but criticized my use of a “non-Christian” source. My initial thoughts were to dash off a quick response to one who obviously is on the enviro bandwagon – one who believes DDT was damaging to both the humans and world we all live in. However, if there is one, I’m sure there are others who may believe this way and because of this, a more in depth discussion is in order. Keeping in mind that books have been written on the subject and the only thing I can do in this venue is hit the high points (or in this case, low points) of the DDT story.

To begin with, as far as citing a “non-Christian” source, here are a few points to ponder. First, I do not know the spiritual circumstances of the filmmakers in question, besides which, all truth is God’s truth. It does not matter who is presenting it. An honest secular scientist when observing and measuring God’s universe will have the same results as a Christian scientist. He may draw different conclusions, or have a different understanding, perhaps, but what he sees, if he wants the truth, will be the truth. There are no Christian microscopes, telescopes, thermometers or even rain gauges.

Second, since the initial criticism was that of a non-Christian film, I have to inquire of the spiritual status of Rachel Carson, who began the DDT panic, as well as those who slavishly followed her in demagoguing the issue to the point of having the life saver banned. The argument cuts both ways. If we are to reject Mr. McAleer’s film, we most like have to reject Ms. Carson’s book.

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 Blogger Blasts Believers Who Bother To Bounce The Bamster

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OK, it had to happen. Now religion is important to CNN. Finally they have seen the light. Christianity, and the purity of our faith has now become all important to the guardians of tolerance.

Check out this post and their blog called NewsBusters.

The article purports to “warn” Christians against voting for a Mormon because they have always known how evil the “cult” is. Thank you CNN for reminding us all of just how much you care about preserving the integrity of the Gospel message. Now I can sleep peacefully knowing you are on duty as our watchman on the wall.

Give me a break!! The only thing CNN is interested in here is to atte Read more of this article »

A Day With The Space Men

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A recent visit to the Kennedy Space Center brought back some memories of past triumphs and tragedies in the US Space program. Through the video presentations we were taken back to the day when Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon. On July 21, 1969, the entire world was watching… at home and on televisions set up for public viewing, from Paris to Tokyo, people watched spell bound as the lunar module inched its way to the moon’s surface. They cheered when Armstrong’s foot touched the surface and he uttered the immortal words, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

This expression of support and admiration for American achievement came at a time when our country was mired in a war that was not always popular abroad and a source of violent protest by leftists at home. The US was the undisputed leader in space exploration… and we were admired for it. There was no need to apologize for doing something extremely difficult extremely well. In fact, when President Kennedy set the goal of landing a man on the moon before the end of the 60′s, he said we would do these things “not because they are easy but because they are hard”.

The space program cost a lot of money, but yielded all sorts of new technology that improves all our lives every day… but, perhaps the greatest thing it did, was to bring us together, and give us a sense of national pride and achievement. About the only ones who remained unimpressed were the malcontents who wanted to turn us into a socialist failure to like their European friends or, worse yet, fall in line with the Viet Cong and ARVN who were killing our young men in the rice paddies and jungles of southeast Asia.

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Another Jim Jones, Another Kool Aid

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It was with great disappointment that I saw that the EPA has now stuck it’s tentacles into all American sport of NASCAR. The agreement commits to the racing organization to promote green products and try to convince people to follow the radical environmentalist mantra of “reduce, reuse and recycle”. While the idea of making the the most of the materials we have is not bad, but not at the demands of an overbearing government.

One has to wonder if old Bill France, Sr. would have rolled over to the demands of the power crazed Environmental Protection Agency. He ran NASCAR in the early days with an iron fist, but with a wisdom that built the organization to the premier auto racing circuit in the country, surpassing the Indy Racing League years ago. It used to be that most auto racing interest was focused on the open wheel racers and the stock car boys were just moon shining rednecks from the south.

However, with the fascination of the open wheel crowd for foreign equipment and drivers, the Indy cars have become nothing more than a stepping stone to more prestigious stock car circuit as champion Tony Stewart, Sam Hornish, Jr, and, most recently and with much fanfare, Danica Patrick, have made the move to the Carolinas. The American people have taken this sport to heart and, although the grandstands are not as full since the administration has trashed our economy, it still has the faithful following among the real working class.

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Back to School

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Off to schoolIt’s that time of year that the younger generation is returning to the semi-hallowed halls of learning. The question uppermost in many minds is, What is it they are learning? The damage done by the government indoctrination centers we call the public schools has been well documented. However, this is the start of a new academic year and we can rejoin the battle with renewed enthusiasm as we look into the eyes of the youngsters depending on us to look out for them.

For those with children in school, now is as good a time as ever, to become involved in the PTA. We cannot leave this public facing organization to be a “yes, sir, how high shall I jump sir” lap dog of the teachers union. There are many good, dedicated teachers and they need and deserve our help and support. Then, there are others who also need help and support in guiding them toward the values of the people of this land.

For those not forced by the economy to live in a two wage earner household, or who have individual careers by choice, you may want to look into becoming a class room volunteer. Now, if you are like me, there is a problem with me donating my time to help ease the burden on someone who is being paid to do their job. However, it is a golden opportunity to observe classroom activity first hand. You will be privy to much information, many school districts studiously hide from parents and the public in general.

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Hazmats in the House

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hazmat_suitJust a few days ago, congress had the opportunity to remove one of the thumbprints of tyranny from the lives of the American people. A vote came up in the House of Representatives that gave the body the ability to actually represent the wishes of the citizens. The vote came and went and the people, who are quickly becoming subjects, were still stuck with the mercury filled light bulbs, loved by the followers of Algore and Company. We still are being forced to have these dangerous, so our government keepers tell us, products in our homes. Hazmats in the house it would seem.

How did this happen in a branch of government supposedly run by Republicans who are supposedly looking out for the well being of the American people? It happened because ten Republicans chose to side with the progressive Democrats to send our last hope crashing down in flames. Two of these people, are from my home state of Virginia… I am so ashamed of what has come of those we were proud to see elected.

This shows that we cannot depend on party labels to insure sanity in the legislature. Although, if someone admits to being a Democrat, we can be pretty sure they will not be on the side of freedom… unless it is freedom to kill your offspring. It does show the wisdom of the saying, “Don’t listen to what people say, watch what they do.” Since politicians are a loquacious bunch, they throw a lot of words at us as a smokescreen and would like us to believe and act on those words. Read more of this article »

Ethanol Ecstasy

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nascarethanolBilled as one of the answers to our energy supply deficit, ethanol appeared to be the magic element in the plan to keep the consumers thinking the government is addressing the energy issue while buying votes with subsidies to keep the farm bloc happy. From the politicians perspective, it’s a winner all the way around.

However, from the taxpayer/consumer viewpoint, it’s just one more boondoggle that delivers less than promised at a higher than anticipated cost. If we are to believe the many groups dealing with worldwide hunger, as well as overpopulation alarmists, the world needs more food… and we are burning it in cars in our quest to free ourselves from servitude to the Saudis, Venezuelans and their cohorts.

Now, if it there were an economic benefit to this inefficient use of our land and other agricultural resources in this terminally politically correct world, it may be even be a halfway decent idea. But this is not the case. For virtually no decrease in our dependency on foreign oil, our friends in Washington dole out somewhere between 6 and 7 billion dollars a year to buy votes of mid-western farmers and farming conglomerates. It’s just the way things are done inside the beltway – take the taxpayers money and give it favored people or groups. Oh yes, even after forking over the subsidy dollars, we are also paying higher prices at the pump. Read more of this article »

Man In God’s World

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stone1-150x150Many years ago, after returning to college with a number of years experience in the real world, I had the privilege of sitting through a class named “Man In God’s World”. As it turned out, this class had more impact on my world view than any event before or since. Reviewing some of the things I learned may help the reader understand why being a Christian is not a Sunday morning thing… but it colors, or should color, our view and approach to everything around us, including our interactions with society.

Using Jesus as our model, we find a life that was filled with pointing everyone to the Father and teaching spiritual values and lessons. But he did not stop there. He healed the sick, restored sight to the blind and raised the dead. He rescued a woman about to be stoned by an angry mob. He taught us how to get along with our neighbors, how to handle our money and how to relate to our government. His life and actions showed concern for every area of life, not just the afterlife.

Some Christians believe that if they go to church on Sunday and get their ticket punched, what they do the rest of the week doesn’t make that much difference… as long as it’s nothing too bad. If they don’t kill anyone, or throw widows out of their homes… they will be alright. Is this the case? Are there rules for life? Do they apply to everyone, everywhere? Read more of this article »

Why Are Gasoline Prices Rising Again?

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gas_pricesBy Thomas E Brewton

Speculators and oil companies are not to blame. The guilty parties are environmentalists, politicians, and the U.S. monetary authorities.

It’s convenient for politicians and economically-uninformed news organizations to lay the blame on speculators. That thesis won’t hold up to scrutiny of the facts. See Are Speculators Gouging Us At The Pump? on the Forbes Magazine website.

Gasoline prices, outside of socialized, closed economies, are a function of supply and demand. If the supply of oil or refined products like gasoline drops and demand remains unchanged, prices will tend to rise until some users are unwilling to pay the higher prices. When supplies equal or exceed demand, prices will stabilize or drop.

Non-governmental corporations such as Exxon-Mobil, BP, or Shell control far less than 10% of the world’s petroleum reserves. Ninety percent or more of the world’s currently producable reserves and their production rates are controlled by government petroleum agencies around the world. From time to time we see news reports that OPEC or Saudi Arabia, for instance, have decided to adjust their well output rates to bring world supplies into balance with perceived world demand. It is these governmental oil producers who control world market supplies and therefore ultimately determine world petroleum prices. Read more of this article »

The Left and Right Agree

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noleftIt seems that all the fussing done by those opposed to the massive government debt has drawn little attempt at rebuttal from those who believe they have better use for our money, and Chinese money, than those of us who are paying the bills do. They talk of creating jobs by the thousands, while jobs are lost by the millions, but to the progressive elites, it’s only a matter of degree… mere details. And they don’t see the proportional differences as being catastrophic, after all, it is not they who are out of work and losing their homes.

Those who value traditional America, the right, for want of a better term, see the debt as destroying jobs and with them, the American middle class. Making this argument with the progressives on the left yields little more than a yawn – just like complaining to an enviro about higher fuel prices. Of course they know their nefarious schemes will destroy the middle class. Why do we think they are pursuing the course of fiscal terrorism in the first place?

Since we all seem to be in agreement, why the acrimony? Why the hostility? I guess it comes down to whether or not this destruction of individual prosperity and independence is a good thing. Patrick Henry, known for his “give me liberty or give me death” approach to life would say it is a bad thing – a very bad thing. Many of us would agree. Our President and his henchmen would not! Read more of this article »

The Last Blast

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shuttleA few days back I watched one of the final launches of the US space shuttle program. Watching the powerful engines fire and the massive ship lift off the launch pad brought back memories of the triumphs and failures of the entire space program. I thought back to the day our seventh grade class filed into the school auditorium to watch Alan Shepard blast into space from Cape Canaveral on the first brief flight of an American into space. We weren’t sure if we were going to witness triumph or tragedy. As we returned to our classes, we were proud to be Americans and, probably, half of us wanted to be astronauts.

Over the years the space program cost the US taxpayers dearly, and paid us back with many technological advances that came from American ingenuity and pride in our country. Our astronauts became heroes to the young and old alike. These were men who tempted death as the explored the final frontier. Many came through unscathed. Some did not and were mourned by the nation who saw them as champions who carried our national prestige and honor into the international arena where we were constantly challenged by the Russian bear.

Although, NASA is a government agency giving government contracts, and, most assuredly, there was the all to common rape of the taxpayer, it gave us all something to make us feel good and proud to be Americans… that is, except for those looking out solely to loot their fellow citizens bank accounts. Read more of this article »

Antifederalist No. 21

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[This essay is composed of excerpts from "CENTINEL" letters appearing in the (Philadelphia) Independent Gazetteer, October 5 and November 30, 1787. As one reads his words, it is almost as he had been transport to view our times and problems.]

Why The Articles Failed

That the present confederation is inadequate to the objects of the union, seems to be universally allowed. The only question is, what additional powers are wanting to give due energy to the federal government? We should, however, be careful, in forming our opinion on this subject, not to impute the temporary and extraordinary difficulties that have hitherto impeded the execution of the confederation, to defects in the system itself. For years past, the harpies of power have been industriously inculcating the idea that all our difficulties proceed from the impotency of Congress, and have at length succeeded to give to this sentiment almost universal currency and belief. The devastations, losses and burdens occasioned by the late war; the excessive importations of foreign merchandise and luxuries, which have drained the country of its specie and involved it in debt, are all overlooked, and the inadequacy of the powers of the present confederation is erroneously supposed to be the only cause of our difficulties. Hence persons of every description are revelling in the anticipation of the halcyon days consequent on the establishment of the new constitution. What gross deception and fatal delusion! Although very considerable benefit might be derived from strengthening the hands of Congress, so as to enable them to regulate commerce, and counteract the adverse restrictions of other nations, which would meet with the concurrence of all persons; yet this benefit is accompanied in the new constitution with the scourge of despotic power. . . . Read more of this article »

It’s Just A Matter Of Priorities

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policelights2I often wonder how foolish the folks in DC think we poor schlubs are. Every time we, the people, fuss about higher taxes and government spending, we are told that if we don’t roll over and let them take more of our hard earned dollars, we will have to accept police, firemen and teacher layoffs as the price for governmental economy. It’s the same song over and over again.

Have you ever wondered why they want to drop such items from the budget first? Do they really think we would believe that is the most logical place to save money on state or federal budgets? Perhaps not, but the ruling class knows that we won’t get upset if their favorite boondoggle projects disappeared from public view. However, they know we don’t want to witness and increase in crime or see our homes burn down because of budgetary shortfalls. They know that even our union controlled, overfunded and underperforming schools would not be the first place economize, yet this is the story we hear.

This is because we all use these services and cutbacks would directly impact our lives. Recall the last time Republicans dug in their heels and refused to go along with the bloated budget during the Clinton administration. Some of the first things to be shut down were popular attractions like the Washington Monument and National Parks. They made their point by taking away the things that gave the most comfort and enjoyment to the American people. In Virginia, Governor Kaine (of DNC fame) closed down rest stops along the highways when he didn’t get the budget he wanted. Read more of this article »

What’s Going On In Grand Isle?

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humveeTo hear Barack Hussein Obama tell the story, he was on top of the oil spill from day one. He says that he has made available all the government’s resources in solving this problem. His problem though, is that facts don’t quite align themselves with his story. The inaction of the national government dwarfs anything his predecessor was accused of in relation to Katrina.

He also says that in the beginning, taking BP’s word that the situation as not that serious and that they could handle it, he kept pretty much on the sidelines. This was before he put his well manicured boot on their neck. Again the facts don’t fit the White House narrative. The New York Daily News reports that:

Days after the Deepwater Horizon rig blew up, Carol Browner, head of the White House’s Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, told Obama the explosion would result in a never-before-seen disaster. Read more of this article »

Careful, Your Priorities Are Showing

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opryfloodSeveral recent tragic events have shown the priorities of the current administration are skewed away from those of the normal Americans. What we can learn from seemingly unrelated events shows a disturbing divergence of thinking between the citizens and those who see themselves as the elites.

Twenty nine miners died in a April 6, 2010 explosion in Montcoal WV. Eleven oil rig workers were apparently incinerated fifty some miles out at sea and an yet to be determined number of people died as the Cumberland River ravaged Tennessee. All were devastating to the families and friends of those involved, yet because of the way they meshed with Barack Obama’s agenda, they were all treated differently by the formerly main stream media.

Our fearless leader made a big deal and show of morning the men who did the dangerous work of going underground and digging out the filthy energy source called coal. The disaster occurred in a dark blue state and could be tied to numerous violations of federal regulations… the saviors of us all and it was one more opportunity to show how evil those money grubbing corporations are. Beyond this, it gave the the United Mine Workers additional impetus for unionizing those awful non-union operations. It was a win all around for crisis manager, Rahm Emanuel and company… but not for the families who lost fathers, sons brothers and friends. Read more of this article »

Hide the Decline

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Michael Mann, inventor of Algore’s hockey stick fantasy, doesn’t like this… having his statistical shenanigans highlighted in this video… but when we have to stop having fun with the human comedy around us, we become as humorless as our atheistic opponents.

And there is more bad news for the cook-the-books climate change crowd.  Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has just announce that his intention to look into the half million dollar grants Michael Mann received from the Commonwealth of Virginia while he was at University of Virginia supposedly studying climate change at Mr. Jefferson’s university. As the newsboys used to say, “Read all about it!”

So, have a little laugh and renew your determination that you won’t be fooled by this falsified nonsense.

What About DDT?

Posted by Larry Miller on December 18, 2009 under Why | Be the First to Comment

mosquitoYesterday I received a rather hostile response to the Copenhagen article. Not only did the reader argue with the facts, but criticized my use of a “non-Christian” source. My initial thoughts were to dash off a quick response to one who obviously is on the enviro bandwagon – one who believes DDT was damaging to both the humans and world we all live in. However, if there is one, I’m sure there are others who may believe this way and because of this, a more in depth discussion is in order. Keeping in mind that books have been written on the subject and the only thing I can do in this venue is hit the high points (or in this case, low points) of the DDT story.

To begin with, as far as citing a “non-Christian” source, here are a few points to ponder. First, I do not know the spiritual circumstances of the filmmakers in question, besides which, all truth is God’s truth. It does not matter who is presenting it. An honest secular scientist when observing and measuring God’s universe will have the same results as a Christian scientist. He may draw different conclusions, or have a different understanding, perhaps, but what he sees, if he wants the truth, will be the truth. There are no Christian microscopes, telescopes, thermometers or even rain gauges.

Second, since the initial criticism was that of a non-Christian film, I have to inquire of the spiritual status of Rachel Carson, who began the DDT panic, as well as those who slavishly followed her in demagoguing the issue to the point of having the life saver banned. The argument cuts both ways. If we are to reject Mr. McAleer’s film, we most like have to reject Ms. Carson’s book. Read more of this article »

A Voice of Sanity

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A Voice of Sanity

The last few days articles have brought more hate mail than usual from panic stricken “warmers” who are scared silly that we’ll be successful in stopping the rush to fix our supposedly overheated planet and we will all drown as polar ice caps melt and oceans overwhelm the land. These fragile souls have been conditioned by our educational establishment, formerly mainstream media and our government to believe all sorts of doomsday predictions… often to the point of irrationality.

They have heard Algore. Barack Hussein Obama and a host of other people with high positions, but little schooling in climatology, tell us that the science is settled… that arguments are over and the decision has been made: we are on the eve of destruction. The unfortunate thing about this is that most everyone promoting the man-made global warming theory has some sort of financial or political stake in the issue. There is no question about how former Vice President and erstwhile internet inventor Algore is enriching himself by perpetrating this fraud. Companies standing by with their hands out for government money all have a vested interest in reinforcing our belief, as do the refugees from the 60′s who are now tenured professors living on generous climate change study grants.

Dr. Michaels is a respected professor at the University of Virginia, climatologist at the CATO Institute and member of the UN’s IPCC. He has actually seen the data, and knows how to interpret it. We would do well to take his evaluation more seriously than amateur weather buffs who have no idea what is behind the computer models that have initiated and fueled this panic. Dr. Michaels is also one that the Climategate emails suggested that someone would like to do bodily harm because of his honesty. Now is the time for each of us to keep our head about us and use them for more than a hat rack as my grand parents used to say.

Copenhagen: the Real Story

Posted by Larry Miller on December 16, 2009 under Why | 5 Comments to Read

coplogoThere’s a lot going on over in Copenhagen, and many may be surprised to learn that the big brouhaha is not about cap and tax or even Algore’s oversized carbon footprint. Now Nancy Pelosi is pushing to adjourn the House so she can join the party in Denmark and see what additional damage she can do. Even the Director of the UN’s Climate Change Support Team, Janos Pasztor, has been quoted by the Heritage Foundation as saying, “This is not a climate-change negotiation … It’s about something much more fundamental. It’s about economic strength.”

The developing countries are claiming the United States, along with other western democracies, owe their assemblage of third world dictators 100 billion dollars a year. The city is abuzz with useful idiots who actually believe New York and Miami are destined to sink beneath the sea. They tend toward anarchist thinking and those that can read can quote chapter and verse of Marx, Lenin and Mao. There is an overwhelming correlation between militant environmentalism and pernicious socialism.

It turns out that carbon emissions are not even the enemy… capitalism is! The capitalism that took root where free people could work for the benefit of themselves and their families, instead of the “collective good”. It is the capitalism that brought people the highest standard of living in the world. It is the capitalism that was stifled in the controlled economies of both petty and major dictatorships. It is the capitalism that proved economic planning did not work… that those seeking control over their countries were driving them into the ground… and it had to be stopped. Read more of this article »

Climate Change – Bah Humbug!

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goreStupidFormer vice president and famed inventor of internet, Algore, had to take time following his triumphant appearance at the Copenhagen climate conference before an apparently adoring crowd to wipe some egg from his face when it was discovered that his declaration that there was a 75% chance that the northern polar ice cap would be completely melted during summer months within five to seven years. His sited source, Dr. Wieslav Maslowski said, “Whoa… he didn’t get that from me” or words to that effect. The good doctor said there way no way the data he supplied to the Goracle could lead to this dramatic conclusion.

This comes only weeks after emails revealed the deceptive underpinnings of the global warming come climate change movement. To one who values truth and honesty, it casts a light of disrepute on the entire operation. To one committed to the controlling the world, or who actually believes we are on the eve of destruction, Algore’s missteps and conspriratorial emails are but speed bumps that cannot be permitted to stop the economic and social juggernaut that it “climate change”.

Unfortunately our President, Barack Hussein Obama, is one who is unfazed by the complete lack of proof that the earth is heating up because of our evil SUVs… other than several defective computer models generated by true global warming believers. With the enthusiasm of an uninformed zealot, he is pressing forward with whatever plans, regulations and restrictions on the American people he and his cohorts can come up with. Read more of this article »

The Truth Comes Out

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It’s amazing how all the hype about man made climate change came crashing down a few days ago when hundreds a emails sent amongst the global warming elite were made public showing the entire premise of the movement was built on fabricated (they called it enhanced) data. Even John Stewart, hardly a conservative icon, noted the irony that word spread of Algore’s crumbling message on the internet he tells us he invented. Michael Savage said those who made these messages public were doing God’s work. It could be true as I believe He has a sense of humor when it comes to the foolishness of men (and women… not to neglect the other half of the population).

Algore at least had the common sense to keep a low profile and cancel his appearance at the upcoming Copenhagen conference. Barack Hussein Obama has not, up to this point. He is still committed to imposing all sorts of controls and regulations on the free American people to bring us into compliance with the wishes of UN bureaucrats, of all people. Apparently he believes his silver tongued teleprompter reading will be sufficient to sway those of us with common sense as it did the unwashed masses during his presidential campaign. Read more of this article »

Interesting Weekend

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tv12bIt was a cold and sometimes drizzly and blustery day in central Virginia Saturday, but that didn’t mean the struggles we face take a holiday… just because it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable to be out and about, the struggles do not end. The first event of the day began with the “Can You Hear Us Now” gathering outside the Richmond NBC affiliate. I chose Channel 12 because, unlike the other two stations, this one wasn’t located in on of the “nicer” sections of town. It turned out my guess was right as, even though we had twenty or so patriots with their signs, it was the smallest of the groups.

It was, however, a great group and we carried our message to the public at least, as we got no official response from the station, granted these places have minimal staff on duty over the weekend. However, other than homeward bound traffic, we saw the more people going past the location than any other time during the week. We were under the observation and protection of three motorcycle officers across the street as the city had been notified that we would be making our case. There were a surprising number of positive responses though from the people driving by… I didn’t see any negative reactions, even though some just turned away when they read our signs. It was a good time and several thousand Richmonders saw that we were not happy with the deference NBC shows to the big government politicians.

From there, I went over to the Republican Round Up held by the House Minority Whip. As it has been for the last several years, it was a gathering of Republican faithful from Virginia’s 7th District and around the commonwealth. The weather was still inhospitable, but the barbeque was good. Read more of this article »

A Scientific World In Denial

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algoreA brief check of the Drudge Report yesterday afternoon showed some interesting headlines. Individually they show what’s happening in some localities around our country. The first one read “Heavy snow expected in PA…”, and this is only mid-October. Next came “Chicago record breaking cold continues…”, followed by “Montana records fall…”. Then there was one more “FORECASTS BLOWN: ’09 Atlantic hurricane season quietest in decade…”. There is on theme running through these news stories: GLOBAL WARMING AINT HAPPENING!

We see headlines like this almost every day, everywhere but on the evening news and most newspapers. The stories behind these headlines tell us the supposedly warming planet is indeed CCOOOLLLLDDDD! The last one gives lie to the predictions of heavy weather events triggered by a climate spiraling out of control.

What we see on the evening news is puff pieces on Algore and warnings about the poor polar bears drowning because of shrinking ice flows. The only problem is these stories just are not true.

Worse yet, the Tides Foundation is supplying a video to public schools called “The Story of Stuff”, which if it were true, would mean that we would have about four acres of woodlands left. Again the truth is sacrificed to make a point. And the point is being made to young minds that don’t have the background and resources to recognize the lies for what they are. Read more of this article »