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Posted by Larry Miller on February 21, 2014 under How, Why | 5 Comments to Read

Often times we look at our world and see the big picture problems created by those who think they know more than the rest of us. These Yogi’s who believe they are “smarter than the average bear” think this justifies giving them taking control of the way we live our lives. They are convinced that if only we would listen to their wisdom, they could create their own version of heaven on earth. Unfortunately, what they give us turns out to be reminiscent of a place that is so much hotter.

C.S. Lewis wrote, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.” He understood that dictatorial decrees were not just wrong on a theoretical level, but wrong because they caused real pain to real live people.

One such person suffering at the cooperating hands of the state and medical community is a teenage girl named Justina Pelletier. Her story is beginning to make the rounds of some of the more reputable news sources. Without going into all the gory details, Justina was diagnosed and treated for mitochondrial disease, and for the past several years was living a relatively normal life. Then she had the misfortune of being admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital for a bout with the flu.

Once there, instead of her own doctors being permitted to continue her treatment, the hospital’s own doctors decided on another diagnosis – somatoform disorder. They said it was more of a mental disorder than physical. Of course the parents rejected the head case analysis and prepared to take their daughter home. At this point the collusion between the Harvard associated medical facility and the state of Massachusetts kicked in and the state Department of Children and Family seized the girl and now her parents share one precious hour a week with her and one twenty minute phone call. She became a ward of the state.

To make things even worse, the parents have been ordered by a statist judge to keep their mouths shut. Because their words would prove embarrassing to the ruling class, the power of the courts was being used to take away their freedom of speech. Fearing that even his minimal time with his daughter would be lost, Lou Pelletier obediently held his tongue.

However, there are times when we just have to do what is right, even if the law says otherwise. Right and wrong always have to take precedence over legal and illegal. Here was a man witnessing his daughter’s deteriorating health at the hands of a medical team intent on proving the existence, and more importantly, the treatment for an, at best, dubious condition. The man is now facing contempt of court charges for attempting to protect and free his daughter. He could not remain silent. Can we?

Not everyone lives near this once respected medical facility, located at 300 Longwood Ave in Boston. But we can flood their switch board by calling 617-355-6000. You can help the Pelletier family, whose finances have been depleted by this struggle by visiting Speak up, the life you save may be a teenage girl in Massachusetts, or it might even be your own child.

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  • LD Oliver said,

    Move Justina to a Hospital recognizing the disease her parents refer to. Her getting worse indicates that Boston Childrens hospital is abusing her and the FBI must step in if the local judge and police do not set her free and rescue her from these brutes. Sgt LD Oliver, Washington, Iowa.

  • Mary Cresswell said,

    Justina- Wevare praying for your release and proper
    medical care and return to your family, where you belong!!
    We are on your side. So sorry your Dad, Mom
    and family have to go through this.

  • Dan said,

    What the hell is this country coming to , to allow a Hospital or anyone to take a child away from her parents!???!!!….And on top of that now allow the parents to see their child…..Are we now Russia, is America turning into Russia???!!!!

  • dan berger said,

    judge needs to be removed!!!! people in the hospital and stae workers need to go to prison!!!

  • J Boles said,

    Statement by Boston Children’s Hospital CEO, Sandra Fenwick, on their website. “The future of pediatrics will be forged by thinking differently, breaking paradigms and joining together in a shared vision of tackling the toughest challenges before us”. Has this “shared vision” influenced a propensity for psychiatric diagnosis over medical diagnosis in “tough challenges”.

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