Working With the Democrats

Posted by Larry Miller on November 13, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

The battle within the Republican Party these days seems to be breaking down between those who believe they can work with the Democrats and those who are working to stop the party in power from destroying our country. Years ago, this was the way Washington once worked. Democrats – old style Democrats – were patriots who loved their country. They just wanted the government to do more for the people than the GOP.

It could be argued that such is not the case today. The Obama regime is taking our country in a completely different direction that we have taken in the past. The people who make the nation work have a greatly different idea of the way the world functions. Then we have the Republican leadership and many of their followers who believe the party is the salvation of the nation. This may be almost as foolish those who look to Obama and the Democrat Party to take care of their wants and needs.

American patriots, tea partiers and the like, understand the damage this socialization is doing to our economy and our people. It is difficult to comprehend how anyone could consider cooperating with their disastrous schemes is a workable plan for restoring prosperity and freedom. It is a plan for increasing unemployment, destroying what is left of the health insurance industry and putting our health care system under the iron fist of uncaring bureaucrats.

Somehow this doesn’t seem to be a worthy objective for those posing as statesmen with their smooth haircuts and high priced suits. II Corinthians 6:14 asks, “what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness?” From the actions of the president and his cohorts in congress we see their complete contempt for the Constitution and even the laws they have, themselves, passed. Barack Hussein Obama is a “man of lawlessness”. Most likely he is not the ultimate man of lawlessness as prophesied in God’s Word. However it is safe to assume from his actions against both Christians and Jews that he is at least one of the precursors to the real Anti-Christ.

Granted that there are many in this audience and in congress, even those claiming to be Christians, don’t share this understanding of the spiritual sphere, but the fruit of the current government’s socialistic plans should be enough to earn the undying opposition of those concerned with the welfare of the American people.

So how can anyone who claims to hold to Republican principles talk of working with the party that is tearing our country apart? Could it be that many do not really object to expanding government involvement in so many aspects of our lives? Could it be that many just believe that Republicans can do a better job of running our lives? Regardless of party, we call those espousing these ideas progressives. If this is indeed the case, what should be our response to their demands for support?

They may be a little more benevolent in their plans for us than the current controllers in the national government, but they still think they know better than we poor little people what is good for us. Put another way, they believe they know better than We the People! In this sense, those who would cooperate with our would be masters, and criticize the ones fighting for our freedom are nothing more than collaborators aiding in the demise of the greatest nation on earth – Ronald Reagan’s shining city on a hill and our home.

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