A Lie Is A Lie Is A Lie

Posted by Larry Miller on October 30, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

Revelations are coming one after the other that the administration knew that millions would be bumped off of their health insurance plans. This follows one after another assertions that Americans could keep their insurance if they wanted to. This brings up a question of why the citizens were not told the truth about the impact of the president’s signature legislation. Could it be that he knew that the people would reject his redistributionist scheme if they knew that they really couldn’t keep their insurance and that new plans would cost them at least twice as much as their current coverage.

As we are told when we question the domestic spying of the NSA on Americans, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. We could say the same about the current administration – if they were not trying to do something wrong to us, why do they not give us the straight story.

Everyday we see stories about people living nicely, or just getting by, with their current insurance, but when faced with costs hundreds of dollars more, sometimes over a thousand dollars more per month, their whole financial world falls apart. On top of this, deductibles are moving up from $500 and $1000 to over $10,000. So the real cost goes way above just the insurance expense. They’ve gone up to the point where many working Americans can’t afford insurance, while those favored by the regime – including many in Washington – get theirs partially or totally paid for by the aforementioned working taxpayers.

To compound the twisting of truth, the party line is that those losing their policies are not really losing their policies, but are being transitioned into new ones. They are told that the old policies are becoming illegal and inadequate (according to government standards). Policies that the people want, or at least they can afford, have now been outlawed in favor of what our betters think we need, or at least what they want us to have.

High deductible policies that cover catastrophic events are no longer acceptable under the “Affordable” Care Act. The ruling class has decided that we need more bells and whistles on our plans to make them good enough for us… but not too many to make them the evil “Cadillac plans” they despise, unless they are union Cadillac plans. They have decided we should have some of the additions, but not as many as the wealthy can afford. As much as they complain about the rich, they are still doing their best to insure some separation between their financial supporters and the riffraff.

On the plus side, for those so inclined, the government plans most likely cover such niceties gender reassignment and definitely the assassination of an unborn child. These and many other add-ons, plus amounts needed to pay for the health insurance of others just price the required coverage out of reach of so many. So where is the “affordable” in the Affordable Care Act?

The fact is that the plan has little to do with health care itself, and everything to do with redistributing income. It is taking from those that have and giving to those that don’t have. Were we told about this? Well, to those with ears to hear, Barack Hussein Obama enunciated this concept many times. This time, it was our fault… we didn’t believe him, or at least didn’t think he could pull it off.

So despite the protestations that we didn’t really understand the President when he told us that people who liked their polices could keep them, that is what he said, and it is obvious that this is just the first of many deviations from the truth we have seen. There were so many deviations, in fact, that anyone who believes his explanations about anything must be acting in willful blindness or is benefiting from Obama’s fraud themselves.

The fact is that these people were completely incapable of delivering what they promised. Another fact is that they had no intention of delivering what they had promised. Yet they couldn’t tell even the low information voters that they intended to bring us all into a place where we were totally dependent upon bureaucrats for our healthcare.

Anyone who has been through a DMV experience knows that is not a workable plan. Anyone who has seen politicians kowtow to big donors at the expense of the constituents knows that is not a workable plan either. But the plan will destroy the private health insurance industry, and leave a vacuum the progressives would love to fill with a single payer plan run by the national government. And the plan is working like a charm.

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