Who Would Want To Help A Kid With Cancer?

Posted by Larry Miller on October 2, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Who would want to help a kid with cancer. Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid made it clear he wasn’t interested. When asked about the House passed bill that would restore funding to the National Institutes of Health so they could begin accepting cancer patients once again, Reid responded with, “Why would we want to do that?” This is the man who says he is working to provide health care for those who don’t have access. I’m sure the parents of some of the sick children could give him some very good answers.

Then he went on to whine about the more than a thousand workers from Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada who were sitting at home, rather than going to work, because of the government shutdown. One has to wonder if Reid feels that badly about the tens of thousands in his home state, and the millions around the country, that have been sitting at home, unable to find work because of the burden ObamaKare has placed on so many employers.

Sure it is inconvenient for some unionized government workers missing a few days work, but I would remind those having a hissy fit about it, that after the last shutdown, these people received their back pay… and they weren’t even required to work for it. The taxpayers got nothing for their money. The same cannot be said for contractors doing work at government facilities. Unfortunately they are not the subject of the same senatorial concern. These small businesses and individuals are simply out of luck.

Of course, this is all part of the perverse scheme to inflict as much inconvenience, discomfort and pain on the people they are supposed to be serving… and then, blame it on the Republicans, with the full support of the corrupted formerly main stream media. We saw this thinking earlier in the year when Barack Hussein Obama eliminated White House tours, supposedly as an economy measure, while welcoming numerous union and Islamic leaders into its hallowed halls.

We saw the scheme manifest two days ago when the National Park Service closed down the monuments on the National Mall. For those who have never been there, the National Mall is an open strip of grass about 15 blocks long that stretches between the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial. The Washington Monument is in the middle, along with it’s reflecting pool. The Vietnam Wall is at one end. Even though these are simply open air structures, they need no attendants, they have been fenced off to keep the riff raff public from appreciating them.

However, the bone of contention Tuesday, and then again Wednesday was the World War II Memorial, honoring America’s greatest generation. Honor Flights bringing these veterans to Washington came and faced barricades rather than a warm welcome. Fortunately, on the first day, Representatives Louie Gohmert and Michele Bachmann were on hand to move the barriers to the side and let the aging heroes in to their place. The second day, park personnel were absent, and the barriers were once again shoved aside. The word is that many of the bikers who recently road through the district, are making plans to be on hand for future Honor Flights to make sure these men receive the respect they deserve.

It would have cost nothing to leave the mall open. It was never closed during any of the previous government shutdowns. Yet the unAmerican in the White House chose to incur the extra expense of blocking the public from their park. The Obama regime even has ordered the closing privately funded facilities on government owned land.

Obama and his minions say they are not interested in negotiating. They think they hold all the cards. What they do have is a complicit media. They believe they are so close to their dream of controlling health care – who gets it and who does not. They can almost taste it. They want us to think that the shutdown, which has furloughed so many “non-essential” workers is the worst thing in the world.

They are wrong. As an aside, if these people are non-essential, why do we have them on the taxpayers payroll to begin with. That is a discussion for another day, but what the Republicans in the House need to keep in mind is that the negative impact of inflicting the so-called Affordable Care Act on the American people would be worse than a few days of the President’s temper tantrum. Donald Trump commented, “Whether there’s a shutdown, who knows. That would be horrible if it was, but, there’s a very good chance, because Obamacare is a total disaster, and ultimately, Obamacare anyway will shut down this country.” This is about the only thing that will keep the less courageous House members from going weak kneed as their colleagues in the Senate have done.

This is a battle for the soul of the country. It is frightening to think that it is in the hands of Boehner and Company, particularly in view of the conspiratorial emails we’ve discovered between his office and Harry Reid’s, but right now it is the legislative remedy we have. We need to stay in touch with our people in DC to encourage them to hang tough in the face of the multitude of harassing calls from those who vote for a living. They need this to know we are watching them – to support them when they do right and to chastise them – even kick them out of office when they do wrong.

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