What Are They Looking For?

Posted by Larry Miller on September 18, 2013 under How | Read the First Comment

The tragedy at the Washington Navy Yard revealed one more failure on the part of those whose job it is to keep the American people safe. It is reported that Aaron Alexis had some pretty bizarre run ins with police and told his counselor that was hearing voices… voices that weren’t there. Those with the information claim to have passed it on to the Navy. Yet, he kept his security clearance and had unfettered access to the base. When we see so much bad news every day, it is beyond understanding that no one did anything about it.

If this were an isolated incident, we might just call it an unfortunate mistake and move on. However, if it is part of a pattern, we would have reason to wonder what it is that is causing multiple failures.

We saw intelligence from the Russians, and others, about the Tsarnaev brothers prior to the Boston Marathon bombing… yet nothing was done to intervene in their nefarious plans. Then we saw “soldier of Allah”, Nadal Hasan, coming to the attention of the Army several times, yet nothing was done to prevent the tragedy at Fort Hood. The Newtown killer was the object of concern, yet again, he was free to kill young children and their teachers.

There does seem to be a pattern. Rescuers were told to stand down when they may have been able save at least some of the brave Americans in Benghazi. In spite of all this, we are told to that the unconstitutional snooping by the NSA, DHS. FBI and a host of the other alphabet soup agencies is essential to keep us safe. If it appeared that the various branches of our government had no idea these tragedies were coming down the track, we might not question the their priorities. We might question their effectiveness, given the access and resources we have put at their disposal.

On top of this, these agencies have some highly trained and intelligent people working to keep us safe. So what is wrong? Stand down orders come from somewhere. Political correctness prevents those infected with this unnatural disease from taking steps to prevent these fatal disasters. Even the TSA, the agency tasked with keeping us save in the air, is more concerned with not offending Muslims than they are with catching bad guys. To be fair, they have prevented numerous blue haired matrons from boarding aircraft with nail clippers or shampoo bottles and they’ve poked and prodded hundreds of small children to tears, all the while showing the utmost respect for Islamic travelers.

So given that there are some good people at some of these agencies, and given we are told that they have been successful in the past, one has to wonder what the all seeing eye of the national government is looking for and what information it will respond to.

Considering the actions of the Obama regime in other areas could prove extremely instructive. The president appears to be ready to risk setting off World War III to help Muslim insurgents in Syria while ignoring the death and destruction visited upon Christians in Egypt, the Philippines, and other areas around the world. It is becoming increasingly clear that agents for the IRS were working with the understanding that they were to, essentially, take the Tea Party out of the 2012 election cycle… which they did, and they are still holding up non-profit status applications from those considered to be Obama’s enemies. Of course, true conservatives and Christians have no politically correct protection from the progressive left currently running the country.

It does not that an Einstein to put these actions and attitudes together. Evidence shows that the administration has more concern for people most of would consider America’s enemies and almost no respect for the values and the people that built this country. His socialist – even communist – upbringing has him convinced that success comes by abusing the less qualified or motivated rather than through intelligence and effort. Thus his distorted mind sees it not only justified, but even mandatory, that he correct this inequality. He understands that many in our land want to hold on to what they have. He understands that many Christians find his deference to violent, ungodly Islam offensive.

He knows that opposition to him and his policies is not just at the mild disagreement level. Putting this all together we must come to the conclusion that the vast intelligence and security apparatus is being put to use to protect his administration rather than the American people who are footing the bill and suffering the indignity and, sometimes, imprisonment at the hands of an out of control bureaucracy.

Drones are flying over Americans, checking them out, not over the southern border where they are needed. We are being watched. We are being harassed. White Christians are about the only group that our government refuses to defend. We have a government that has turned on its own citizens and is looking to complete their subjugation by disarming them. With all respect to Thomas Paine, these are again the times that try men’s souls.

Fortunately, our real source of strength and security does not come from our government. This is good, because our president has made it abundantly clear that he has other priorities. We need to look out for each other and make certain we are not part of the problem by taking part in any of the anti-American and anti-Christian efforts of those looking to fundamentally change the most free and most productive country in the world.

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  • Gerald Lawson said,

    In your statement, “On top of this, these agencies have some highly trained and intelligent people working to keep us safe.” you asked, “So what is wrong?”
    Here’s what’s wrong, Mr. Miller: These agencies, the law enforcement, investigative, transportation security, and intelligence are not filled with highly trained and intelligent people. These agencies are filled with inept and low-intelligent people that, in the words of my old military commander, “Couldn’t track an elephant through a six-foot deep snowdrift!” The intelligence agencies and the FBI have not arrested more than a couple professional spies in the past fifty years! The only spies they’ve caught were amateurs that were only in it to make some easy money. Those “cops” that believe there is a spy or terrorist lurking behind every bush are the same ones that couldn’t catch a professional terrorist if their life depended on it. Fact is, the American peoples’ lives depend on this fantasy of “being safe” only because the terrorist enemy is so inept they can’t plan a decent terrorist operation. We would be far better off letting the airline and airports provide their own security and turn over all the other security responsibilities to the professionals; those in private security companies that demand the best, pay for the best, and get the best. After spending 37 years in federal service, I can tell you that government employees hired to keep us safe only care about keeping their own job safe from being cut.
    Tired of waiting in long lines at the airport where you have to arrive two to three hours before your flight? Kick the TSA out and let the airlines do the job they’re trained to do.

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