Befuddled By The Russian Bear

Posted by Larry Miller on September 10, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

It seems that Secretary of State John Kerry should stick to using a teleprompter like his boss because it takes a clear mind and at least an element of understanding to speak extemporaneously. After the controversy about the red line that Barack Hussein Obama drew before he didn’t draw it, Kerry made an offer to forestall bombing Syria before he realized it would be taken seriously.

As one wag put it, John Kerry gave Syria the ultimatum that if Syria did not turn over their chemical weapons within one week, he and Obama would make even bigger fools of themselves. Well, it didn’t take a week. The State Department immediately backed away from the comment, saying it was just a rhetorical statement and should not be taken seriously.

Ever the savvy international opportunist, Russian Putin took hold of the administrations most recent gaffe and committed his client state, Syria, to do just what Kerry thought could not be done. At this point, our two feckless leaders probably stood around quoting Ralph Kramden, “homina, homina, homina.” We have, as Andrea Tantaros put it, a “brain fart foreign policy”. But soon the PR people in the White House reversed the story to make it sound like the whole affair was a brilliant plan by the President… a plan he had even discussed with the Russian leader over the past few days.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

So, what has been accomplished by this very visible blunder? The first thing is it put off the planned US attack on Syria, that Secretary Kerry assured everyone would be so small, no one would even notice it… except those who got killed. Then why bother? Our guys would be put at risk for no effect? However, the one good thing from all this carrying on is that it may have given Syria and the rest of the world has been spared, at least for the moment, of the fruit of Obama’s attempt to appear to be a strong leader. For now, we won’t be thrust into World War III by an ill advised “limited action”.

Second, the angst about chemical weapons has shown that there ARE weapons of mass destruction in the region. These are the weapons of mass destruction that mysteriously disappeared from Iraq during the days leading up to the Gulf War. Liberals crowed about George W. Bush being wrong, and now they want to start another war to rid the world of these same WMDs. Perhaps it’s time we stop giving them any credibility at all. In any case, even the Russians who denied their existence now admit publicly they are sitting in storage dumps around the country.

Now, taking advantage of the situation (remember savvy international opportunist vs. academic foreign policy neophyte), Putin’s plan would place these dangerous weapons under the control of the United Nations, or possibly in the hands of the Russians themselves. Somehow, this is not a comforting idea. The UN is not really our friend and it has not shown itself able to secure anything. The Russians are stable they are not our friends either and they are smart enough to keep their national interests in the forefront. This means that we can hope, as with their nuclear weapons, there never comes a time when they will be inclined to use them.

Throwing the monkey wrench in Obama’s attack plans means his plans for helping the al Qaeda backed rebels by damaging the Russian backed dictator, Assad, have to be put on hold. Since this apparent resolution, the regime has resumed bombing the Islamic rebels mercilessly. These are the same Muslims Obama as written of standing with.

The President even channeled Ronald Reagan as he spoke of the deal to remove chemical weapons, when he said we need to “trust but verify” that the others would keep their part of the bargain. I would ask if the Russians have ever done anything that would give us reason to trust them. Has Bashar Assad done anything to give us reason to trust him. Has al Qaeda given us any reason to trust them? And one more question, has Barack Hussein Obama done anything to give us reason to trust him?

So the best that can be said about the deal where Putin comes out smelling like a rose and appearing to be the peacemaker – not to mention potentially acquiring some nasty weapons – is that, in the immediate future, we will not be dropping bombs or missiles on the Syrian people. This is a good thing.

However, under Obama, the US is looking like a weak war monger, instead of the international problem solver. It is obvious to the world that the US, under Obama, is a problem that needs to be solved. This is not good, but it may be we could hope for under the current circumstances and leadership.

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