Syrian Showdown

Posted by Larry Miller on August 29, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

On page 261 of The Audacity of Hope, Barack Hussein Obama wrote, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Now he appears to be taking one more step to protect the religion of his youth despite the fact that there is absolutely no reason to risk American and take Syrian lives in this troubled area of the world.

We are told that Obama is outraged over the supposed use by the Assad regime of chemical weapons on civilians as he struggles to stay in control of his country. There are two problems with the feeble tantrum coming from the White House.

The first is that there are mixed reports coming out of Syria. Many of them say that chemical weapons were used, but that it was the rebels who gassed the people… many of them children. While succumbing to a poisonous gas attack is far from pleasant, dying from the more conventional methods is no picnic either. The dictator has been killing people for years, and they are just as dead as as those who have been gassed.

Yet, the White House resident has drawn a “red line” that says you can kill your people with a gun or a bomb, but not with a poisonous gas. And in this case, there is the added factor that these are Muslims that are dying, not Obama’s perceived enemies, Christians, as in Egypt and many other places around the world.

Now Obama believes he has look presidential and to do something. Without an intelligent plan, just “doing something” has gotten us into some pretty bad situations. Even now, with this desire to appear relevant on the world stage, he is looking even weaker and more indecisive as he ponders the list of equally bad alternatives. His last hope of an ally evaporated when the British Parliament voted to stay out of the Syrian internal struggle.

Clouding the picture for us, if not for him, is the fact that the rebels are aligned with our enemies – Al Qaeda. Even though the alleged purpose of such action would be to “punish” Assad, not push him out of his position. However, if it is effective at all, it would have the result of helping out the people who killed 3000 people as they destroyed the World Trade Center… but it would be standing with the Muslims.

Regime change, we are told, is not the goal, so we are looking at risking American lives for no change in the world picture. Sen. Rand Paul said the United States has “no clear national security connection” to the war in Syria. So the whole operation would be simply interfering in the affairs of another sovereign country – at the cost of setting off a potential third world war.

The Russians are backing the Syrian dictator. The Chinese are warning us not to attack Syria. The UN is even insisting on giving approval for any kind of aggressive action. On one hand, we cannot let these two nations or the leftist international organization determine our foreign policy if we need to do the right thing. On the other hand, given the nebulous nature of the chemical weapon accusations, it is difficult to find that using military force is the right thing to do. The threats, if serious, of the two giants simply add to the negative consequences of such a move, with or without their warnings.

Added to this are the possible consequences for Israel if we should follow up on our saber rattling. Iran has promised to rain thousands of missiles down upon the Jewish state if we try to punish Assad. We know that these people are prone to colorful and excessive rhetoric to make their point… kind of like our own leader, so it is hard to know if we should take this seriously. In any case, Israel is taking the threats seriously and equipping their citizens with gas masks should the worst take place.

It is true that there is a great deal of evil taking place in Syria. It is also true that the country’s leader is a mad dictator. The key truth though is that those trying to overthrow Assad are not only bad guys, but so much worse than the regime currently in power. We have no business sticking our nose into this tragic affair. There is nothing to be gained. If we are not going to have a problem the killing of many civilians with guns, we have no business potentially going to war simply because Assad has changed his methods.

We see our president moving toward actions that would help remove a dictator and aid an Al Qaeda backed group come to power… much like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. These people are our enemies, if not his. There is no upside to this action, but plenty of downside. Congress has squeaked up, insisting on being consulted before any action is taken, but Obama has pretty much neutered them and does what he wants to do. The lawless President has spent the last five years creating laws he expects us to follow as he goes about his destructive plans and schemes. This one may be the biggest of all, and if the worst case comes to be… the last for our great country.

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