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Posted by Larry Miller on August 13, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Many people say they don’t recognize their country anymore. They say their representatives in Washington don’t seem to be living in the same world as the rest of us. Most of America works to take care of themselves and their families in an environment where performance gets the job done. At least that’s the way it used to be. Today, our government is run by academicians and political instigators. Few people in these positions of power have ever had a real job in the private sector that did not depend on government mandates and taxpayer subsidies to pay their bills and actually required them to perform.

The people are upset about the death of four Americans in Benghazi. The administration tells us it’s a phony scandal and there is nothing to see. The people don’t like the Internal Revenue Service targeting groups and people the president thinks are his enemies. The administration tells us it’s a phony scandal and there is nothing to see. The people don’t like the NSA collecting their phone and internet information. The administration tells us it’s a phony scandal and there is nothing to see. The people see statistics that prove the more armed citizens there are, the less crime. The administration is doing things that make them afraid of armed citizens and are trying to disarm them. They see dead children not as a tragedy, but an opportunity. The people don’t like millions of illegals sneaking across the border to compete for a shrinking pool of jobs in this country. The administration tells us not to worry about it, illegals help the economy. The Democrats are salivating over a new set of voters while the Republicans are afraid of offending a portion of 10% of the population. The American people don’t want ObamaKare. The administration tells us we are going to get it anyway, and we are going to like it. That is not a prediction, that is a command.

These are just a few of the instances where the administration not only ignores the people who are, according to our constitution, are the real masters of our nation, but are moving us in the opposite direction against our will. The president has learned his lessons well from Saul Alinsky. He tells us one thing when the truth lies elsewhere. We have been told ObamaKare would reduce our insurance costs. It is not even implemented yet and costs are going through the roof – especially for working people without government subsidies, but with families to take care of.

How is the administration dealing with the increasing discontent of the citizens? Are they considering their ways? They are buying up all the ammunition they can get and arming IRS and Social Security Administration agents with AR-15s – the very weapons the gun grabbers in congress call assault rifles and want to keep from the hands of the man in the street. Why would this be? I will let the reader draw his or her own conclusions. Considering the way the thin-skinned administration responds to verbal assaults, one can only image what they have in mind for the proliferating enemies of the state.

And who are these enemies of the state. It is you and me, according to the ruling class. We don’t accept their grandiose schemes of progressive socialist heaven on earth. They watch us while people like the Boston Marathon bombers slip right through their elaborate dragnets. It appears that the ruling class does not fear terrorists, even though they are being despised and ridiculed around the world. They have far too much security around them to worry about a few people losing their lives to some crazed Muslims. In fact, they even seem to like these events as an opportunity to put even tighter restrictions on we, the people. What they do fear is an angered American populace. That is why they watch us and not those who want to kill us.

And it is even impacting the church. Military chaplains are facing restrictions and discipline for spreading the whole Word of God. With the recent court’s support for same sex marriage and the heavy handed approach from a president who publicly proclaims that he has no patience for countries that discriminate against homosexuals, can it be long before they attempt make this protected class protected from the truth of the gospel. Should they succeed, it would only be a temporary protection as the administration doesn’t hold too much sway when the time comes for ultimate judgement.

We really are a nation whose government has turned on the average citizen. They have taken the greatest nation on earth and are in the process of turning it into a European type socialist state. This is the kind of state that has only been able to exist because the American taxpayers have paid for their defense through NATO while they have spent their dwindling resources on the welfare programs that have attracted Islamic immigrants from all over the Middle East… who are destroying what is left of their economies.

If a foreign invader did this to us, we would be up in arms pushing back, just like the kids in the original Red Dawn movie. However, being nice people, and that it is coming from our own capital, we quietly accept it. If we persist in this strategy, we may as well get used to the chains of government weighing heavily on everything we do. With real journalists dying and judges bought off or intimidated, America still occupies itself with Entertainment Tonight and Dancing With The Stars. It’s almost like the old Roman Empire keeping the people pacified with bread and circuses, only this government isn’t feeding Christians to hungry lions… yet.

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