Barack, The Cowardly President

Posted by Larry Miller on August 7, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

To the cheers of Leno’s audience President Obama said he called off his meeting with Vladimir Putin because he did not like the way Russia treated homosexuals. Press reports tell us the meeting was canceled because of the reception Edward Snowden received in Putinland. In any case, conducting diplomacy in the media shows an inability to deal directly with a powerful, self-assured leader.

Even in jest, which I highly doubt, publicly making such a statement shows a complete disregard for the seriousness of the problems on the world scene. While attempting to maintain the illusion among the gullible, that he is a Christian, he takes every opportunity to display an antipathy for biblical values. If he really believes that the plight of the outlawed homosexuals is more important than discussions with one of the worlds’ super powers, he has a serious problem with perspective.

The cancellation shows a lack of confidence that his golden tongued oratory would convince the former KGB officer to see the error his ways. It may also be that the presence of Snowden may be flaunted during his visit to make him look small and ineffective. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed.

Somehow, I cannot imagine George W. Bush backing out of a meeting because he did not like the policies or was intimidated by a strong personality. In fact, I’m not sure I can see Bush intimidated by anyone. If President Obama has a problem with the Russian president or his policies, perhaps the best way to deal with it would be to sit down and talk about it.

After his recent, multi-million dollar journey to Africa where he was told several times in no uncertain terms to butt out of his hosts relations with homosexuals, it may well be that he is concerned about the response he would receive from a man known for not taking nonsense from those he disrespects.

The man is making our country look smaller and smaller. He just closed twenty some diplomatic facilities in fear and now, he has backed away from an essential conference with a powerful world leader. This president likes to be in charge and have lesser people do his bidding. This would not be the case with Vladimir Putin.

The problem is that it is his job to represent us on the international scene. It is also his job to see that they respect the American people and our great country. He is not doing any better at this than he is at resurrecting our moribund economy. It takes courage to stand up to the Russian bear. It takes courage to look out for the welfare of the American people in a dangerous world.

Unfortunately this is not on Obama’s agenda. His pledge to stand with the Muslims, should things turn bad for them appears to take precedence over taking care of the job he was elected to do. Our first president was a man of courage, and we’ve had others along the way who have stood for what is right against unbelievable foes. But, the current resident of the White House is not one of them.

Perhaps this is why Barack Hussein Obama is despised by so many Americans who hold traditional values. He undermines them at every turn, while giving lip service to the uninformed through his lapdog media. We long for the days of Ronald Reagan who met with Soviet leaders as he attempted to undermine their iron grip on the world AND demanded, “tear down this wall!”

To make matters worse, the leaders of the party that is supposed to be the “loyal opposition” are more loyal to the president’s schemes and opposed to most any action to stop him. There seems to be a dearth of courage among those who are supposed to be the good guys as well.

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