What’s With The Republicans?

Posted by Larry Miller on July 30, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

It’s difficult to know what to make of our political world. We have the Democrats doing what Democrats do to take from the productive Americans and give to their loyal followers… sort of like Robin Hood in reverse. Traditionally the Republicans have been the loyal opposition. Loyal to the country and opposed to the Dems destructive policies. However, lately things have not been so clear, and it is disturbing to consider why.

We have a majority of Americans making known they want no part of ObamaKare. We have the people clamoring for answers as to why nothing was done to save the four who died in Benghazi. We have an out of control Internal Revenue Service that targets the political enemies of the president. These stories are just the tip of the scandalous goings on in the District of Columbia. Yet, the Republican leadership, other than making a few verbal swipes, does little to stem the tide of dishonesty and destruction sweeping our nation.

Of course Mitch McConnell is not the type to make a solitary stand against the evil forces in the Senate. And neither are John Boehner and Eric Cantor. Patrick Henry would have nothing but contempt for people like this. They make a big deal about reaching across the aisle. Most of the time they tread softly when discussing the crimes of the Democrats out of fear – or what?

Yet they get on their high horse when people like Rand Paul and Mike Lee actually want to do something to stop them. Over in the House, the likes of Louis Gohmert and Michele Bachmann fare no better. Obama’s pet Republican, Chris Christie, calls Rand Paul “dangerous”, with cheers echoing throughout the Republican leadership. Of course we have to remember that these are the people who gave us Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. And we all remember the great victories they gave their Democrat challengers.

If these leaders would go after Obama and his calamitous schemes with the same passion and vitriol they send toward members of their own party we may have a chance to save the country. As usual, Karl Rove got into the act a few days ago when he explained why defunding the medical monstrosity was not the answer. His answer was to wait for a Republican president, hopefully after 2016, who would sign a full repeal.

As I was listening to him, it occurred to me that the Republicans were acting just like the Democrats, who never really want to solve problems, but keep the base irritated enough to get them come out and vote for their anointed candidates. It appears that actually fixing the problem is not as important as having an issue to promote. That is assuming that they really want to reduce the impact of government (and along with it, their power and influence) on the lives of the citizens.

It’s been said that Washington is really one big cesspool, but that when people are there long enough, it begins to feel like a hot tub. This thinking would explain why we send people into our nation’s capitol to make the changes we need, but, so often, they are seduced by the position and power until they come back and tell us we “must be realistic” about doing the things we sent them there to do.

We send Republicans to DC to stand up to the Democrats and they come back telling us about their bipartisan efforts to help the progressives achieve their goals of regulating our lives and taxing our income. Unfortunately, the late comedian George Carlin understood what was really taking place when he said, “Bipartisan usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.”

This does not mean that all Republicans are corrupt or misled or intimidated. It means that there are not enough principled people in congress to actually get the job done… the party leaders and consultants work full time to see to that. We are told that going with anyone but either of the two major parties is foolish. I would contend that, unless the candidate promises to do the right thing, and we can believe them, benefiting by voting for the lesser of two evils is just a fantasy – a fantasy that benefits the ruling class and keeps us divided so we can’t deal with them effectively.

Since many in the party leadership are neither conservative nor libertarian, and have no intention of the Republican Party being a real conservative party, we really need to look at other alternatives.

Perhaps it is time for those in our government who really have been carrying the water for liberty get together as the core of a group to restore sanity to the Republican Party. Or possibly. join Sarah Palin in creating something that will do for the GOP what they did for the Whigs, In either case, we need leadership we can count on to lead toward freedom – and we don’t have it now!

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