Undertones Of The Zimmerman Affair

Posted by Larry Miller on July 16, 2013 under Why | Read the First Comment

Whether you agree with the jury’s verdict that set George Zimmerman free, there are a few things behind the whole sorry situation that we need to consider. The most obvious is the racial element that those afflicted with the skin color myopia cannot seem to find release from.

Of course Trayvon Martin was a black teenager. Zimmerman, though he had a white man’s name (if there is such a thing – and a Jewish one at that) was Latino. Since describing him as a member of another minority group did not fit the narrative of the regime and the formerly main stream media, he was called a “white Hispanic”, whatever that is. Emphasizing the Jewish name tied into another prejudice among these supposedly unprejudiced elite and elite wannabees. The whole situation was made to order for those looking to add to the story of black oppression while ignoring the scourge of crime visited on our country by a small segment of that population.

Then we have, what is normal in some portions of our society, the propensity of some youth to believe that the appropriate response to an insult or some form of disrespect is to punch someone in the face or worse. Violence is glorified in then entertainment world that caters to this group, as manhood is defined as the ability to inflict pain and suffering on others. This is somewhat a result of rage built up over the years through the leftist propaganda telling them their lives would be fine, if only people who worked hard and played by the rules would be more fair to them and hand out what was earned by the sweat of their brow.

There are politicians and other race baiters who make a good living telling these impressionable minds that the deck is stacked against them so badly that they need to follow these self proclaimed leaders. As anyone can see, the solutions to ending poverty and creating racial equality do not work… and they never will. However these charlatans have perfected their craft to the point where they free themselves from responsibility for their failures and place the blame on the very people trying to fix the mess they have made. It is not difficult to understand the anger at feeling trapped and unable to make a better life as the race hustlers are quick to direct this anger away from themselves. Combine this anger with a street culture that tells these teenagers (and often pre-teenagers) that they are only a man if you can beat the tar out of others and causes them to take offense at almost anything that comes their way.

Even if Zimmerman feared for his life, many will say he acted wrongly. The first reason is that they say he should have left the matter for the police. This is a fine thought for those who are already protected or feel beyond the reach of thugs that mug people on the streets or break into their homes. It is also fine for those who have insulated themselves from the reality may people have to live with. It is reported that there had been break ins in Zimmerman’s neighborhood and the police had not been able to do anything about it. This is why people form neighborhood watches. The police cannot be everywhere and, despite the government’s wishes, we would not want them everywhere. There is a saying that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. When the safety and well being of one’s family are threatened, people that care about them do what they can to stop it.

Watching someone walk through your neighborhood is not a crime, but it can be hazardous to you if you are a kid who thinks he is tough and is only too happy to prove it. Perhaps the neighborhood watch agent did not handle the matter in the best way, but watching someone you don’t know in a neighborhood that has experienced recent crimes is just being a good neighbor. For those, including Eric Holder, who continue to promote the shooting as race based, they have not been able to explain how someone can act on racial animosity when they cannot even tell what the person looked like. The point is, it doesn’t matter. The Attorney General has a whole deck of race cards and is willing and able to play every one of them.

I’ve touched on this before, but we really have to look at those who believe the police can handle everything. Many of those who fall into this category believe we need to be more understanding of young men like Martin, even with his multiple scrapes with the law and with high school discipline. They are willing to excuse most any misbehaviors because of such thinking as white guilt or socialist dementia that denies concern for he individual while talking in fine terms of group welfare.

They believe that police are more qualified and should be the only ones permitted to protect the citizens. This does not work any better than their attempts to raise the standard of living for kids like Martin. This is a source of anger on the other side. People experience crime and, often, nothing is done. There are many well intentioned and dedicated police officers, but confidence in the institution has been eroded by news reports and videos of rogue officers around the country as they abuse their authority and harm innocent citizens in the process, even down to unnecessarily killing their pets… and in worst cases, innocent citizens. This is why more and more citizens are convinced they need to protect themselves and their families.

Often this protection involves the acquisition, and sometimes the use of a fire arm. This is another strike against Zimmerman. To the distorted progressive mind, it would have been more honorable for him to have his head bashed in than to have used his gun and survived. To the government worshippers who believe only the collective has the right to this kind of power, what he did really amounted to anarchy. It was a slap in the face to those who believe we should all defer to the government to keep us safe – yet if George Zimmerman had done that, his body would have been the one on the coroner’s table.

In any case, this man who used a gun to save his life, and, in the process, killed on the the regimes supporters needed to be punished for so many reasons… none valid, yet to preserve their own exalted positions and story lines, they are perfectly willing to throw this man in jail for decades. They have already destroyed so much for him.

As I write this, stories are coming through of a protest about the police shooting a young black man in Arkansas. Reports are that when approached by the officers, he began running and a gun fell from his waste band. He stopped and picked it up, then was shot when he failed to drop it when ordered by the police. The community is upset calling for more “justice”. When we have a culture that sees race before common sense – that being you don’t pick up a gun when police have their weapons pointed at you – the problems run far deeper than the media explanations of trigger happy police or neighborhood watch members.

They scream “no justice, no peace”, but there is no peace or justice in blind racial hatred. Many of this community claim to be followers of the Prince of Peace… others have rejected these traditional values for the godless claims of socialism that will redistribute the work of others to their benefit. As with pretty much every problem in our land, it is not racial, nor political – it is spiritual.

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  • andy said,

    One issue we need to discuss is the issue of fear wwhich is also being pedalled by elites. In this case a 17 year old, who went to the store for junk food, is dead. He was wearing a hoodie just like millions of other kids do – and so he was “suspicious”. And we have a culture which increasingly sees life as cheap or expendable.

    That is our society- property trumps the right to life, fear is increasingly paralyzing us. The events of that fateful day are deplorable – but they are driven by our assumptions and values.

    What a contrast to the vulnerable love Jesus embodied. Loving our enemy is so elusive: our Lord’s teaching is being obsccured in the visceral anger expressed from all sides. God help us – firstly to trust in you – we have wondered so far trusting in our own devices and ways – maybe the body of Christ can provide the balm to heal the nation, but it will need to be a sacrificial love, just as our Lord did, in dieing for each of us.

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