Stop With The Apologies Already!

Posted by Larry Miller on July 2, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

The sad saga of Paula Deen began twenty some years ago. The PC police jumped Jennifer Lopez just days ago. The PC police came out in full fury and portrayed as complete degenerates until they did public mea culpas to sooth the savage political correctness beast. These are just the most recent high profile citizens to fall victim to those who would like to control our thoughts and our speech.

Paula Deen ran into grief over something she said a quarter century ago. She was a product of southern upbringing in the mid twentieth century. This is how people in her circle talked at the time. Those who are fond of touting changing societal standards that we all need to accept fail to comprehend that changing standards mean that people have moved on from the old ones. It is the height of hypocrisy for holding those in compliance to old standards at the time guilty of today’s infractions. It just means they are looking for something to offend them.

This doesn’t mean we should be using the words that got the celebrity chef in such hot water, but who among us has not don’t things years ago that we would not be proud of. There was only one perfect one who walked the earth… and they killed him. This is why we cannot turn our country over to those who would rule our speech and actions, retroactively even, with an iron fist. Who among us can live up to their standards? What qualifications do they have to exert such control over free American citizens?

Then we have the case of Jennifer Lopez, J-Lo to Entertainment Tonight fanatics. She did a show for a Chicom oil company, China National Petroleum Corp. Whether we agree with the wisdom of the trip to Turkmenistan to entertain oil company executives, we need recognize that liberty means we have the ability to do foolish things. However, this is not what got the songbird in trouble. It was the terrible crime of singing Happy Birthday to Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, (try working that name into the birthday song, or even pronouncing it) the country’s president and semi-well known human rights violator. Imagine that, throwing a hissy fit over some two bit dictator from a country no one every heard of, let alone knows where it is, and ignoring the connection with the Chinese Communists who have annihilated far more people than he has in third world kingdom.

This is one more example of the selective outrage we see in progressives – you know, those people who proudly stand up against bullying after having developed the practice to a high and controlling art. This is why apologies to these keepers of contemporary propriety are not only useless, but actually have a negative impact on the guilty party and the world around us. Each time one of their victims yields to public pressure, they are placing themselves in agreement with their accusers and legitimizing the power of the chattering class to determine what can and cannot be said… what views are permissible and which views are not.

Now, if we have harmed someone, it is not only appropriate, but obligatory, to render a sincere apology. Beyond that, if it is possible, we need to make things right. We do this, not because of the rantings of some self important elitist, but because the Bible tells us to live in peace with all men as much as possible. We owe them honest and fair treatment, and attempts to correct what is not right. We owe nothing to those to want to control us for their own agenda.

We don’t have to agree with everything people do, but just as Jesus deals gently with us when we fail, we need to have a little more tolerance and patience with others mistakes and failures… something the PC police never have for those they disagree with. When there is no love mixed with honesty, we have only dictatorial rulers.

Does this mean we quietly consent to ideas and actions that are just plain wrong? Not at all. We just need the wisdom to know the difference… and know the difference between the deceived and the deceiver.

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