Sarah Palin At Faith And Freedom

Posted by Larry Miller on June 18, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

There comes a time when someone really understands the conditions of our nation and the world around us and is able to put them into words. Some are uncomfortable with the bluntness of Sarah Palin, but the pablum coming out of their attempts at discourse astounds everyone with the vapid nature of their thought processes.

There is much we can learn from this fine lady who was the only reason I drove a car with a McCain Palin bumper sticker for a time. Our challenges are great and we need bold thinking and action to prevent the total meltdown of our nation. Being merely “concerned” will not get the job done. Neither will making nice and attempting to negotiate with those who want to take us in the opposite direction to a godless socialist end.

If we define “enemy” as someone who wants to defeat and enslave us, it becomes obvious that not all enemies are foreign. At the risk of being labeled “closed minded” or worse, it is time to have the courage to stand for good and stand against evil.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” He understood that we cannot remain silent in the face of evil. Many have been silent too long and this is a major reason they are uncomfortable with this lady who speaks up, shining the light of truth upon the evil and the evil doers of this world. She actually calls a lie a lie… imagine that.

Unfortunately we have seen that just speaking up will not not always get the job done. We may not be called to stand in the path of tanks in Tiananmen Square or Washington DC, but we need to be prepared to if necessary. Let’s pray it does not come to that, but for the time being, let’s look around and see what we can do.

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