What’s Behind The Verizon Scandal?

Posted by Larry Miller on June 6, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Some commentators are running around, flapping their wings and gums about how the collection of Verizon phone records is casting an overly broad net trying to catch a small number of radical Muslim terrorists. The facts, if we ever really get to them, is that Verizon is not alone, and that pretty much all carriers, as well as internet providers are being forced to surrender personal information. Even some Republican members of congress are speaking warmly about this supposed effort to keep our citizens safe.

All this would be good if one were to truly believe that the Obama administration was actually interested in protecting us from Islamic attacks. That is, do could we really accept that this regime heavily populated by Muslims, and approved of by CAIR, would break the President’s pledge to “stand with the Muslims” if things should turn against them.

We need look no further than several recent events to get a pretty good idea of why this information is collected and mined. Most recently, Barack Hussein Obama declared that the war on terror was over… there was not more conflict. He seems to have forgotten that just a few weeks ago, some Islamic terrorists blew up Americans at the Boston Marathon. He also seems to have forgotten that a few months ago, Muslim attackers killed an American ambassador and three others trying to defend the consulate. He also seems to have forgotten that his administration ignored repeated warnings from Russia that the marathon bombers were among us and a danger to our country.

It seems that way, but one has to be willing to totally suspend disbelief in the obvious to accept protecting us from terror as the reason behind this breach of personal privacy. We are told that they are trying to keep us safe. However, none of these scandals is taking place in a vacuum. They are not stand alone events. We need to look at the collection of phone records of millions of Americans in the context of other events, and scandals, to see who the administration regards as their genuine enemies. They don’t think a couple of Chechnyan brothers will wrest power from their socialist selves. They certainly don’t think some rich kid from Saudi Arabia will put them out of power. Who then?

The IRS scandal gives us pretty good direction on that question. While fast tracking of progressive and Muslim groups, they put non-profit applications from conservative and Christian groups on a slow boat to nowhere – using the opportunity to gather all sorts of information about individuals and donors. And they complained that Nixon had an enemies list.

Then we have the EPA scandal. This has not made front page news in many cases, but these “protectors of our environment” have been very cooperative with their environmental cronies as far as making information available and, often, charging nothing for their trouble. On the other hand, those skeptical of the EPA’s efforts have often been stonewalled and/or charged excessive fees for the service.

These are just two recent instances of our friends who don’t bend their knees to Caesar Obama being denied “equal protection” under the law or before its agencies. We just need to remember the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report a few years ago that labeled Ron Paul supporters, veterans, Christian fundamentalists, citizen militia members, and a host of others, as domestic terrorists, to see who may be populating the latest incarnation of the presidential enemies list.

There have been many other instances that confirm this position, such as the West Point seminar that labeled Christians as people that needed to be watched. We’ve also seen our military losing a great many senior leaders – warrior generals – only to have them replaced by “political generals” who goals are more like personal advancement and implementation of social change – or dislocation – depending upon how one views such things.

It is this context that gathering information about average Americans makes perfect sense from the administrations view point. The Islamic terrorists may be able to kill a few of the people, but they really don’t pose much of a threat to an administration deeply covered by the most sophisticated security on the planet. We Christians, constitutionalists – freedom loving Americans do constitute a threat to the dictatorial powers that be. We are the ones who can dethrone Emperor Obama and his merry band of progressives. We are the ones that need to be watched, and we are the ones they are watching.

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