Obama’s Chickens

Posted by Larry Miller on May 16, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Obama’s liberation theology preaching pastor, Jeremiah Wright is well known for his comment that “America’s chickens are coming home to roost”. Scandals of all sorts are popping up around the District of Columbia quicker than the “bimbo eruptions” of the Clinton administration. It could well be that Barack Hussein Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost.

Proverbs 28:13 tells us, “Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.” We have seen all sorts of dereliction of presidential responsibilities. We have seen members of his administration – including cabinet members – acting against the best interests of the American people for years. Then we have seen them lie about it to cover their actions and nefarious motives. It’s hard to keep up with all the scandals without a scorecard.

The deaths of four Americans in Bengahzi, Libya is the big one that started it off. It is obvious to anyone who has been paying attention that we can have no confidence at all in anything we are told by the regime. Those of us who have not been blinded by the president’s brilliance have known all along that what we were told and what was going on were two entirely different things. Now, what was known by some is being laid bare for all to see.

Hot on the heals of revelations by whistle blowers who confirmed every detail we have known for months, came the revelation that the IRS was putting the brakes on non-profit status applications for tea party and patriot groups. Thinking they could get out ahead of the story, the head of the department that handles such things, made a public announcement with an accompanying apology. An apology, I might ad, that was as sincere and effective as one Kermit Gosnell might give to any of the infants that perished under his “care”.

Even Democrats, understanding the implications of having this use of the Internal Revenue Service to destroy the president’s enemies, have joined the chorus of condemnation. Ever the campaigner, Obama went through the motions of outrage, and the IRS director became the sacrificial lamb, even though he was on the verge of retirement. But this alternate reality is crumbling as more and more people are coming forward, telling tales of obstruction and intimidation. It went beyond just the strong patriots, to pro-life groups and others that made the president feel uncomfortable as well.

The hypocrisy of some these indignant Dems is astounding as many of these same Senators, just a few short years back, were advocating for the IRS to take a closer look at conservative groups – their political enemies. Even the Internal Revenue Service cannot come up with convincing lies. They want us to believe that the problem was a few overzealous bureaucrats in the Cincinnati office, when most of the offending letters came from the heart of the beast itself, Washington, DC and California. So much just doesn’t pass the smell test.

Overshadowed by these two major scandals are reports of favoritism within the Environmental Protection Agency. It seems they have been providing information and assistance to friendly environmentalist – most of the time at little or no cost. However, skeptical and conservative requests have either been totally denied or have been met with outrageous fees. This is an one more proof of the oft made claim that our government is not longer for all the people.

Then, the most recent one, the one that most difficult to comprehend – the seizure of telephone records of Associated Press reporters. The story is that the Justice Department was attempting to track down the source of some information leaks. Did these brilliant attorneys not realize the AP was actually part of their propaganda network? All but the most dedicated Obama worshiper must surely have taken offense at this high handed measure of distrust. Could it be the White House sensed that some in the media were close to turning and wanted to put the fear of the government in the hearts of reporters. With portions of the formerly mainstream media waking up the corrupted moral cesspool inside the beltway, it is either extreme foolishness or extreme arrogance for the regime to have pulled this latest stunt.

There are two times when those in power are most dangerous. The first is when they believe that they are in such a secure position that nothing can touch them, no matter what they do. The aroma of power leads them to think they are untouchable. Apparently the saying the “pride comes before the fall” is none too popular around the nation’s capitol. The other hazardous time is when a leader is surrounded by threats and elects to strike out at those he considers his enemies.

Neither of these conditions is conducive to rational thinking, and whichever situation is the driving force behind the dictatorial chaos in the district is of little consequence. The fact is the consequences of the arrogant application of authority are providing ample evidence of the hardball political game the progressives are playing. They know that they cannot withstand open debate of their plans to socialize the country, so dissenting voices must be silenced. This is quite the opposite of their position when the dreaded George W. Bush occupied the White House.

In any case, we are seeing the biblical advice, “be sure your sins will find you out.” While there are assuredly many more crimes against the American people and the world being perpetrated daily, these may well be sufficient bring about a fate similar to the one of another Hussein… in Iraq.

Many Republican congressmen are strutting about talking about impeachment. We have heard this too often over the past few years as the president has repeatedly proven himself unworthy of his high office. Yet no one does anything. Are these representatives just playing to the television cameras or the people back in flyover country? In my humble, but accurate opinion, it is time do what the president wants… and be silent. Just do it! don’t talk about it! At this point, so many of those elected to positions where they can do something about our situation need to put a damper on ineffective public rhetoric and do what they were elected to do – otherwise they are nothing but a “sounding gong or clanging cymbal”.

Patrick Henry made some stirring speeches – better than anything most of the current crop of “statesmen” can come up with, but he put action to his words. Now is the time for the people who say they represent us to do the same!

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