Sarah Palin At The NRA

Posted by Larry Miller on May 8, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

The lady who contributed credibility to the McCain campaign gave a stem winder of a speech at the recent NRA convention. As with all true conservatives, she proved to be multi-dimensional as she spoke of much more than Second Amendment issues. She went right to the core of who we are as Americans.

And who are we? Are we driven by emotional appeals of the left that result in turning over more control of our lives to those more interested in their own power than our well being? Will we be willing to recognize that hard cases make bad laws? If we haven’t learned that this doesn’t work from the past years, we just haven’t been paying attention.

So, give a listen to the wisdom of this lady who gives the controllers all the respect they deserve and provides us all with a fine example to emulate.

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