Benghazi Happened A Long Time Ago

Posted by Larry Miller on May 1, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

All Jay Carney could say was, “Benghazi happened a long time ago”, prior to engaging in the usual administration song and dance of deceit and obfuscation. Unfortunately this is pretty much the attitude of the whole Obama regime. They are experts at dodging uncomfortable questions, counting on new crises to come along to distract the public from their multitude of failures, both foreign and domestic.

It frustrates them that people keep bringing up the disaster in Libya. Information keeps trickling out despite administration efforts to delay and deny as members of the opposing delegation in congress insist on asking impertinent question. When lies don’t work, delays are attempted. When delays don’t work, it appears that the next step is intimidation of those who know what really happened. It’s the Chicago way.

When Richard Nixon found himself in hot water over the Watergate break in, it was really the cover up that brought him down. A tenacious press kept digging until they found the answers. Much has happened between now and his resignation – among other things, we had a functioning press back then that actually looked into activities of American presidents. Today, we don’t have that advantage… they are only inclined to investigate opponents of the regime. Today the press runs interference for the man in the White House. It is on rare occasions that someone actually asks questions that need to be answered for the good of the American people.

Lincoln was shot a long time ago. Pearl Harbor was bombed a long time ago. Woodstock even happened a long time ago. Benghazi did NOT happen a long time ago. Even if one were to accept Carney’s accelerated time line, it does not change the fact the four Americans are still dead, and their killers have little to concern themselves with the wrath of Obama.

If it is true that the President and his advisers sat and watched the slaughter, as recorded from a drone flying overhead, in the situation room, it is entirely inexcusable that they took no action. However, it is completely understandable that they would not want to have this confirmed publicly… not only for the callous nature of the action, but questions it raises about his motivation and what the Ambassador and his clearly inadequate security detail were doing at that remote location. The answers to these and other questions clearly are of more interest to us than to the press.

The whole affair, and the answers we have up to this point, just do not pass the smell test. The formerly mainstream media is not interested. Much of the Republican leadership is not interested in pursuing this publicly either. Once again we see the opposition rolling over and refusing to rock the presidential boat. In effect, they are giving us the one party rule the President is seeking.

Often we have the State Department, under both parties, shutting down the pursuit of justice for the nebulous concept of the “greater good”. They routinely align themselves with our real and potential enemies for reasons they tell us are, ultimately, for our own good. If we accept this sort of behavior we will get the government we have and the government we deserve.

When we have values that come ahead of the integrity of people in office, we have little to complain about the condition of our country and our economy. So many voters don’t care about such mundane virtues such as honesty and integrity… they only care about free phones and government checks.

Progressives are doing their best to undermine the the traditional values that made our country great. This is the fruit of their labors. They complain about Christian values that inhibit them from doing the things they feel are their right under the new order. They may be right, but they also inhibit the behavior that is destroying our nation and our well being.

If we don’t make some changes, at best we just see more Benghazis and Bostons as time goes on. What is it worth to pursue the pleasures of sin for a season?

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