No Dog In Syria

Posted by Larry Miller on April 28, 2013 under How | Read the First Comment

There have been cries for US involvement to do something as Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad crossed some sort of imaginary “red line” by using chemical weapons on his own people. Now, it is generally understood that al-Assad is a bad dude. So for the low information citizens, it may be a logical assumption that the US needs to do something about it. The problem is that there is much that is not understood by the bleeding hearts and the “neocons”.

The first problem is that the proposed solution is to put more American soldiers in harms way to protect the lives of these rebel “freedom fighters”. Given our financial situation, the fact that our military finds itself stretched thin in far too many country’s and conflicts around the world, and the far too frequent use of “reserves”. This is endangering the effectiveness of this finest force in the world.

Those promoting involvement do not take into account the far greater cost in military personnel. Are we really ready to sacrifice more of of fine young men and women to put this mad man into exile or in the ground? Adding to this cost are the number of children growing up without a parent or a young wives without their husbands? One has to wonder where the anti-war protesters from W’s presidency or from the 60s have gone to. They seem to have evaporated since the Democrats have seized control of the White House.

This does not mean our military should not be used to defend Americans or American interests. It does mean we really need to look at who we will be defending. Many of the rebels have aligned themselves with al-qaeda. To the state department thinking, supporting them will make it more likely that, in victory, they would remember our help and turn from the evil danger of their other supporters. To those who really believe this, I have a bridge I would like to sell them.

As bad as al-Assad is, things could be far worse if another nation fell into the hands of even more radical Islamists. Do we really believe they would suddenly stop hating us and become our friends. Has our support for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood been effective in acquiring their friendship? Have we seen an end to anti-Americanism? Have we seen a more tolerant and accepting attitude toward Christians? Can we really count them as friends? Anyone answering “yes” to any of these questions should stop reading this and seek counseling immediately.

So whether we send our soldiers come home in body bags or we arm the Muslim opposition, there is no up side to these calls for intervention. No matter who comes out on top, we lose! Neither the current government nor the rebels can be called our friend.

There is no question that chemical weapons are bad news, and it is with good cause they have been banned by the international community. We have to also consider that when dictators are struggling to maintain power, the international rules of nicety don’t matter.

The Syrian president understands that defeat could be the end, not only of his power, but of his life. He will use whatever resources he has at his disposal to defeat his enemies. What makes us think that he would not use these same chemicals on our soldiers? Then we need to consider if those killed with these weapons are any more dead than if bullets ripped through their bodies. The last I checked, dead is dead.

We are looking at a bad situation in Syria… bad from the humanitarian angle and bad from the political angle. What would be even worse is adding American soldiers to the list of dead, maimed or captured. We have nothing to gain and a lot to lose. We don’t have a dog in this fight, in fact either of the dogs could come back to bite us. The best we can do is turn the situation over to God in prayer… and that is always the best we can do.

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  • andy said,

    Those were the same arguments put forward on getting involved with Iraq. Liberal or conservative – God’s people – where are/were we?

    In the end, God is in control not the military force of any nation. The church outlived the Roman empire and communism. God’s will will be done.

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