Sequestration – It’s Just A Matter Of Priorities

Posted by Larry Miller on March 6, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

There is an old rule in politics that when dealing with limited dollars, you fund the lowest priorities first, then come to the people for more money to pay for the things that are truly essential. People will rollover for unscrupulous politicians to preserve schools, fire departments and police departments. They won’t be too concerned about funding hair brained academic research about the reproductive practices of extinct mammals… especially if the money is going overseas.

Using this principle, the Obama regime has no problem sending boat loads of borrowed money to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt while they are hawking the disastrous impacts of sequestration and the Republican reluctance to facilitate the continued economic rape of the American taxpayers. The fact that the sequestration amounts to a miniscule reduction in the increase in spending gives lie to the Armageddon-like tales coming from the White House and it’s minions.

Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, has been spreading really scary tales of extended waits as we see cutbacks in the number of TSA molesters that make sure no three year olds get on our planes with assault teddy bears. Unfortunately for the administration, reporters could find no evidence that her dire predictions were even close to materializing. Lines were no longer than usual, neither were wait times. One of the unexpected consequences may just be that the peasants may just realize we don’t need all the “protection” we are paying through the nose for.

But, the naive among us, those who have been filled with the pablum from our education system and formerly main stream media, would have a difficult time believing the the government would not be working for the welfare of the people. Now there can be honest debate about just how much our betters should be doing to make our lives more pleasant, but even the least observant of the idealistic progressives would not try to tell us that they believe the leaders have the right to injure the public for political gain.

Most of what is done to the public to help them move in the direction of a more active and controlling administration is simply unnoticed by those holding their hands out for more… and more free stuff. It seems the evil Joseph Mengele had it right when he said, “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” So many of Barack Hussein Obama’s supporters can only hear his diatribe against the Republicans, and any one else who stands against his dictatorial efforts to socialize our country. They just don’t understand they are facilitating the enslavement of us all.

The Washington Times reports that an official in a department charged with agricultural inspections emailed the White House to inquire about the flexibility he may have in moderating the impact of the almost mythical cuts on the taxpayers. The White House made it clear that his responsibility was to exacerbate whatever problems may arise. A portion of the reply read, “So it is our opinion that however you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be.”

The public must be made to feel the maximum inconvenience and pain so they will come around to grant more money and control to people who would treat them in this shameful way. Dr. Mengele was right!

But the government is feeling the pinch too, right? Well, not so much. At the same time we are told that lack of funding may cut the number of EMTs available to help in individual emergencies and mass disasters, we see the aforementioned military aid to people who like Obama, but don’t particularly like the rest of us. We see DHS, not only buying ammunition on a massive scale, and, most recently, armored vehicles like they are preparing for an invasion by the people from Duck Dynasty.

But then, we don’t just see the expanding outlays for those tentacles of government that would control us by force. Garden variety bureaucrats who bind up our freedom with excessive and often contradictory regulation are still on the taxpayer funded gravy train. Monday, immediately following the dreaded sequestration imposition, the national government posted 400 new job openings. Unfortunately, it looks like all the belt tightening and sacrifice is on our side, while the resource devouring beast in Washington continues to gobble up everything in sight.

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