It’s About Baseball, It’s About Redemption

Posted by Larry Miller on February 21, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

I had the privilege of seeing a film coming to theaters around the country on April 19th of this year. Unlike the nihilistic message of so many of Hollywood’s cinematic offerings, Home Run offers a message of hope and redemption. It contains a message that there is a way out of deep seated emotional pain and addiction.

Leaving the theater, one has a greater understanding that we are not alone in facing the challenges of life… if we’ve had a hand in creating them… if we are fighting the effects of events that happened years ago, sometimes even before our lifetimes.

Often all we do is complain about how rotten the world in general, and the entertainment world, in particular. By going out and supporting films like Home Run you are voting with your dollars, much like you do when you seek out American made goods. However, even more than that, you will be encouraged as you see a story about about the futility of fighting our personal demons alone, and about the victory we can have if we look to our loving creator. You will understand – freedom is possible!

Oh, yes… Home Run is about baseball too.

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