A Gravely Voice From the Past

Posted by Larry Miller on February 4, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

Back in the good old das when I was growing up, and Illinois had a Senator that did not despise his country. Everett McKinley Dirsken understood the difference that once existed between the Republican and Democrat parties. That difference still exists, in a large part, among the people who live in the real world. Unfortunately, the difference is not so pronounced inside the beltway.

Even well meaning Republicans have been seduced by the trappings of power and the desire to keep it. It seems as if the entire political spectrum has slid to the left with many Republicans becoming more like Democrats and Democrats becoming outright big government socialists.

Of course there are some in congress carrying the torch of freedom, but they are finding themselves fighting, not only the progressive Democrats, but establishment Republicans as well. Karl Rove just put together a superpac whose sole purpose is to prevent the selection of “unelectable” tea party candidates.

Those who now control Everett Dirksen’s party are actually taking stands against his common sense view of his party and the world. Looking back on Dirksen’s time, John Kennedy as more in tune with the conservative views than many of today’s Republicans. We may have to rethink the idea that the Republican Party is the only game in town… and we may just have to create a new game – not just dash off to one of the fringe groups that sound good, but can’t get the job done.

We need courageous leaders – those already in office – perhaps those the Rove and company look down the haughty noses at – who will tell these party bosses to straighten up and fly right, or they will move on out. It would take this type of core group to make it work. Otherwise we will just be off, whining in the distance.

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