Quit Your Whining!

Posted by Larry Miller on February 1, 2013 under How | Be the First to Comment

How often do we tell our children to stop whining? Whining is just an attempt to change situations by complaining and and laying guilt on others. It is obnoxious and usually ineffective. However, in spite of this fact, we humans fall back into the practice when actions are too much effort or too intimidating.

Even those we admire tend to do little more than fuss and fume about the downward spiral of our country. They serve a useful purpose, though, in that they keep us informed and somewhat riled up… but, not riled up enough to do much more than join the chorus of inconsequential bellyachers.

We hope to convince people wrapped up in their own little worlds, hoping there wealth and well being will be improved by looting the productive members of our society. We lay out our logical defenses of liberty and justice to people who have proven themselves immune to these basic founding concepts.

We would do well to consider the parallel between our pursuit of liberty and our pursuit of righteousness. The book of James tells us faith without works is dead. Bringing it down to our situation today, we might consider that wanting to be free, but taking no action will result in our land being just as dead as an inactive faith.

We can talk and talk and talk… whine and whine and whine… but until we step out and do something… we rightly deserve to be looked on as nothing than a bunch of crybaby whiners.

The truth will set us free, but only if we believe and act upon it.

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