Precarious Times

Posted by Larry Miller on January 15, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

The United States seems to be moving steadily to a place in history that few of the citizens want and even fewer see on the horizon. President Obama and his cohorts are taking advantage of the tragedy in Connecticut to push their agenda of disarming America… making it safer for them and more certain that they will be able to impose their socialistic will on the good people of the land.

Reports of executive orders designed to restrict the rights of citizens to defend themselves and their families have riled the freedom loving portion of the population to the point where they are ready to take whatever actions they believe necessary to set things right. On one hand, this is the spirit that formed our nation. Our country was, indeed, formed amidst the violence and bloodshed of a revolt against the most powerful and oppressive monarch in the world.

On the other hand, typical of this administration, they keep pushing us, a little at a time. Poking at us here. Jabbing at us there. It’s almost like they are daring us to strike back… giving them more of a reason to further restrict our ability object, all in the name of peace and safety.

There are those in the administration who would like nothing more than to be able to round up those of us who have the audacity to stand in the way of their dictatorial control. Many are just waiting, salivating at the opportunity.

That is just one of the dangers confronting our land. Anyone with even half an understanding of ObamaKare knows that is will be a disaster fiscally and physically for the people of the land. Even many on the President’s side of the aisle already see some of the flaws and recognize that they must be corrected or eliminated.

The hazard we find here is that as we are struggling to restore sanity to an out of control and truly unmanageable health care system, the liberal/progressives have been on the stump, convincing their followers that the benefits they receive under this misnamed Affordable Care Act are theirs by right. At the same time, they see an opportunity to finally create a land governed by the laws of “social justice” where the less fortunate, or the less motivated, will, at last, receive back some of the wealth the rich have stolen from them.

We have seen violence break out when people are in line for government supplied or subsidized housing, or when they think they are waiting in line for some “Obama money”. Imagine their outrage should the evil taxpayers decide that they can handle their funds more effectively and efficiently than bureaucrats bent on redistributing their money in a manner decided upon behind closed doors.

When we eventually do stop this medial abomination, we could well see cities all around the country acting like Detroit when their home team wins an NBA championship. It will not be pretty when these people who have been convinced that it is entirely proper to take hard earned resources from the one who worked for them, find out that the looting victims have other ideas.

In either case, we see our would be masters attempting to back us into a corner where we have no prospect of success in defeating them and their agenda. The fact is, we have already permitted things to go too far… way too far. The more time we allow to elapse, the more pain and suffering, we, and those holding their hands out for more and more “entitlements” will experience.

The Republicans in congress have proven themselves to be incapable of getting the job done. Many say they are against people taking the law into their own hands. Well, the law of what is right seems to be in no one’s hands right now. Yet with this lack of leadership, and the level of angst among those who simply want to be left alone and to be free, I would suggest they proceed with caution as it really looks as if we are being set up by the regime to respond with some act of violence that will give them an excuse to strike back with a power that overwhelms the dissidents fussing and fuming in the bushes.

I would suggest we heed the words of Poor Richard to warned his contemporaries, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” There is power in unity, but we must be aware that there are false friends among us, those from a desperate government that regards the desire for freedom to be a threat.

We really are in a situation similar to that facing the first revolutionaries. They knew the cost. Many paid it. That is why we’ve had the great country called the United States of America. They were up to the challenge. Are we?

Stand up we must. Stand together we must. And finally, we must stand with divine wisdom… and seek it constantly. Our children and grandchildren will thank us.

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