Liberal-Progressives’ Wishful ‘Thinking’

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By Thomas Brewton

Obama’s cherished green technology simply isn’t selling too well, even with ideological compulsion by the EPA.

Toyota drops plan for widespread sales of electric car.

GM offers big discounts to boost Volt sales.

A fundamental aspect of liberal-progressivism is the hubristic assumption that reality is a projection of their minds. In their atheistic world, people’s actions and human nature itself can be controlled and redirected by materialistic factors, chiefly government regulations.

By definition, atheism presumes to usurp the role of God. Which in practice means that liberal-progressive governments ride roughshod over individual morality and individual initiative in order to herd everyone into planners’ collectivist cattle pens.

Their predisposition to controlling whole industries (which is the definition of socialism), indeed the whole of society, is evident in Obama’s announced intention to bankrupt coal mining companies. He and his fellow liberal-progressives, still enamored of the junk science preaching man-made global warming, are confident that they can foresee climate conditions decades into the future, that in effect collectivist planners can control the world’s climate. In their vision coal, natural gas, and petroleum have no place. All of our energy needs will come from wind farms and solar panels. So they impetuously leap into what, in real life, proves to be an abyss. In areas like Texas, which has power needs growing more rapidly than the other parts of the nation, power already is in short supply. Without the slightest forethought for such mundane constrictions, Obama’s ideological Environmental Protection Agency aims to force private utility companies to take coal-fired electric generating capacity permanently offline.

What hardships they cause to real individuals is not a consideration when compared to whole-hog programs geared to abstractions called social and economic classes. Obama’s class-warfare demand for taxing the rich is of the same genre. It leads to upside down economic theories that governments, not real people, build businesses and create jobs.

In the same vein, having taken control of General Motors, screwed the bondholders, and increased the power of blood-sucking labor unions, Obama forced GM to concentrate far too much of its limited cash resources in production of the Chevy Volt. Selling Volts at big losses cuts down GM’s cash resources; worse, it drains manpower and cash needed to design and market automobiles that can readily be sold to the public at a profit. Without the latter, GM’s survivability prospects diminish. Security analysts and institutional investors, the hard-eyed realists who aren’t concerned with Al Gore’s pie-in-the-sky, already are watching for the next GM bankruptcy.

Obamacare is another example of the liberal-progressive leap-into-the-abyss mentality. When the legislation was rammed through Congress by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid no one had even read its full thousand-plus pages. And no liberal-progressive had given sufficient consideration to the paralyzing multitude of disruptions and additional costs that might (and have) eventuate.

[Editors note: This article was originally published in the View From 1776 blog.]

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