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Posted by Larry Miller on January 13, 2013 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Former Vice President (of the US) Algore’s recent sale of his socialist propaganda organization, Current TV, exposed his duplicity to the entire world. The hypocrisy of this is astounding, in that the warming gladiator sold his cable network to al Jazeera, an Islamist propaganda organization owned by the oil rich monarchy of Qatar – a nation almost universally condemned by the tree hugging community for it’s lack of environmentally conscious behavior.

On one hand, al Jazeera does share the Clinton’s Vice President’s antipathy for our great country… hopefully to a greater extent. It also reflects the Islamic view of the depravity of our capitalist country, a popular position among the elites in our government. On the other hand, Algore has built his reputation – and his fortune – on his fierce propagation of the global warming / climate change myth. Now he has sold his major asset to one of the very people he’s been vocally raging against for years.

It looks like, when the choice between standing by his environmentalist religion and standing with the enemies of our freedom, his underlying progressive mindset takes precedence. Five hundred million petro-dollars has a way of clouding one’s commitment to his cause… if, indeed, saving us all from the fabled hockey stick graph calamity is his real cause.

The question of Algore’s priorities becomes more appropriate since it has been revealed that his organization would not even consider an offer from Glenn Beck. So it appears that money alone was not the consideration, but the source of the money was also important. Even though some readers want to think they are too sophisticated for Beck’s unabashed love for his country and continuous efforts to expose those who would destroy it, few would question his patriotism… including Algore and company. Some how, they felt it would damage their reputation to sell their failed network to a man with whom they had no shared values.

The corollary of this is that they apparently have more shared values with al Jazeera, the mouthpiece of the Islamic world than with a man who loves America.

Then, there is the hypocrisy of the progressive belief that the wealthy should be happy to pay more than their share of amounts that are redistributed to people who are favored by the government. Algore and his high priced shyster lawyers did their best to have the deal completed before the capital gains taxes increased significantly. They failed, and it cost Algore millions. However, as much as he tried to avoid paying the extra taxes, as a good progressive, he should feel good that “his money” fueled even more of the vote buying redistribution progressives, such as himself, are so fond of.

So we see this man who has mesmerized many with his tails of the coming environmental apocalypse is not quite as pure as his publicist would have us believe. On one hand, he has sacrificed his environmental passion for progressive values. Then, he sacrificed his progressive values for his private enrichment.

The Bible tells us that none us is perfect. None of us is without sin. Yet, we do have to evaluate who we follow and the reliability of the information we are given. In this case of Algore… he and his cause have been found wanting.

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