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The recent murders of twenty innocent children in Newtown, CT has brought to light something that was just thought to be a coincidence just a few months ago. I tend to be skeptical of some conspiracy theories as so few people have enough information and sufficient understanding to put together all the pieces of a complex story. Beyond which, most people only see what they want to see. However, sometimes events come together that defy any conclusion but that something just smells bad and things are not as they seem.

Some eyebrows were raised, but little more was thought of it when it was revealed that Aurora shooter James Holmes’ father was preparing to testify about the corruption in the LIBOR scandal. This information was considered to be just another interesting facet of the case. Now, it appears that the father of Adam Lanza was also in line to testify about the corruption of the banks in the LIBOR scandal. I could not begin to calculate the odds of these two men going against the damage done by currency manipulators having sons doing the same terrible things.

For those not familiar with the LIBOR situation, a brief, incomplete, explanation goes something like this: LIBOR is the London Interbank Offered Rate. It is supposed to be the average rate that banks charge when they lend each other money. Unlike many financial benchmarks which are based on observed transactions, LIBOR is based on self reporting by the banks involved. Herein lies the rub… and the scandal.

Over 30 major banks and their employees have been implicated in the corruption, including USB, Bank of America and HSBC. The nervousness of the financial community runs wide and it runs deep. So, what is it they did? By not giving an honest report, LIBOR did not accurately reflect the true lending rate situation. This manipulation of published rate accomplished a couple of things.

First, part of the massive compensation packages people at the top of these banks received was in the form of bonds. The value of these bonds depends on the interest rates. When rates go up, the bond prices go down. When rates go down, the bond prices go up. Some less than honorable executives have been arrested for falsifying information for their own gain.

Second, banks with billions in outstanding loans find their profits go up or down based on the LIBOR number. Often adjustable rate mortgages and other loans to consumers are based on the same interest rate quote. So, the misreporting and rate manipulation of the LIBOR rate is not just a case of minor dishonesty within the financial club. Individual borrowers found themselves at the mercy of the major banks who were playing their own games for their own financial gain.

Lawyers have attempted to make the case that the banks involved are too big to prosecute… besides, they say, not everyone was harmed by the manipulation that not too many seem to dispute took place. Their argument seems to parallel the “too big to fail” thinking that some organizations, particularly financial organizations, are beyond the laws of the land and the laws of economic reality.

Even our own Department of Justice, yes, Eric Holder and company, decided against prosecuting HSBC, even though the bank was subject to civil judgment, because it would be destabilizing to the economy. In reality, it would be destabilizing to the international banking community. So, we really do have different rules, depending upon who one is and how much influence they wield.

Considering this detached and above-the-law thinking, we come back to Robert Holmes, father of James Holmes, the Aurora, CO theater shooter. He is the lead scientist at Fair, Isaac and Company – the people that give us the beloved FICO score that pretty much every American must cater to when they go to borrow money. It is believed that he had some damaging testimony, again, that could “destabilize” the banking system… or at least the bankers.

Then we have Peter Lanza, who is Senior Vice President of Taxation for GE, and, prior to this, was with Ernst & Young. His understanding of the financial system put him in a unique position to testify about the damage interest rate manipulation would do to both the economy and individual citizens. All the better to destroy confidence in the banking system, and beyond that, the central banks in the civilized world.

To think that the offspring of these two men, both involved in the uncovering of misconduct, and testifying against major players in the financial industry would have similar destructive breakdowns, taking the lives of innocent strangers, just strains the bounds of credibility. Then we add in the fact that, in both cases, witnesses spoke of more than one shooter, and the official narrative is that there was only one, really has to stretch to believe everything we are told.

I realize that getting shot at tends to make many people hysterical, and hysterical witnesses are not the most reliable. Because of this, it’s difficult to know what to include in the narrative and what to leave out at times, but reports like this raise questions that don’t seem to be addressed in official findings. We had the same situation with the investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy. Many witnesses said they saw either a shooter or some other activity after the act on the grassy knoll – none of which made it into the final analysis.

However, what little we know of the government’s PsyOps program – that’s psychological operations – makes one wonder even more. Obviously such work is done away from the daylight of public scrutiny, but reports are that a major goal is to manipulate non-agents into performing tasks, sometimes self destructive tasks, for the government… sometimes called “the greater good”. In this case, three things have been accomplished: those coming against the mighty banking community have paid dearly, the progressives believe the case for gun control has been strengthened, and attention has been diverted from the Benghazi disaster… a win, win, win for the dark side.

It may be that the price of blowing the whistle on banking corruption was the destruction of their two sons. I don’t know, but, when viewed in the context of the sad case of Kevin Krim, the stench reaches to high heaven.

Krim is the Senior Vice President of Digital News at CNBC. On October 25 of this year, the web site ran a story, Major Banks, Governmental Officials and Their Comrade Capitalists Targets of Spire Law Group, LLP’s Racketeering and Money Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury. The title alone was enough to raise hackles all over DC and the financial capitols of the world.

The article named the names of high government officials, up to Eric Holder and Jon Corzine. It told of a law suit charging racketeering and money laundering in the mortgage industry, in particular, and sought to have forty three trillion (with a “T”) returned to the American people that the crony capitalist bankers and the co-conspirators in government, essentially, stole from the people.

On October 26 of this year, two of Krim’s young children were stabbed to death, supposedly by their nanny, who then, allegedly, tried to commit suicide by stabbing herself twice in the neck.

On October 27, the article was scrubbed from the CNBC site. Fortunately, someone downloaded a copy before it was gone.

What are we to make of all this? At this point, I cannot tie all this together with proof… but that is to be expected. On the other hand, to accept this carnage as just a set of unrelated coincidences is a little too much to ask. It does appear that becoming an obstacle to the banking community, as well as our government, may well have grave hazards. Hazards that are not always to the offending party, but the the innocents around them.

We need to appreciate, and pray for those courageous souls who will take a stand for honesty, integrity and honor. We know that shady dealings will not remain hidden forever, but that does not relieve us of the responsibility of pursuing the truth – wherever that leads.

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  • Tobeanonym said,

    Elitist in this country involved in whats surfacing to be illuminati.

  • Louiza said,

    This article has left me speechless! I heard Paul McGuire speak at the apologetics conference of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills a couple years ago, and he spoke about some similar things. The world is becoming a pretty scary place; however, it is comforting to know that we stand on Jesus promises “…straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near” Luke 21:28

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