Weeping In Connecticut

Posted by Larry Miller on December 16, 2012 under Why | Be the First to Comment

It’s hard to comprehend the evil that took place in Newtown, CT. The tragedy is a nightmare that no parent and no community should have to live through. It is also difficult to comprehend that a young man held so much hatred for the woman who gave him birth that he would not only take her life but the lives of so many young children who have harmed no one and school personnel as well.

It is at times such as this that people who have little concept of a living God begin to criticize Him, wondering how a loving Creator could permit such a thing to happen. Questions such as this indicate a complete misunderstanding of the nature of good and evil. It is also asked by those who ignore their Creator throughout their lives, but need an explanation for the evil they cannot comprehend. This is also why many wish to blame the weapon rather than the man who pulled the trigger on that weapon. Blaming the shooter opens up a whole can of worms that shows the depths to which humanity can sink… themselves included.

Many people blame the Creator rather than the actual perpetrator because they cannot believe such evil would be in the heart of man, whom they believe to be basically good. The fact is that the Bible tells us that none of us is good – which is why we all needed the redeeming work of Jesus on the cross.

For the families who lost the children, there is little comfort other than the possibility of being united once again in the hereafter. Their grief cannot be imagined and our prayers need to be with them. It’s something they may never really get over, but He can help them get through this time of unspeakable sorrow.

When any tragedy occurs, those of us that are able, try to learn the lessons from it that we can, to do our best to prevent such disasters in the future. One lesson is that, no matter what the schools tell us, they cannot guarantee the safety of our children. The idea of metal detectors and armed guards at schools smacks of police state behavior. Yet, we have armed men guarding armored trucks full of cash or jewelry transportation. Are not our children of more value than bags of dollars or rocks dug out of the ground?

The Bible tells us they are a blessing from the Lord. As a society, we have decided otherwise, we throw them away before they are born if they are inconvenient. We have sewed to the wind and the people of Newtown, Columbine and Aurora have seen what it is like to reap the whirlwind. We have devalued the beginning of life in abortion clinics and in the ObamaKare “death panels”.

Something else to keep in mind is that the police were, appropriately, called. The problem is that, whatever good the intentions of some of these fine public servants, in the time it takes them to arrive on the scene, whether it’s three minutes, five minutes, or perhaps, ten minutes, an awful lot of damage can be done by a deranged killer with almost any kind of weapon.

Police are quite good at figuring out what happened, and often catching the bad guys – after the damage is done and the innocent have been buried. Most are good at what they do, but among the things they do well is not the prevention of this kind of violence. It’s like the saying goes, “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

This gets us back to having better plans to prevent such tragedies – plans that provide for stopping people like this in their tracks, just as we have to be prepared to protect our own homes and families. While we cannot control what others do, we can prepare ourselves and insist that the people we entrust our most valuable possessions to do the same.

Of course the members of the chattering class will be calling for more gun control to keep the weapons out of the hands of crazies. For the effectiveness of such measures, we can look to Chicago where there have been more people killed this year than in Afghanistan. Then, if we were to permit such an unconstitutional power grab, that would be about the worst choice we could make. Given the propensity of this administration for telling us everything but the truth, giving the government exclusive access to firearms would be tragic mistake.

They have their own form of evil that they are perpetrating on our land. We have enough… more than enough, and so many, somehow just refuse to see it. Fortunately Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy saw it and told the people, “Evil visited this community today.” That’s something a politician got right.

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