An Enemy Within

Posted by Larry Miller on December 5, 2012 under Why | Be the First to Comment

John Boehner has learned the lessons of the Chicago politics far to well for the good of his party or the good of our country. The problem with elevating people, even some good, well meaning people, is that they can easily dessert the principles and people who brought them to power – all in the name of retaining some control over the process, or, worse yet, just to remain part of the power brokers club.

I heard Boehner tell his story a few years ago. He seems to be a likable fellow who rose much further in the world than he ever thought he would go. In some ways, I could say the same thing about Jimmy Carter, and we all know how that turned out. Boehner’s recent actions show us the path he has chosen.

Committee assignments for the up coming session of congress show Tim Huelskamp (KS) and Justin Amash (MI) are gond from the House Budget Committee while Walter Jones (NC) and David Schweikert (AZ) have been booted from the House Financial Services Committee. Both committees, essential to the Boehner’s surrender to Barack Hussein Obama on the class warfare battlefield. All four are tea party favorites who have, among other things, stood up against Republican surrender in the past. They are they type of people we need in government – they stood on principle rather than voting to make an easier path for leaders going in the wrong direction.

The Speaker’s capitulation insures that he will be accepted by the lapdog media and even, possibly, gain a small measure of respect from the regime as a fellow traveler. But then, that respect is rarely accorded to those regarded as useful idiots.

What Boehner, and most of the old line Republican establishment types, fail to comprehend is that Obama has much larger goals than the miniscule amount of revenue generated by his plan. Consider, for a moment, the destructive style of Chicago politics. It is a style that goes far beyond the mere issue at hand, but the removal of future threats as well.

Just as Boehner is removing the threats posed by these four congressmen, he is permitting the removal of a threat to the president named the Republican Party. What we see is limp wristed responses to the Democrats emotional, pointed rhetoric. It is an attempt to be reasonable with an adversary that has no intention of being reasonable, just in grinding the opposition into fine powder and watching it blow away.

It is quite possible John Boehner, like John McCain before him, may actually be trying to do what he thinks is the right thing. It’s like those “Coexist” bumper stickers you see on cars being driven by people who really believe you can coexist with people trying to kill you. It may be good intentioned, but we know that such good intentions pave the road to damnation, both temporal and eternal.

Some have suggested that, with the reduced Republican majority in the house, just sixteen courageous congressmen and women could pull the rug out of his plans for retaining the speakership. Some have even suggested that should this coup be attempted, a few Democrats would come to his aid to keep him in place. This is part of the fantasy world of Washington, DC. Democrats, not used to independent thought, and more comfortable following their leadership, right or wrong, would hand the gavel back to Nancy Pelosi. In any case, it would be good to show Boehner that he cannot win and it’s time to “spend more time with his family”, as the excuse usually goes.

Some would say that Pelosi would be worse. I would say, that the current house leadership’s subverting the values that people assign to the Republican Party is nothing more than false advertising and little or nothing will be done within the party apparatus since so many are more concerned with their own positions and power than with the country.

When the Republican Party begins (what do I mean “begins”, they’ve been doing it for years) to bend to the wishes of the Democrats on key issues, where can those of us turn? Erick Erickson got it right when he wrote, “As the sun rises this morning we can look at John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy and know the opposition is not just across the aisle, but in charge of our own side in the House of Representatives.”

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