Watch Out For The Spin

Posted by Larry Miller on November 25, 2012 under How | Read the First Comment

Having just returned from a Thanksgiving trip to the frozen north, I saw, first hand, the results of the cut backs in staffing many businesses are beginning to implement as they attempt to survive the initial implementation of ObamaKare.

Several formerly fast food restaurants were unable to keep up with the people coming through the door on the heaviest travel weekend in the land. It is a time when proper preparation equals profits and there just were not enough bodies behind the counters to get the job done. Then there was the nice, mid range hotel that didn’t have enough housekeepers to adequately keep the place clean… and help to prepare the usually excellent breakfast.

On top of this, I read recently where the Community College of Allegheny County cut the hours of about 200 adjunct faculty members and 200 other employees as they are looking to avoid paying their tribute to Obama for the “free” health care. Ironically, many of these may well have been the biggest supporters of the socialization of, what had been, a flawed, but workable, system. These are just the beginning of the negative impacts this and other progressive schemes will have on the people who actually want to earn an honest living.

None of this should come as a surprise as stories of this sort have been circulating for some time. Anyone with an understanding of economics knows that businesses can’t just increase costs without increasing prices and, often, losing business… or they can simply go out of business. However, the recent election proved we live in a nation of economic illiterates. Economics, and even common sense, is taught in very few educational institutions – even those that have a course by that name.

This lack of knowledge, combined with an environment where business owners are demonized as evil, greedy miscreants who rape the public, squeezing the life’s blood out of the poor, down trodden working class. We can just count the days, hours maybe, until this increase in unemployment is assigned to the evil rich rather than the ill conceived government intrusion in to one more area where they simply do not have any expertise or right to occupy.

We have seen so many of the failures in our country blamed on George Bush, rather than looking to the real causes… an action that could have led to real fixes and a better country. In addition to this, we have a regime that has nothing but contempt for the people that really make this country work, we have a president with a pathological need to avoid any responsibility when things don’t go as he has told the people they would. It’s like we have Captain Queeg in the White House.

Just be prepared when the people really start feeling the hurt from loses income and begin looking to the government for more solutions to their problems – problems stemming directly form the people they are looking to for help. Part of the preparation we must make is to know the truth. Learn about the Austrian school of economics… the system that actually works, and learn something about the Keynesian school that believes economies can be stimulated by government spending… and spending. We might add government control to the equation as well. In any case, statists love the theory, but it has never worked, and never will work… yet they keep on trying, thinking they are the ones to get it right..

Once the barrage of disinformation begins, it’s up to us to be keepers of the truth. Truth we cannot keep to ourselves, just as we cannot keep any of the rest of the truth to ourselves, even if it falls on deaf ears. Never forget, “the truth will set us free!” Only the truth.

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  • George Washington said,

    Since it is a SCARE, it should be called Obama’sCare or ObamaSCARE.

    Bless you Larry.


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