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Posted by Larry Miller on November 14, 2012 under Why | Be the First to Comment

A week after the election that set our country further into a death spiral, we see the Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman is finally stirring to action. Allen West, valient congressman from Florida, is fighting a courageous battle against voter fraud in St. Lucie County. Now, it is reported that Priebus is coming to his side. Far from being a cause for celebration this is just something that should have been done days ago.

While Democrats had cadres of lawyers standing by to secure their their ill-gotten victory, the timid Republicans seem to be incapable of more than being slapped around by the nefarious opposition. When the Bible talks about turning the other cheek, it is for us individually, and in no way is an excuse to shrink back from the pursuit of justice.

St. Lucie County is just one of many localities with voting results that defy logic and are far from passing the smell test. During the partial recount that has been pursued up to this point, it seems that 1,100 votes have somehow disappeared, and others keep shifting. Counting votes should be a straight forward proposition, but it seems that any precinct with Democrats running the show yields results that have little relationship with reality. Some list more votes than voters in the area and others seem to registered no votes at all for the Republican candidate.

Now Priebus is finally getting the message and coming to the aid of West. With such widespread reports criminal election manipulation, it is astounding that the Republican Party is not raising a holy stink about the apparent theft of an office that should have been gone to a more honorable man. They tend to be afraid of their own shadow when it comes to offending some segments of the population.

They do not realize that this door mat policy will do nothing to win voters who will not support the party of Reagan and Lincoln no matter what they do with PR and “outreach” programs. Sometimes, you just have to do the right thing. It is not for the party. It is not for the candidate. It is for the people who spent their time and dollars trying to save their country. When a party or candidate takes the “high road” and gracefully walks away after an apparent defeat at the hands of a dishonest opponent, they are forsaking the people who believed in them – proving themselves unworthy of the support in the first place.

It is an honest question about the reliability of a party that won’t even stand for justice for its supporters when they were trying to spare their country for four more disastrous years. It is instructive to note that there is little in the way of calls for change at the top of RNC. It is indicative of the condition of the party that the establishment is sticking by the leader who helped bring one more moderate candidate into the presidential race… a candidate who, in actuality, may really have come up short.

It seems that the enthusiasm for saving our country and restoring our constitution is much greater among the citizens… the ones who have to pay the bill – than in the elites of either party, who are fat and happy in their exalted positions. The people are looking for a leader they can trust to treat their support with respect, while providing a vehicle for victory.

If the Republican Party is to remain viable, the leadership has to give up the ensconced loyal opposition mentality and get a little of the spirit of the founders who fought for the freedoms current politicians are bargaining away, just to say they are part of the ruling class. Helping Allen West is a start, but what about the others who have been defeated through the fraudulent efforts of Democrat operatives. This is not the gentleman’s game they want to believe it is. We are up against street fighters and we need bare knuckle street fighters to join the battle. Otherwise we may need to heed Herman Cain’s call for considering a new party.

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