Romney Lost, What Did We Learn?

Posted by Larry Miller on November 7, 2012 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Barack Hussein Obama will be president for a second term. Yet I have seen some even more disturbing trends that can only lead to a divided nation as we move into the future. Numbers throughout the country show a pretty much even split in the people of this, once united, nation.

Half the people voted for Barack Hussein Obama because of his race, because they wanted him to take care of them, because they believed in the progressive dream, because they bought into his class warfare rhetoric, and he gave them free phones. The other half rejected his big government approach to solving our nations woes.

What this means is, that even if Mitt Romney had won, it would be no guarantee of setting our country back on the right course. I understand the people who have made a career of living off the American taxpayers. Many have been raised that way and their moral compass directs them in no other direction. To the computer geek who worked in the logical thinking of programming, some reasons are just incomprehensible. One woman on TV, holding a child in her arms, told a reporter that she was voting for Obama because he cares about her. In spite of the chaos all around, she believed he cared, and that was enough.

This woman, like so many others, bought into his class warfare, blame the rich, thinking that she assumed she was going to get her share and be taken care of. The formerly mainstream media carried the president’s message so well she was carried along with the stories and their mission was accomplished.

Beyond this, this election showed that half the people have no comprehension of the world around them and can’t see beyond their own immediate benefit. Benghazi barely caused a ripple in Obama’s support. None of his followers seem to care about the massive debt he is laying on future generations. Calls to pride in our country and its heritage fall on deaf ears as people so wrapped up free phones and Obama money. We have apparently come to the point as a nation, where half the people have learned that they can vote themselves benefits from the public treasury.

Republicans, setting aside for the moment the myopia and elitism of the party’s establishment, were too often making a case using facts that so many, conditioned by the media and our public educational system, just don’t care about.

For years, we have welcomed legal newcomers, and Democrats have welcomed illegal newcomers who just don’t have the same understanding of freedom that the rest of us do. They don’t understand the beauty of our constitution and the courage of our founders… and the progressive government is doing nothing to change the situation.

So, what do we do? First we have to, like the progressives, understand that we are fighting a long term battle that involves getting through to the mindset of our fellow Americans. Campaigns can no longer be run on facts and logic. We cannot assume Obama voters have the same values and concerns we do. It is these values that will set our country right again, not just winning an election.

Some have said we are no longer a Christian nation. This election may be proof for many. The real resolution to this problem is a revival in the land – changing of the hearts of the people. That would be our only hope as a nation, and their only hope as God’s creation.

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