Blogger Blasts Believers Who Bother To Bounce The Bamster

Posted by Phil Whitaker on November 5, 2012 under Why | Be the First to Comment

OK, it had to happen. Now religion is important to CNN. Finally they have seen the light. Christianity, and the purity of our faith has now become all important to the guardians of tolerance.

Check out this post and their blog called NewsBusters.

The article purports to “warn” Christians against voting for a Mormon because they have always known how evil the “cult” is. Thank you CNN for reminding us all of just how much you care about preserving the integrity of the Gospel message. Now I can sleep peacefully knowing you are on duty as our watchman on the wall.

Give me a break!! The only thing CNN is interested in here is to attempt a last minute end run around reason by actually using religion when it appears to fit their firmly established agenda. Don’t worry though, they will be right back to their old ways the moment President Elect Romney want to have a prayer meeting in the white house and invite evangelicals to be a part of it.

Look, I still don’t agree with Mormon theology. I see no evidence that they have altered their beliefs for me to be comfortable calling Mormonism Christian. I am willing to listen if anyone wants to show me a reformation movement in the LDS movement, but so far I haven’t seen it.

The point is, the election tomorrow is not about who is a Christian, and who is not. If that were truly our motivation, then Christians wouldn’t have anyone to vote for. Neither of the major candidates would qualify. President Obama is certainly aligned with anti-Christian theology, and has shown himself for years to be comfortable with killing innocent unborn children for reason of mere convenience. If you want to talk cultic behavior, the “sacrificing of babies” should qualify.

The election is not about Christianity in the Oval Office, it is about the future of our Republic. If believers care at all about the liberty woven into our Constitution, then we must elect a President who believes that Constitution is a valid standard for government. As a confirmed progressive, Barack Obama does not. He sees the Constitution as “restrictive” (his word). He believes that it is only valid as we interpret it according to today’s values. It should be seen as a “living” document that “evolves” with society.

Constitutionalists do not want a document to evolve with society, we want a document to guide society. The values that are the foundation of America are a fixed standard above sectarianism, even that of fundamental Christianity. It is not that we value politics more than our faith. It is simply that we value our country more than our differences.

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