The 47 Percent Solution

Posted by Larry Miller on September 20, 2012 under Why | Be the First to Comment

The formerly mainstream press is raising all sorts of a stir about what they call Mitt Romney’s “gaffe” when he commented that 47% of the people are dependent on the government and paid no income taxes. When he said he was not going to pursue them for their votes, the press went ballistic, taking advantage of the incident to deflect the public attention from the blow back of Barack Hussein Obama’s appeasement policies in the Middle East.

While the percentage may not have been exactly right, the idea was right on target. There are people who cannot support themselves through no fault of their own, and properly receive the support of their fellow citizens. However, as much as the progressive left would have us believe otherwise, there really are people who have made a career working the system and… some are quite good at it.

Roughly half of the adult population pay no income taxes. Yet, this administration that tells us it is continuously pursuing the idea of “fairness”, sees no problem with this. Almost half the population is not impacted by tax rates going up or going down. His message of lower tax rates and support for job creators does not resonate with people who have become accustomed to having someone else pay their way. In fact some have the same reaction to work as Maynard G. Krebs.

As stated before, there are people legitimately receiving government checks – single mothers abandoned by nonsupporting, deadbeat fathers, military retirees, older folks on social security and the like. However this is not the case with everyone and for those who have become accustomed to living at the expense of others, Romney’s message of lower taxes and more jobs is something to be opposed.

The fact that an honest recognition of this fact is being spun by those who would be our masters as lack of concern for the poor is a beautiful illustration of the different approaches of the two sides of looking for the votes of the American people. One deals in emotion, hoping to manipulate the unthinking public into keeping them in power – the other takes the logical approach and looks to put his resources where they would do the most good.

Not to sound too Spockish, but with all the problems facing us at home and overseas, we need someone who can look at the facts and come up with the right answers for a struggling country. Chasing after feel good answers that ignore the reality of our dangerous world and the people and organizations that would take our freedoms will only make things worse. We are told that one definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

We have been following the ever expanding government for decades… and things have only gotten worse. Maintaining this same course will only speed the disaster that is coming upon us. It is up to the adults in the country to come back and take control. Mitt Romney’s numbers may not have been precise, but the idea is on target. Some people will never vote for him and there is no reason to pursue them. We can’t let the hysterical reaction of Obama’s fawning press deter us from taking the steps needed to bring sanity back into our world, and neither can he.

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