Remembering the 3000

Posted by Larry Miller on September 10, 2012 under How | Be the First to Comment

Wake up call...

Wake up call...

Eleven years ago our country woke up to the fact that we live in a dangerous world and not every one wished us well. We also woke up to the fact that our enemies did not have borders or national identities. They did have a common identity… an identity that our current leaders refuse to recognize.

September 11 is a day we need to remember the innocence we lost that day. But we need to go beyond our own dismayed reaction and remember the three thousand people who started the day heading off to work, vacations and business trips. Each had their own concerns and tasks that awaited them. None of their plans and tasks were completed as Islamic terrorists who hated America more than they loved their own lives, sent them off into eternity.

On an individual level, this happens to people every day, and is something we all need to be spiritually prepared for. However when so many are annihilated by the evil actions of followers of, what we are told is, a religion of peace, we have to really look at our relationship with other adherents. Yet… more and more are showing up in influential positions of our government.

In any case, we cannot let our anger and frustration keep us from reverently remembering the people died that day. But we do need to let that anger and frustration power our efforts this political season… and beyond. Keep in mind that sometimes elections do not reflect the views of the people… and other actions may need to be taken.

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