America the Ugly – According To Some

Posted by Larry Miller on July 24, 2012 under Why | Be the First to Comment

A while back I received an email from a reader claiming to be a Christian who criticized my support of the United States as a special country on earth that was put in place by our Creator as a “ shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere,” to use Ronald Reagan’s words. In the mold of Barack Obama and, to a lesser extent, Ron Paul, the writer began to list our sins in the international arena as justification, not only for the 911 attacks, but Iranian nuclear ambitions.

It seems he would have been quite comfortable with Jeremiah Wright’s sermon about America’s “chickens coming home to roost.” While it is undeniable that our country has taken some indefensible actions, the fact remains that, at least until recent years, it has been the closest thing to a Christian nation the world has seen. This thinking bothers the critics, whose secular humanistic expectations of us are higher than our creators, while they ignore the wickedness all around us.

My critic obviously either did not live through the cold war period, or has chosen to overlook the Evil Empire we faced off against in that time. It is easy to criticize the US for things that have gone wrong and justify the world hating us, while making nice with dictators, both major and petty, around the world who have slaughtered millions. It seems that there is a guilt among some for the success our country has had and the ease of their lives. There is also, in some quarters, a rejection of the Judeo-Christian values that have guided our country to greatness.

Outside of a few specifics, we have nothing to apologize for on the world stage as we have generally been a stabilizing influence. When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, who comes to help the victims. Do the Chinese? Do the Islamic states? Do the people in the Russian sphere lend a hand? No! It is the evil Americans who show up with food, clothing, medicine, and anything else that is needed. We have often given more to overseas victims than we’ve given to our own people. That is how terrible we Americans are.

Unfortunately, sometimes our leaders have allowed the concept of “the greater good” to guide our support of some pretty awful people. Many times we would have been better off heading George Washington’s advice to steer clear of foreign alliances of this sort. Instead, we have followed the course of expediency rather than the course we know is right. Our error was that we have tried to take the short cut of trusting the untrustworthy and being unequally yoked with brutal, godless men who could do us favors in the short term.

I’m not sure this makes us evil. It does make us foolish and lazy! We don’t have to go around taking out every petty dictator that appears on the world scene, but we certainly don’t have to finance and arm them either. We have forgotten the value of virtue. Yet, in spite of errors in judgment our country has done nothing so awful as to warrant the hatred of those wanting to kill us. We have been a little heavy handed in times past, but to find the reason for the irrational attitude of the followers of radical Islam, we need look no further than the Koran, with its message of dominance and victory over the infidels.

The conflict we are facing is nothing that can be negotiated away. You can only negotiate with reasonable and rational people. We can blame ourselves all we want, and, while we can always do better, we can never make ourselves acceptable to the radical Islamic leaders except by surrender.

So, the blame America first crowd does not have the solution to world peace, but they do have the solution to destroying patriotism and pride in our country. We can follow their lead into destruction or we can do what we have to as we work for the removal of the Kenyan socialist. The first choice is a betrayal of our children and grandchildren. The second choice honors, not only our country’s founders, but the generations who have gone before us and sacrificed to give us this wonderful land. It would also be a betrayal of our creator and grantor of our life and our liberty and who enables us to enjoy the life He gave us.

So, when you come across someone who enjoys badmouthing our country – set them straight if you can, but don’t waste a lot of time… so many of have had their thinking polluted by our educational institutions, the formerly main stream media, the entertainment industry, and even our own government that only the wisdom from the Almighty will permit them to understand.

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