For Greater Glory

Posted by Larry Miller on June 21, 2012 under How | Be the First to Comment

I don’t pollute my mind with too much from leftist Hollywood, so when a film like For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada comes along, I am pleasantly surprised. It is the story of Mexico’s Cristero War where the people fought back as the atheist government became more and more restrictive of the ability of the Roman Catholic Church to function in the country.

I don’t know anything about the spiritual lives of director, Dean Wright or writer, Michael Love, or if they even realized they were telling a tale that went far beyond a mere historical account of a shameful period in our southern neighbor’s history. It would be possible that the Hollywood types were telling the story of brave men and women standing up against the oppressive government did not even realize that the story had implications for us ninety years later and in the nation to the north.

It may be that the people behind the film understood this and got the job done anyway… or that the God of the universe used their desire to produce entertainment to tell a story we all need to see. And it is something all Christians, not just Catholics need to make time to see. It is an R rated movie, not for the usual reasons. The depiction of the brutalities inflicted on the peasants by the Federales are sometimes difficult to watch. Yet they help us understand more about the dangers faced by people struggling to worship God in the face of a government that destroyed churches and murdered priests.

I won’t go into detail, but there is a story that goes beyond the people’s desire for religious freedom. The is also about the people inflicting the death and destruction. The Federales were Mexicans whose job it was to maintain order in the country. They were following orders of the President and, often, sadistic leaders drunk with power over the little people.

What about these Mexican Federal Police? Were they just as bloodthirsty as their commanders? Did they not have any concerns about the morality or propriety of their actions? Did they object to hanging their fellow citizens on poles along the railroad tracks? Could they object to burning churches or executing priests? Did they just follow orders like the German soldiers leading Jews to their doom?

More importantly, given the increasing number of enforcement agents and agencies, combined with increasing hostility to Christianity by all levels of government, how would our officers today respond to orders to suppress churches and religious expression. Will they just say “Yes, sir”, and proceed to wreak havoc on the land, or will they follow Nancy Reagan’s advice and “Just say no!”. Some of our sworn officers have already made the decision. They are called Oath Keepers. These genuine public servants have already declared that there are ten orders that they will refuse to obey.

The Oath Keepers are the kind of officers we can depend on if things really start to fall apart. They are not always held in esteem by their superiors who know they cannot be relied on to blindly follow them. It is sad that this is the case, but we need to support men and women like this… and encourage others to join them.

If you have not seen For Greater Glory, go out and see a movie. It’s not for the kids, and it’s not for the ones with week stomachs… but it is for those who are inspired by a true story of heroism and faith. It is for those who are willing to consider that bad things can happen in our own back yard.

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