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Posted by Larry Miller on June 4, 2012 under How | 2 Comments to Read

Have you ever been told by someone that a “real Christian” wouldn’t say or do something you are saying or doing? If it is your pastor or a trusted friend that you know has been in the Word, it would be well to pay attention to them, and, as the Bible says, “consider your ways”. On the other hand, if it comes from someone whose shadow has never darkened the door of the church, or if they come from a church that questions whether or not the Bible is the inerrant, infallible, inspired Word of God, you may not want to be so quick to assume they are speaking from some position of authority.

It is true that often Christians are the worst advertisements for the gospel. Many have said, “if that is a Christian, then I don’t want to be one”, because some of us have not lived up to our high calling. There are times when we need to “consider our ways” in this case as well.

However, this “you’re not a real Christian” attack is often mounted to silence the guilt provoking consideration of what our Creator really has to say about how we should live our lives. For instance, I have been told that a “real Christian” would understand that a homosexual was born that way and can’t help being attracted to members of the same sex.

Romans 1 tells us that homosexual offenders and adulterers will have no part of the kingdom of heaven. Let’s consider this for a moment. Even if it were true, which it is not, that homosexuals cannot help what they do, they are still put on the same level as adulterers. Normal men are attracted to women, yet they are told not to have relations outside of marriage, even if they are attracted to someone else. As we see here it is not the attraction that is forbidden, it is the wrongful action that occurs because of this attraction. Some men have to struggle more with marital fidelity than others, but that does not change the nature of the action. So even if we were to accept the fantasy that some men and women are genetically predetermined to live a life displeasing to their Creator and subjecting them to His wrath, that would make Him a cruel and uncaring god.

Other times, I have been told that if I were a “real Christian”, I would understand how a woman feels if she is unmarried and cannot face the shame, inconvenience or financial burden of a child. I should understand what a difficult decision it is to kill your child and be sympathetic when the have to make this choice. I am sympathetic, and believe we could to a lot more to help them through these difficult times. This may make a difference to many who do not fall into the “couldn’t be bothered” category or who in their perceived infinite wisdom, know more than God in Heaven what gender child would be best for them. I would say our “real Christian” duty should take us far beyond the finger wagging criticism that is often the extent of our involvement to helping in various ways from financial support to adoption.

Then there is the “real Christian” put down when we begin looking at excessive “entitlements” to irresponsible and unmotivated people who have made living of the transfer payments from the government a way of life. All we hear is “what about the children?” This is from people who have devised programs to drive fathers from families and encourage single mother homes. They have proven quite capable of creating our mess, and haven’t a clue how to get out… yet they complain every time someone steps forward with a plan to reduce dependency, reduce costs increase personal responsibility and achievement.

Of course the children, some bred to increase welfare payments, others, just innocent victims of irresponsibility, need help. So do the parents. A real Christian response would be to set up ways to help these families through a church or group of churches as some have begun doing. This would have a duel benefit. First it would be more efficient and help people right in their own communities. Second, it would ease the burden on governments at all levels that have, long ago, run out of money for such programs.

The secular statists fight this kind of real Christian solution tooth and nail. First, the do this because they are out of the loop and lose the power to control who gets and who does not get helped, and even more so, because their would, of necessity, be a spiritual component that would lead people to know who really cares for them and supplies their needs.

Whatever the supposed point of contention, the primary objective of those who want us to believe they are an authority on how a “real Chrisitan” should talk and behave is to mold us into the type of person who does things they believe are best for everyone, rather than think independently and find out exactly how to live in a way pleasing to our Creator. As with everything else they do, they key word is control.

Next time someone tells you how a “real Christian” should act, consider their words, but do not be intimidated by them. We do not want our actions to cause anyone to stumble, yet we do not want to be dissuaded from doing whatever task we have been called to do. We are often quoted the “blessed are the peacemakers”, which is an important part of our faith, yet our myopic adversaries conveniently forget that Jesus made a whip and physically drove the money changers from the temple. We need to keep in mind what Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time for every purpose under heaven… and the discerning heart knows what is needed in each situation.

Things may get a little rocky at times, but when it comes time to give an account for our lives, do we really want to have to explain how some follower of our defeated foe convinced us to abandon our duty to live and speak AND truth in order to achieve a little temporary comfort. So be sure of the task before you, then when criticism and threats come your way… do it anyway!

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  • Diane Crouse said,

    Great points. When I am blogging I see that, a real Christian and sometimes the, Jesus would do this or would not do that references. I have learned to pause and pray before I respond, the LORD will either lead my thoughts in what to write or I will be lead not to respond at all. I know it is for sure not of the LORD if I am responding based on my own feelings, not that I don’t have them, but they are not always in line with Gods love, grace and mercy. At other times I get an unction to to take a stand on Gods righteousness and His justice and His word. That can often be painful to us all because we fall so short of Gods glory and we by nature do not like to face that. It is only because of Jesus that we are able to face our sin and shame seek forgiveness through Him in repentance to God. How wonderful that is and how blessed we are to know and believe in Jesus. God makes me think of that about the lost, for truly knowing Jesus and surrendering to Him is what they need, and we are here to share that with them. I agree with you that our actions towards them matter most. We can be an answer to a problem or help find solutions within the body of Christ for their needs. We are called to take care of the widow and the orphan, feed the hungry and cloth the naked. To care for the sick and imprisoned, there are many types of prisons that the lost are in. I believe homosexuality is one of them. Jesus came to set us free from all of these human, worldly shackles and bondage’s that sin nature drags us into. I want I need to be more like Jesus, He cares and He is able to reach them.

    Thank you for your very truthful article and God bless you in your further works, in Jesus, Amen.

  • Larry Miller said,

    Thank you for your well thought out points. We need to always be aware that we are responsible to a higher power than critics who try to silence us and even the government. We just need to keep in mind that it is never wrong to do the right thing.

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