Campaigning in Kabul

Posted by Larry Miller on May 2, 2012 under How | Be the First to Comment

After flying half way around the world to make a campaign speech with soldiers and military equipment as props Barack Hussein Obama got his answer within hours. After spending untold dollars, and, more importantly, American lives the President agreed that the Taliban should have a part in the future of Afghanistan. These were the people we were supposed to be driving from power in retaliation for their support of the 911 attackers.

Now, after all this adventure has cost the United States, and we have installed a corrupt and unreliable leader in the land, it’s as if he is saying “Never mind”. We could have achieved this same result years ago! Our country fell into the same “no win” strategy that it followed in the poisonous 60s and 70s. The best of America’s youth were sacrificed for internationalist political agenda where victory was never a consideration.

World War II ended when our enemies were no longer able to wage war. They surrendered and it was over. Modern internationalist diplomacy revolves around negotiated settlements where both sides agree to stop fighting, even though they still have the ability. This reduces treaties to agreements to suspend hostilities until it becomes more convenient to start them again.

While it is much easier said than done, if the total destruction of the Taliban was not the goal, why was this whole show put on for the American people? After all this time, and lives sacrificed, Barack Obama is now offering an open door to the very people we were committed removing from power. The progress, such as it was, is now pretty much down the drain.

Having rolled over to the Islamic enemy, did we see a positive response from the Taliban? Did we see them praise our anointed leader for his reasonable attitude and desire for world peace? Not exactly. Within hours homicide bombers did their dirty work ending the lives of still more Afghan citizens. Given a free pass, they still stuck their thumb in eye of the American weakness.

The Taliban is not interested in sharing power. The bombings that provided the answer to the extended olive branch showed how reasonable they can be as negotiating partners. There are those who don’t believe radical Islam is a threat to us. This rejection of Obama’s surrender should help disabuse them of that thinking… yet, it won’t.

Many, with their “Coexist” bumper stickers, and “can’t we just get along” thinking simply do not comprehend the contempt radical Islam has for our country’s Christian based values and even our freedom. It has been written “there is none so blind as he who will not see”. Now, we find ourselves being led by willfully blind leaders who are taking us right over the proverbial cliff.

We find also find ourselves involved in a war halfway around the world, having lost so much, with no clean way of getting out. We are propping up a corrupt regime in a land where the people do not share our regard for personal freedom. It is a situation where only wisdom from above can guide us into safety. Unfortunately, our leadership is studiously avoiding such wisdom, yet we need to remember that even the President is not the ultimate authority.

With our National Day of Prayer upon us, it is our opportunity to appeal to our Creator for answers to this and all the other difficult situations our nation is facing. As our country was born amidst struggles aided and guided by divine providence, this is the only answer we have as we look to save our people and our freedom. Whether corporately or individually, this is the only way we can find the light at the end of our tunnel of despair.

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