Thursday Morning At The Gun Shop

Posted by Larry Miller on April 13, 2012 under How | Be the First to Comment

A week or two back, I stopped by a local gun shop. I could not believe how busy the place was for a Thursday morning. Every clerk was busy hopping between multiple customer looking at all sorts of pistol, revolvers and pistol grip shotguns. Some were trying to sell the store Glocks or chrome plated Saturday night specials… with little luck. There was even a sheriffs deputy picking up about a dozen rifles.

The customers were intense… these were not casual purchases. Yet, they were purchases protected by our Constitution, if not all levels of our government. They were purchases based concern for family and personal safety, as well as appreciation for fine machinery. The customers were of various races, ages and apparent income come levels.

I am not critical of their presence or their motives… I was there too! On one hand, if this pattern is repeated throughout the country, I am comforted that so many people are paying attention to the world around them and taking steps they believe is necessary to preserve their welfare. On the other hand, the fact that events around us are so frequent and intrusive on our lives that the people are waking up to the realities of what our government is doing to the average American.

I hope the people I saw at the store were looking to protect themselves from the outrages taking place around us and not arming for (either side of) a race war. It’s difficult not to have these thoughts when one sees the rhetoric from twin disgraces to the term Reverend, Sharpton and Jackson, and the support they get from official Washington. All this naturally leads to a response to the equally dangerous neo-Nazi white supremacists.

The rhetoric of the latter is just as illogical and repulsive, yet is not surprising in view of some of the pronouncements made by the new black panthers. The hate that spews from their mouths along with the overstepping of the national government has caused many to be concerned about their personal safety. Respect for others and an appreciation for what our society once was, and can be again, is what keeps concerned people of any race from banding together to make war on people that look different. Unfortunately, our culture has all but destroyed this resect in many quarters.

America was already an armed society and, other than criminal types, did not really have a problem with the firepower in the hands of civilians… after all, it is We the People, who are really in control… not They the Government. However, today we have an out of control government populated by people who believe, with Chairman Mao, that power comes form the barrel of a gun, and they intend to keep all the power for themselves, as they inflict their schemes on an unwilling public.

With proper manipulation and inflammatory statements by those with an interest in racial division, we could see some serious and violent consequences during the coming long, hot summer. Consequences that could lead to an increasing intrusion of Washington into our lives. This would, of course, be “for our own well being”.

The Trayvon Martin shooting was a spark that some are trying to fan into the flames of conflict throughout out land. There is a complicit formerly mainstream media helping, along with an intemperate President setting race relations back sixty years some say. What can we do?

We can stand on principles we know are right. We can gently attempt to reason with those who will listen. Then, the most important thing we can do is pray for the peace and safety of our families and our country. The restoration of our land will not come from an act of congress, a presidential edict, or even a journalistic effort. It will come when God’s people get down on their knees to pray for their country. Not just for wisdom for those in positions of authority, bur for every American… that there be revival in the land. When the people become more centered on their Creator rather than coveting their neighbor’s possessions the country, and the entire world, will be in much better shape.

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