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Posted by Larry Miller on March 12, 2012 under How | Be the First to Comment

The press and many so-called moderates criticize conservatives for being hung up on social values at the expense of pursuing the “real problems” of our day – like the economy. The problem for them is not that many of us have social values and the progressives and moderates don’t… it’s that our values are different from theirs. Honestly, for whatever else I would think of this opposition, I would not insult them by saying they have no values.

The fact that their value system finds no problem with killing innocent babies, or same sex unions… or even the generational theft of outrageously excessive government debt. They even have no problem with the government taking from those who have worked to make a better life for their families and giving the fruit of their labor to those who will not work. The values of this class of people revolve around their own gratification, even at the expense of others. It is the antithesis of the Christian ethic of looking out for the weakest among us.

Because of the near universal acceptance of the narcissistic worldview by the formerly mainstream media and academic elites, they portray any other way of thinking as aberrant, perverse and old fashioned. By accepting their narrative that their ideas are normal for twenty-first century man, we are conceding defeat in the battle of ideas that will determine the fate of our nation and of many of our fellow men.

We are expected to keep our values to ourselves, while they spread their false teachings of modern morality, which is really old fashioned immorality. Perhaps they are right, that our traditional values are old fashioned, but I have yet to meet an abortion advocate who wishes their mother had killed her in a Planned Parenthood clinic. I have never run into a homosexual protestor who wants to be shouted down or “glittered” when they want to talk about their version of truth and justice. Then again, I’ve never run into a spendthrift politician who favored saving money to help the next generation have a better life.

Many complain of the courseness of today’s society, while promoting the very actions and attitudes that devalue the people around them. As they try to project the air of progressive sophistication, many are falling into the pagan practice of worshiping the world we live in, rather than the one who created it. They have more in common with the Baal worshipers of Elijah’s time than the Christians who understand earth’s and our individual salvation will not come from the world their arrogance convinces them that they can save.

These neo-pagans, thanks to the instant nature of our society, don’t even wait until the child is born to sacrifice him to their god of self indulgence, they just butcher them in the womb… it’s a great time saver, and, at least for now, is the legal option.

Patrick Henry knew this thinking would be a problem for us in the future if we ever strayed from the godly principles of the country the founders gave us. He said, “It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.” These chains don’t have to be forged from steel. We see them every day as we see our freedoms diminished by regulation after regulation as the elites attempt to maintain order in a land where they have destroyed the moral compass of so many people. It is really true that if we don’t have the internal guidance to treat our neighbors as we would like to be treated, it will be imposed on us from the outside.

Years later, Horace Greeley added, “It is impossible to mentally or socially enslave a Bible-reading people. The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom.” And we wonder why those who would rule over us are doing their best to remove the Christian influence from the public debate… and why they are trying to silence the true preachers of the gospel.

The only conclusion we can reach is that to save our country, our fellow American, and ourselves is to stay true to the Word and keep speaking the truth. We just need to be mindful of George Orwells, warning that, “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” Whatever doing the right thing costs us, it will be minor and temporary compared to the price for following the other path.

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