Good Bye Andrew Breitbart

Posted by Larry Miller on March 2, 2012 under Why | Be the First to Comment

By now you most certainly heard the news of the death of conservative blogger, Andrew Breitbart, at the age of 43. He was a boat rocker and, to the progressive left, a trouble maker. His goal in life was to “destroy the institutional left.” Just as his work was loved and respected by many, it created a host of enemies.

While it is not unheard of for someone his age to die of a heart attack, it does raise questions, and suspicions. I’m sure most of us at least know of someone else who exited this life at a young age – and it reminds us that we never know how much time we really have… that if there is something to be done, it needs to be done now! Whether it is telling your family you love them, or there is an unfinished task on your agenda, there is no time like the present – and none of us are promised tomorrow.

The story went out quickly that a heart attack ended his life. This is unusual as we are normally told that the cause of death was undetermined pending the autopsy to be performed by the LA coroner. The fact that Breitbart exposed corruption at ACORN and broke the Weinergate story and was working some video tapes that could destroy the President that were to be released this summer, and suddenly, is no more, causes one’s mind to wander to thoughts of the final scenes of the Dustin Hoffman film Wag the Dog.

Radio host Michael Savage asks the question, “Maybe my overly active imagination kicked into overdrive, but you heard what Breitbart said – he has videos … we’re going to vet the president.” Savage continued, “I’m asking a crazy question, but so what? We the people want an answer. This was not an ordinary man. If I don’t ask this question, I would be remiss.” A caller proposed an easy way to get an answer to the question, “If the tapes come out, he died of a heart attack, If the tapes don’t come out, they whacked him.”

Now it is entirely possible that Andrew Breitbart did die of natural causes. It is also possible that Gary Webb, the reporter that brought to light the drug dealing of the CIA, did, indeed, commit suicide. The official story is that he shot himself in the head with a .38 revolver, not once, but twice. The report said it was unusual, but not impossible. Considering the size hole the slug would make in a man’s brain, it is really difficult to believe there would be any capacity fire the second shot… but I was not there at either event, and neither were the investigators.

It could well be that the suspicions expressed above are completely unfounded and reality matches the public narrative. If that is the case, why is it, so many run down the conspiracy theory road? What has happened to us that we have, seemingly, lost our ability to trust our government, the media and even each other? And, is this inability to trust, a temporary, specific situation, or a generalized distrust? We did not used to think this way. Somewhere we changed. This means it is, more likely than not, a learned response.

It is a response to the dishonesty coming at us from all quarters. It is a dishonesty that, while always present in fallen man, has increased more rapidly as our society has moved away from the Judeo-Christian traditions. After all, the government wouldn’t tell us these things if they didn’t want us to believe them.

The most damaging sources could well be the people and institutions we have trusted most and looked up to. It used to be that people like the President of the United States spoke with authority and integrity, and their words were received with respect – but no more. When a child goes off to school he begins a relationship with his teachers where he believes his he has the prettiest and smartest one in the world. This love and respect is often repaid by filling his little head with all sorts of progressive propaganda, and he eventually learns to properly identify, and develop a healthy distrust of most everything he is told.

So, it would seem that no matter what our “betters” in the government or academia want to do to us, we have, or at least should have, been conditioned to follow them with growing skepticism… or follow them, not at all. This would seem to be the most destructive action our leaders, at various levels, have done – that of taking away our ability to work together with our fellow citizens. We are being divided to diminish are influence and resolve. If we continue down this path, we will surely be conquered. Whatever is going on around us, we need to seek the truth, find the truth and hold on to it!

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