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Posted by Larry Miller on November 6, 2011 under Why | Be the First to Comment

Herman CainI’ve thought about how to write this in a way that will not sound insensitive to cases where there are true cases of harassment that are sexual in nature. I probably have not been able to do this, so I will just say what has been on my mind for several years.

We have come to the point where such charges are bandied about for political and financial interest. They have become a form of legalized extortion in many cases, where they are used to inflict damage on someone in either the corporate or political world because the assumption is always “where there is smoke there is fire”.

For the radical feminist types… and those not quite so radical, but still wanting to gain something or inflict some pain on a male of our species, the charge of sexual harassment has been a God send… only it didn’t come from Him. Just the airing of such charges, often anonymously as in the case of Herman Cain, is enough for the man’s political enemies to want to convict and execute the man.

Just the thought of this process of conviction with no proof, or even an accuser in many cases, is patently anti-American. The man can have no defense. In the case of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the reason the progressive left tried to defeat him was the “seriousness of the charges”. Sure the charges may have been serious, however, our system is built upon the truthfulness of the charges.

Until we can determine the truthfulness of the charges against Herman Cain, the American philosophy is innocent until proven guilty. The formerly main stream media was all atwitter a few days ago when they reported that yet another woman had “come forward” with more charges against the candidate. But, is that what really happened? We saw an ambulance chasing lawyer in a two thousand dollar suit come to a microphone and tell us about this poor woman’s complaint. The problem was that she did not want to tell her story publicly and she did not want to be identified so as to protect her privacy.

The only people who could possibly take such an announcement seriously are those who are already looking for something to hang on the man… or to hang the man. Careers have been ruined by such reckless disregard for common sense, AND NO ONE IS WILLING TO SPEAK UP ABOUT THIS FOOLISHNESS. It is one more method the progressive left has to silence their opponents. If they can’t drum up support for racism charges, the next best thing is sexual harassment charges.

The formerly main stream media just eats up this kind of story when it is about a conservative. On the other hand it is an admirable asset in the resume of a member of the liberal establishment… almost a required asset. Can any one say Monica Lewinsky?

Beyond the problem of conviction without proof is the idea that there is no real definition of sexual harassment. The working definition revolves around how it made the “victim” feel. That is innocent gestures and comments, if they are perceived by the “victim” to be harassment, are deemed to be so by many in government and media. There is never even the thought of an allowance for an overly sensitive psyche. Yet, we allow these perceptions govern our opinions of many people.

Of course, there has been inappropriate behavior on the part of politicians and business men. Excuse me, I used the left’s word. They love the terms appropriate and inappropriate since they don’t really believe there is a right and wrong, and they want to present themselves as arbiters of appropriateness. This should really have been phrased, some politicians and business men have behaved badly. They did things that were wrong. This does not excuse the setting our standards to accommodate every think skinned, man hating, radical feminist.

Bad behavior should, indeed, be punished. Behavior that is misunderstood or misinterpreted should not be. Yet we have made no provision for this in our rush to protect the bruised sensitivities of some of our sisters.

I used to work with a woman who was the wife of a youth pastor and had two teenage sons. Her favorite saying was “men are pigs”, which she said with a smile. I could not, nor would I argue with her. She understood us better than any of us understand women. Men and women are not only different physically, but they think differently as well.

As it is, we are all expected to throw a good man under the bus on nebulous non-announcements by people who have had nothing to do with the alleged incidents. It is time for those of us who value real justice to put aside this all this speculation unless… and that is a big and sincere UNLESS there is some proof beyond hearsay from those who have an interest in the outcome.

I understand there are real incidents where people in authority are taking advantage of those who work for them, but we have been carried away by sympathy – not logic. There is a saying that “hard cases make bad laws”. They also make bad public policy. To attempt to generalize from the worst of behaviors is trivializing these cases and overreacting to the minor, or non-existent missteps.

I also understand that there pain for the real victims of bad behavior. It has been written, “Better 10 Guilty Men Go Free than to Convict a Single Innocent Man”. The validity of this can be discussed another day, but that is the prevailing philosophy of our legal system… but not in the case of sexual harassment. We have permitted those with an agenda of cow us into setting logic aside to help in their witch hunt. Those interested in justice – in right and wrong cannot let this go unchallenged.

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